Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AMW Makeover: 2 Girl Friends off to a Friend's Wedding

Good morning!  Happy Humpy Wednesday!  The day before I left for Singapore, I actually went for a makeup gig!  I know I should've rested but when it comes to prettifying people, it's a job that doesn't feel like a job at all!

I want to thank Sophie for recommending me.  It wasn't hard prettifying them as they are super gorgeous to start with!  They are actually friends who will be part of the entourage for their friend's wedding!

(Note: I apologize for the semi blurry pictures, photographer is not with me at that


Request: Even skin tine, eyes look a bit bigger
What I love about Arlyn is her familiarity to makeup.  She's quite adventurous and would even go for smokey eyes!  Her skin is good to start with, so I started off applying a foundation primer underneath just to keep her foundation from sliding off as the day is quite long for her!

I corrected her skin's redness with green concealer prior to foundation application, I used cream based foundation as she has normal skin.  

For the eyes, I took one look at the shape of her eyes and I knew "Daytime Smokey Eye Makeup" is calling her name!  I went for a combination of dark brown and a hint of lilac that complemented her milky skin!

Added with a simple matte blush and pink lipstick, she's ready to party! :)

Arlyn's Friend
Request: To make her uneven eyes look even
Seriously?  These girls can just wear their bridal entourage dresses and go bare faced!  Aren't they gorgeous even without makeup?

Arlyn's friend has a medium colored skin tone and skin is normal.  I prepped her skin by applying a foundation primer that gives a bit of "brightness".  I applied cream foundation on her as well and has nothing much to conceal!  

As requested, I went on and drew a crease on her right eye making sure both eyes are even and brightened up the inner corner of her eyes for the focus to go straight to her lovely eyes.

I've decided to use peach colored blush complementing with a peach colored lipstick because she prefers the shade and I believe she looks great on it.

The lovely girls ready to be on their friend's special day!
If only I get a shot of them wearing their lovely blue gowns!
Thanks girls for giving me the chance to prettify an "already pretty" face.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. love the makeover and i agree that they are pretty even without makeup!

  2. What a beautiful transformation! You really did great with the make-up, Love! I'm so glad to finally meet you during the Bulgari event! see you again soon!

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  3. ah, i love the makeover! i agree with you, they look pretty even without makeup but you made them look prettier!i really hope there will be a chance for me to have a makeover by you....anyway, may i request for a tutorial on what you did with the second girl(with uneven eyes)? I have a sister with uneven eyes too and i have a hard time doing her makeup. would love to get tips from you sis! :)

  4. They look pretty even without makeup, I agree, but you did a great job at enhancing their natural beauty. Well done!

  5. great makeover! they looked gorgeous but not overly-done :)

  6. The eyes, especially of the first model, were beautifully done! Smoky yet not too much.

  7. @xin Thanks sis! they are the girls I prettified before I met you girls :D

  8. @Issa Sis! of course, when we meet again, go tayo sa counter and makeover galore tayo :D

    Sige, I'll try to do the uneven eyes tutorial ! TRY ha? :D

  9. @Gellie Abogado Thanks :) Glad you think they are not overly-done as it wasn't their request at all :D


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