Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Wonder: "Scented Room"

Back when I was living and working in China, I like to "personalize" the place that was rented out for me to lessen the homesickness.  Redecorating is a thing I do during my free time as it relaxes me!

How to decorate minus the excess spending since its just my temporary home?  I would throw in random pillows, rugs, and pictures of my loved ones!  Shaped-vases was also added along with fake flowers which was exchanged with real ones from time to time (Note: Not suitors!  From students okay?).  

One key piece that I would like to add is a scented oil burner!  As nice as it may look, I get clumsy and forgetful at times (actually it's all the time) so I steer away on candles!  It was a Eureka Moment when I found an electric version of the scented oil burner!  Bought a couple of scented oils and its a perfect way to relax me after a long day in class!  

By the time I need to return back home, it was very stressful to pack everything and have it shipped! I've decided to give them away to my friends in China.  But once I got here, I've been missing the oil burner and been trying to search for a replacement. 

I was in vain....

Then my best friend threw me a surprise Bridal Shower party and we spent the night with friends at a Condo Unit, once I got into the room, I sniffed like a dog and asked her right away why the room smells nice!

She showed me a Reed Diffuser next to the air conditioner!  I guess it showed on my face how much I wanted it, she bought me one for Christmas that same year.  She has to buy it from Canada as it wasn't readily available back then.

What's a Reed Diffuser?
It is a home fragrance product that comes in container, scented oil and reeds.  It is obviously safer to use as compared to candles or the electric version.  You will just put the reeds to the oil and once the reeds get wet, soaks up the oil and carries it all the way to the rest of the reeds thus making the room scented.  

Fast forward, I've finished up approximately 6-8 bottles of different brands!  I've used the good ones and the not so good ones (those scent that does not last long).

So far, I'm happy with the current one I'm using...

Amber Lights Laguna
Reed Diffuser

The variant I got is Day At The Spa
the name says it all, feels like a relaxing day inside a Spa once I get in my room.
100ml costs Php425.00 (approx $10.12).
Available ONLINE.

So far, been using this more than 2 months and I'm not halfway done with this yet!  I was told by Smile not to use all the Reeds, 2-3 sticks are enough for a small room and probably 4-6 sticks for medium-sized room.  I like flipping the sticks every now and then.  So far, so good!  Does not give me the headache as opposed to other brands.  Will definitely repurchase as I plan to put one inside my bathroom.

My reed diffuser sitting comfortably next to 
my Bangui Windmill from Ilocos Norte!  *laughs*
Next to it is our Air Purifier.

I Wonder:
"Have you discovered the power of Reed Diffusers?"
"Which brand do you use?"

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love reed diffusers. they're the cheaper alternative to lamp berger

  2. Reed diffusers are quite expensive here, so i haven't had the chance to try them yet. But your post has definitely made me curious! :D

    I usually use oil burners! :D

  3. i have always wanted to try diffusers like this! but i have never found one that i really like. it is either too exp (ouch) or the cheaper ones just smell meh. hence i am still using the good old oil burner :S

  4. hi, i checked the site and there are 4 other scents excluding the Day at the Spa. have you tried the others? what do you recommend? :D

  5. I tried out a different brand a few months ago, no less than a month and the bottle is empty! Thanks for blogging about this Nikki, I'll try this brand. :)

  6. I use tealight-fueled oil burners. I use citronella based oils mainly to stave off the pesky mosquitoes.
    When I was at UK years ago visiting my mom this reed diffusers were all the rage, I find them quite expensive here but this piqued my interest as they are low maintenance.

  7. @Kumiko Mae Agree and I like the fact that they are low maintenance :)

  8. @Jenn I guess the good and potent ones are really pricey, but they last! :)

  9. @xin I know what you mean, I've tried those inexpensive ones and the scent does not last! :)

  10. @Anonymous I haven't tried the other variant as I still have more than half the bottle of Day at the Spa :)

  11. @Madz I know what you mean, they are inexpensive nga pero they finish up easily lesser oil content. :) My pleasure, glad to be of help!

  12. @Lady Stapler Agree on the low maintenance, I guess we are quite late with REED diffusers as they have been around for years in the West :)

  13. Im scared of burners with candles because when I sleep, I sleep like a dead person. Not even a burning house would wake me up (haha), although when I have a bad day, I set that up and put a eucalyptus scent as it clears away my headache. Will definitely check this one out! I bet my mom will love this! Thanks sis!


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