Friday, October 28, 2011

AMW Reports: Zip Up with Delsey's Zip Securi Tech

I had dinner with Tine from Thinline Advertising and Cristine from Primer Group of Companies a week ago.  Primer Group of Companies, by the way, have several brands under their umbrella and that includes Delsey.  

I was looking forward for the meetup because the luggage I used for my 1 year job in Shanghai is from Delsey.  It can hold up to 32kg and it looked a bit like this (sorry can't take a photo of the original one I own as I left it at mom's place).

 **photo taken from source

This same luggage I used to drag all the way from Shanghai Pudong Airport to a bus station, transfer to a bus to Hangzhou City, walk 15 minutes to another local bus station to take an hour trip to Lin'an City.  From the bus station, I had to take a cab and get off the University gate and drag this heavy luggage all the way to the dormitory, and oh yeah, I have to add that my pad is located at the 6th floor!  Can I carry the "excess baggaged" luggage all the way up to the 6th floor?  Of course not!  I drag it like a crazy kid with huge luggage with a backpack and extra "hand carry".  If you think you got dizzy reading this paragraph, I swear!  It was the worst "travel" moment of my life and let's not forget the homesickness.  

Let's not go there.... *laughs*

The point of my story is....that same red luggage from Delsey survived the extreme condition and I actually used the same luggage to take back all my stuff back to Manila (which was an excess baggage if I may have to add, it went up to 40kg!  I paid the extra weight!) after a year and used the same luggage again for my 2nd and 3rd year of teaching in China!  I never thought of repurchasing one as it serves its purpose and would you believe at present, the said luggage is working perfectly fine?  I just don't use it as much because the size is quite big for my short trips.

You do understand why I love to meet people from Delsey because the brand brought back good and bad memories!  After the dinner did I realized they have something exciting to share to me and to my readers who love to travel!

Cristine whipped out a black pouch with a pen telling me how vulnerable regular zippers are for a thief to break through it.  What's worse, they can seal the zipper back without you knowing something is already missing.

A demo that was done right in front of me and I took shots for you to see :)

Pouch with regular zipper

Regular Panda pen
I was told that a pen was used as demonstration 
as pens can easily get through airport security as it is not even considered dangerous!

Cristine was an expert!  She was able to poke through the pen without much effort.

There you go, zipper fully open!
After rummaging through the stuff inside, 
you can easily re-zipped up to conceal that it has been illegally opened.

Cristine and Tine asked me to do it myself.  Trust me when I say, it took me awhile as I hate using a pen in poking anything!  I love pens and I hate ruining them!  *wails*  But after my 3rd try, I was successful in acting as a "thief' for the night!  It made me feel "good" and "bad" at the same time!  Good because of the success, bad because anyone can do that and steal valuable stuff from your luggage when you travel.

Now on to the Delsey's Zip Securi Tech
As you can see, the zipper looks like the conventional kind, but once you unzip this, you'll see what makes the zipper unique.
Delsey developed Zip Securi Tech.  Zip Securi Tech is a patented zip closure system that will ease your mind of worries and is forced-open resistant.

As you can see, the Zip Securi Tech is consisted of two layers of zipper which is sturdier and.....

No matter how much we tried to poke it with a sharp object, we stopped because we're afraid we'll end up with broken pens! 

I have heard that metal zippers are also good to protect your luggage from being forcefully opened but for me, I'm glad the luggage brand I've tried and tested plus the value of money (as Delsey luggages are within my budget).

Chic travelers out there, check out one of the new luggage Delsey came out with...

*jaw drops*
Delsey Diamond

I got the Keep' N Pact in Blue

I'll let you know why I'm excited to give this a test!  It has all the security features I want....

Dual Locks

 Zip Securi Tech

and, sturdy handles 

How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Luggage?
Watch this video if you have the time, made my day!

Delsey Premium French Luggage is available at all The Travel Club Stores, Duty Free, selected SM Malls, Robinsons, Landmark nationwide.

I can't wait to book another trip/adventure for me to be able to put this luggage to the test!  Since I do not have any travel plans for now, I wouldn't be surprised if I use this for some "heavy duty" makeup gigs!

Do you have any bad experience with valuable stuff stolen during travel?
I'd love to hear from you and I hope it will serve as a lesson for everyone as well to always stay vigilant at all times!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Sigh. Yes. It was a mobile phone I bought :( I heard nga Delsey is nice! Though I have Samsonite and World Traveler, itetest ko sila mamaya haha!

  2. Nikki , thank you for sharing this, the video is so funny! I didn't know it is that easy to poke a zipper! I will definitely check this out

  3. looks like a tough zipper! the dual lock reminds me of a luggage that my parents brought to UK during their trip (forgot what brand), but the lock was destroyed by the people at the airport who must have thrown it around and crushed the lock. and to their horror they couldn't unlock it anymore! so they have to forcefully cut through the zipper to get their contents out and had to buy another luggage to replace. imagine the horror!

  4. i dont own a Delsey but I used to wok at luggage store! lol Delsey has been my fave one to sell bc of its features- spinning wheels and its lightweight! I left that place for a while and I'm happy to see how they came up with this new patented zipper feature! x

  5. @Teeyah. OO nga! and did you also lose your camera? parang I recall you lost your pink cam too? or ibang tao to? hahaha :) Sige gowh and test them super ok!!! kagulat!

  6. @Winnie Glad to share information I get to learn :D

  7. @xin OH MY on the LOCK storY! I would go crazy if I have to ruin my luggage just because I can't open the lock!!!! gosh!!!!

  8. @phey I love the spinning wheels and the lightweight feature! Thanks for sharing, my old luggage do not have the spinning wheel so its difficult to lug it around! oh my, its a PAIN!

  9. Oh my, this DElsey luggage ruined my trip. I cant open my luggage, this security lock feature makes me sick :( just bought my Delsey luggage at Sm Annex two weeks ago for our trip in Sg, I cant unlock it, I slashed the pocket side just to get our clothes, Now I want full refund but they only offer repair. Kagigil

  10. @Anonymous Oh my, I am so sorry this happened to you! I can't bear slash my bag though :( I think repair is ok na, but I hope it won't happen again! thanks for sharing your experience!


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