Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clinique Gives: Get the chance to Join the Real Women Party With Me!

Clinique Philippines contacted me to be among the 6 bloggers to be part of their campaign called "Bloggers and The Clinique Chronicles".  Experience, is what makes Clinique unique and I guess I'm one of the many bloggers who have had a good amount of experience trying out the brand that's why I was chosen to be part of this prestigious campaign.

My first ever Clinique product was purchased during the University years.  It was the Clinique Stay Matte Powder Oil-Free in Stay Beige.

You wouldn't believe it but I do have combination skin way back and I do oil up especially on the t-zone!  I've actually finished 4 compacts and stopped using this when I moved to China for work.  (The price was a bit crazy in China due to conversion rates.)

When I came back from China, my skin went crazy and I can't use my regular skin care products anymore!  It turned from combination to tight, flaky and super dry!  I have been working for around 4 years at that time so I've decided to invest on a good skin care as none of the inexpensive products during that time would work on me.  As what my then boyfriend Mr. AMW would say.... "Invest on your skincare, you only have one face and I don't want you messing the face I love" Aawwww!!!

Okay, I heard him and I listened!  We went to the Duty Free Philippines and I purchased my first set of Clinique 3-Step Skincare System in number 2.

And because I was "sales talked" by the Clinique SA (in a form of GWP) *laughs*, I also purchased Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief which was changed to Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirsty Skin Relief!  It was the best "moisture" booster that I need because it does not have any other functions but to moisturize! 

It was my constant buying of Clinique products that probably caught the attention of Clinique Philippines.  I was invited to visit their counter to go through skin analysis (Click here to read my experience)
The result of the skin analysis was great and I was glad to learn that I was using the right (Clinique) number all along!  From there, I came into terms with my constant worry of checking out products over the counter as I easily get intimidated with SAs.  I learned that it is okay to ask questions before you shell out your hard earned cash!  And I strongly advise everyone to do the same! 

Because Clinique wants to let everyone know that they support having your skin checked before you purchase the right "system", a few of my readers were invited for a Clinique Party!  I love how Clinique Philippines supports AMW.

What I like about Clinique is their GWP (Gifts with Purchase) scheme and I can't help but drool over their lovely bags and pouches!  From the GWP scheme, I was able to try on a lot of Clinique samples as I do ask for samples on my every purchase and because of that, I was able to write a post on Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover  which I consider to be one of the most gentle, non-blurring eye makeup remover I own to date!

To speed up my Clinique experience, the most recent Clinique product that I've used is the Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage,  I am still using this on a daily basis (morning and evening) and it does help reduce the puffiness around my eyes! 

Out of all my Clinique experience, if you ask which of the Clinique products I've used would be an ultimate favorite of mine, well, it did took me a while to choose just one but I finally came into terms with my left and right brain *lol* and this is one ultimate product I can always rely on when all else's the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (DDML), it helps save dry areas around my face and even body, I like the fact that this does not trigger my allergies as it's very gentle on my skin.

(I finished up 2 huge bottles of this and my skin got better
and I am free to use other brands for now)
By the way, the oily-skinned readers may appreciate the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (DDMG).

If you are wondering why I'm sharing my Clinique product history with you, well, there's a reason behind it!  Our dear friends from Clinique Philippines will actually be hosting The Clinique Party!!!

"On November 5, 2011, Clinique will gather the 6 Bloggers together with a chosen reader as a special guest for The Clinique Party!"
How to win this special invite?
  • Post a comment and share to us your own Clinique Experience. You can share to us how Clinique helped you out or how you discovered Clinique products. 
  • Keep in mind that you can only participate in 1 out of the 6 blogs!
  • Contest starts today ends November 3, 2011.
  • 1 Winner will be emailed and announced before November 5. My date will also win a special gift pack from Clinique!
  • Please join ONLY if you can make it on November 5, 2011 Dinner time around Makati area (exact location is yet to be announced)
Because I know most of my readers, I want to make sure this contest is unbiased so I will be printing out all your comments without your names and ask Mr. AMW to help me pick his top 3.  The top 3 will be sent to Clinique and they will help me choose the winner to join me for a night of beauty talk, skincare consultations and a whole lot more (ex. CHISMIS! lol).
I can't wait to know who my "date" will be on November 5! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Author is not affiliated with the company.  This post was made because the author loves the brand and is glad to be part of the campaign out of free will.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. oh no! i'd love to join but I'm not available on November 5.. good luck to everyone! ngayon pa lang, naiinggit na ako sa mananalo, hehehe :)

