Monday, October 10, 2011

Tech Review: SoundFreaq Sound Platform

Beauty comes from within, I can be the most positive and cheerful person you may find but I do have those days where I feel like crap and there are days that feels like my world is crumbling down!

I've got ways to redeem myself, these are secrets that I will reveal!  

The power of good music!  What's a good music you say?  It all depends on you!  Your choice!  Mine can go from Pop songs to songs from the past!  There are days I'd go for disco music while there are lots of days I would go for lovely 80,s music that would bring a huge smile on my face as I tap my fingers on the table and sway left and right! (even while working!)

During my 7 years of corporate job, I've had music accompany me and my colleagues can vouch on that!  Would you believe that I've changed my mp3 players so many times but used only 1 cheapo speaker which I bought for only Php350.00 (approx $8.14) 7 years ago?  Yes, this tiny Alien-looking thing lasted me 7 years and its actually dying out on me!  

I am currently contemplating on purchasing another "cheapo" speaker or go for a high end ones that I hope would last me more than a decade.

It was great timing as I was sent a "demo" unit to try for review.  It's actually perfect because I get to test expensive products before I purchase one, the bad side is, when I ended up liking the product I review, I'll end up spending more money! *lol* Oh well, I'm not that easily swayed!  Let's see how this SoundFreaq Sound Platform performs....and I'll let you know if I'll purchase one after the review.

Front part of SoundFreaq Sound Platform

The dock and dock cover

Front Part ---
left hand side, you will see 3 silver knobs that controls the sound

On the right hand side you can see several touch controls like what you would probably see on most sound system.  There's a small led display that shows your source of music connection and even shows you the volume number once you press the volume touch control.

Back of SoundFreaq Sound Platform

For power plug-in
I believe this supports 220v

Auxiliary input that supports 3.5mm jacks

Sound Freaq says ---
Sound platform is designed to fit in any room and fill it with exceptional acoustics.  With four ways to play - Bluetooth, iPod dock, Aux In and FM Radio* - Sound Platform gives you more options to listen to your audio than any other home speaker.

For more information, check out
AMW says ---
  • Sleek, black and silver design that would look good at any room plus it blends well with my iPhone! Not bulky at all as compared to my "forgotten" sound system from the early 2000s.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with 2 power cord cable.
  • Instructions that come with the box is clear and concise.
  • Very easy to use, even for tech dummies like myself! 
  • Sleek looking remote control with simple, straight forward buttons.
  • The compartment for remote control is a genius!  A lot of us have problems finding the remote control of "anything" and this is a very smart idea!
  • Comes with 2 iPhone, iPod connector that matches whatever device you plan to use (iPhone or iPod).
  • Aside from putting the iPhone or iPod on dock, its Bluetooth device is wonderful for iPad or laptop users who can't put it on dock.  
  • Works also on sounds from video playback using iPad2 and iPod Touch (using various players even YouTube!).
  • Tested on my non-Apple laptop and the Bluetooth pairing still works!
  • Has Auxiliary in function which would work on old model phones or mp3 players. Thanks to Mr. AMW for his Auxiliary in cable I can enjoy radio music via my Sony MP3 player.
  • Delivers good surround sound.
  • Very pricey for a sound system.
  • Very tiny complaint but it would be great if the ambient light (orange) can be changed.
  • Does not include the Aux in cable, you can either buy one or look for the ones that comes with your gadget!
  • Not portable to be taken anywhere.
A very nice sound system to invest on if you highly depend on music on a daily basis, its not a necessity but if you have extra money to spare, why not go ahead and indulge yourself?

  • Always read instructions carefully before you operate any product.
  • Clean with dry cloth.
  • Try to steer this system clear from water.
  • Proper ventilation is needed.
  • When in doubt, ask help!
  • Download "SoundFreaq Remote" APP for free at iTunes App Store.
  • Always store back your remote control on the remote control magnet located at the right hand side of the system.
  • Here's how I started using the Sound Freaq without asking help! :)
One you carefully connect your iPhone/iPod and have not downloaded the SoundFreaq Remote App, here's a prompt you will see.

Click "yes" and follow directions

Install the App and you don't have to worry as it's FREE

Select iPod mode by pressing the SOURCE button on the unit

Will I purchase?

This is a demo unit sent to me for review and will give this back.  I am actually rethinking on purchasing one for myself IF I have the extra money!  Let's say, more make-up gigs? :P

To whom do I recommend this to?
Music lovers who want the new generation sound system!

Where to purchase and how much?
Worth Php9,950 (approx $231.40) at Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Gadgets In Style, Gui - Davao, Heima, iCenter - Davao, iStudio, Mobile 1, Power Hub - Davao, Power Mac Center, Switch, Technoholics, Xsite Mobile.

Instructions for Playing Back from iPhone/iPod
Instructions on Playing Back via Bluetooth/from iPad
Ms. Piglet is quite happy with the sounds
I am impressed that this works for almost all my devices
(Laptop, mp3 player - both Creative and Sony, iPhone 3gs, iPod Touch 4th gen and iPad2)
What do you highly invest on?
My brother would say "sound system",
I would say.. "Makeup?" *laughs*
In all fairness to SounFreaq Sound Platform I've been enjoying my iPod playlist and my mood has been on the good side!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. that was soooo expensive!halos ka-presyo na ng iPod..hehe

  2. @jen Actually! korek ka sis! pero pramis! ang ganda ng sounds!!! huhuhu (sabi ng wallet ko)

  3. @αвву M. I like the fact that I can use it on various gadgets :D

  4. @B hihihi thanks dear!'re referring to the gadget, not me HAHAHHA

  5. wow, gusto ko sana kaso ang mahal! hihihi... i love music too, talagang nakakatanggal ng stress!

  6. @Issa Ay bongga sis! nasad nga ako tapos ko na nareview kasi need ko na isauli! super want ko, ipon mode ako! ang sarap makinig ng music with better sounds! I think it has to do with its rectangular-ish shape :D


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