  2. I think one of the best parts of growing up is with Clinique! I remember having my first whiff of Clinique Happy, & it instantly became my beloved scent. I would ask relatives from the US to have it as a present for myself. Happy is one of the most distinct & best-loved fragrances that people still love & continue to wear. I believe it is an icon of our generation. Up to this day, with all the lovely scents out there in the market, Happy makes me the chipper person that I am. :)

  3. one of my first Clinique products is their famed makeup remover, Clinique's Take the Day Off. A Tita gave it to me after her trip abroad as I was just starting to experiment with applying makeup back in high school. I first used it after my junior prom because that was possibly the only time I had to use that much makeup, and it really did its job! It got rid of every single trace of makeup on my face, even waterproof mascara, and left my skin not feeling dry but rather soft to touch instead. From then on, I am a firm believer of Clinique's effectiveness and product quality.

  4. I remember when my mom used to have a clinique compact back in the day and I always thought that the brand was for more mature people or for "old people" if you want to put it at that. Then I became a teenager (Im now 20) and all those horrible blemishes appeared on my face. I was looking through the internet for the best skincare product that would be of help to my skin. I basically used almost all the cleansers that was available at drugstores (Watsons etc.) Just a few months ago, I finally gave the Clinique 3 step a try because of its good reviews. I tried the online skin consultation and came up with number 3. So I purchased it, and it works. The toner smells funny at first but then it got rid of those "upcoming" pimples and the DDMG is so great, its not like any moisturizer I've tried. I still have a few zits, but I would like to take back what I said and give kudos to Clinique.

  5. Awww!!! :) I already participated in sophie's site!

    Gosh hope I win her contest I want to meet all of you :)

  6. Back in college, I have been boasting of not having slept for days to do my thesis and case studies, and still be able to dance in my dance troupe. Acing exams was just the cherry on the top. Little did I know, my multitasking abilities would take its toll on my skin.

    Right after graduation, I was forced to find work as soon as possible. Then, I found work in multinational IT company. In college, I would only use baby powder to school, but in my company, since all the other fresh grads were wearing makeup, I got pressured into doing the same. And there I was, trying on makeup, not knowing that I had really sensitive skin. (I live independently so I don't have a mom to guide me)

    Soon came the breakouts. I never got breakouts during my adolescent stage. Imagine the depression I had when they all came out just when I was just starting out in the professional world.

    I was not prepared to have my confidence stripped away so I stopped getting depressed and took myself to a reputable dermatologist. He prescribed me with medicine, and surprisingly, makeup. He only wanted me to use Clinique, mineral makeup or this expensive brand, which name I forgot.

    I didn't know why so I asked. He said those would not clog my pores and would be best for my type of skin. And so I started using Clinique powder foundation, the Bright C kind. True enough, it work as my derma said it would. It also had the needed coverage to cover up my pimple scars.

    I have since then used Superbalanced Makeup, Perfectly Real Powder Foundation, Lash Power Volumizing Mascara and the anti-aging night cream. It's been my trusted go to brand and if you haven't noticed, I'm in love with it.

  7. My very first independent Clinique experience was through AMW's Clinique Party last summer. What I mean by independent is my own purchase/aquired Clinique products rather than having to use my tita's or mom's Clinique products. Clinique has been a brand that has been with many women for two to three generations, and with that kind of longevity, Clinique is not a brand a beauty conscious person such as myself can ignore.
    Arriving at the AMW Clinique party, I was already aware that the younger generation and twenty something set are enthusiastic users of Clinique's skin care so I was prepared to open my mind to see that Clinique products for what they are: effective, with or without the name.
    I was also aware that Clinique had launched their own bb cream. I am a bb cream enthusiast. This further made me want to reconnect with this brand from our female past and present to see how Clinique is coping with the current times. I had my skin consultation done, with quite underwhelming results. Note to readers, if going to a skin consultation do not wear bb cream or foundation that way your consultant will see more of your real skin with no makeup ;-) And I was given skin care regimen for dry skin.
    Months later, another beauty blogger, Shen, had her Clinique party, I attended this as well, to have another skin consultation to see if I would get a different result. This time I was more prepared and I had only gone to Makati with just lip balm and sun screen on my face. Thus, the consultant saw my obvious pores, gray scars from old pimples and oily t-zone. This time I had the proper diagnosis, since obvious pores are more commonly indicative of oily to combination skin.
    This time as well I already had an experience with Clinique's bb cream, which I had shared with anyone who was within reach how wonderful that bb cream is. I've tried two other western brands of bb creams and these previous two brands just pale in comparison to the Korean and Japanese brands I've tried thus far. My faith in western brands were beginning to wane until i purchased the Clinique bb cream. The Clinique bb cream is as wonderful as any Korean or Japanese bb cream. So if the word bandwagon comes to mind, I would just like to say, who better than Clinique than to give the west a very good version of the Asian beauty explosion? A product that does a great deal in one tube, a very tinted moisturizer with good spf with a little anti aging, too.
    This is the start of a beautiful relationship with myself and Clinique. Live Long and Prosper as you've done for the last two generations. Thank you Askmewhats live long and prosper.

  8. Good Luck to everyone!! too bad i can't join coz i just bought my first clinique products last Friday and now i have no money! I do splurge on make up before, but now it's time for me to find the products that's best for my skin and I have high hopes that the Clinique products that i'm using will change my skin...

  9. My most memorable moment with Clinique would be the free makeover and skin analysis that I receive last month. It was the Beauty Source Promo of Rustan's. I love all of their products and their service is good. The Clinique Sales Rep were amazing. There make-up style was natural which I love. After I got my free make up,I receive a lot of compliments especially when I post my pic on Facebook. Godbless and more success on Clinique.^^,)

  10. @Raby Hi Raby :) You can still join the contest as you are not required to pay anything if you won the contest, all you need to do is enjoy the Clinique party :) Just share your experience with the brand or products! :) Goodluck!

  11. due to hormonal imbalance brought by pregnancy, my skin has turned dull and dry. after giving birth, i decided to try Cliniques 3 step skin care regime and miraculously, it did wonders on my skin! it brought back the glow and my pimples life span lasted only to a maximum of 2 days! yay! Being a working mom and a wife, it is important to take good care of your skin to maintain younger looking skin. I dont mind splurging for my skin care, but i do mind looking 40 when im just 28 :) Thank you Clinique for a fantastic job!

  12. @Jenn Congratulations Jenn! The people from Clinique picked you up to be my date! Kindly email me back before the day ends and I will send you the formal invite. If there's no response from you, your slot will go to the runner up! :)

  13. @シア Thea, thank you so much for joining my contest, you have been chosen as 1 out of the 3 runner ups and you will be receiving a gift from Clinique. Kindly email me and give me your email addy so Clinique can contact you directly on how you can claim your gift!

  14. @Jenica Jenica, thank you so much for joining my contest, you have been chosen as 1 out of the 3 runner ups and you will be receiving a gift from Clinique. Kindly email me and give me your email addy so Clinique can contact you directly on how you can claim your gift!

  15. @Marge Marge, thank you so much for joining my contest, you have been chosen as 1 out of the 3 runner ups and you will be receiving a gift from Clinique. Kindly email me and give me your email addy so Clinique can contact you directly on how you can claim your gift!

  16. To the rest of the girls who joined! Thank you soooo much! Don't worry, there will be more contests coming up soon! Mwa :x


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