Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Ghosts vs. Mummies

Yes dearies, you read the title right!  I'm creating my own game called "Ghosts vs. Mummies" as inspired by one of my favorite game "Plants vs. Zombies"!  Who's the good guy or the bad guy?  I dunno!  You tell me!  They're both cute on nails, scary in real life!  

Ghosts and mummies, please, do not make a cameo on me!

Ooohh Advance Happy Halloween!  Here's part 2 of my Halloween inspired nails!  Frankie retired recently because his hair was vanishing!  *teehee*

Step 1:
Prep your nails by applying a good quality base coat to protect your nails from polish application.  Once dry, apply 2 coats of matte white polish. 

On to the drawing, let's start with the easier one....

Step 2: the Ghost
Making sure the white polish is completely dry, take out your matte black polish and matte white polish.  These are all the polish shades you need to create a ghost nail art.

With a bigger nail art dotting tool or any round surface you own at home, gently apply 2 oblong dots beside each other for the eyes. 

With the same tool, create a "comma" for the mouth.

Once the black eyes are completely dry, with a smaller nail art dotting tool or any smaller rounded tip (like ballpen), create white dot on top of the black dot making sure the white dot is smaller than the black.  This will create the "blank stare" of a ghost!


Step 3: the Mummy

Making sure the base polish is complete dry, whip out your L.A. Colors Art Deco Polish in Black or any nail art brush and create random lines as shown on photo below.

In between the random lines, draw a half-moon shape in between with a black polish.

Once the lines and black polish are completely dry, apply 2 white dots on top of the half-moon shaped surface.

Once the white dots are dry, apply a smaller black dot on top of it and your mummy is complete!

Step 4
As always, protect your nail art with your preferred top coat.  Do the "wrapping" method.  It'll help prolong your nail art design until at least a week!

Easy right?
If you are a first time nail artist, you can do just the ghost on all your nails as it's the easiest to do in my humble opinion!

To the experts...well, you can go crazy and create colorful nail art designs for the Halloween and show the link to me!  I'd love to check them out!

If you would like to check out my previous "Plants vs. Zombies" nail art,
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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This is soooooo cute!! Love it! :D

  2. nail art has been a rising fashion flare already. someday we might see Mona Lisa, Sistine Chapel, Bilibid Prison bleuprint, and a latest silicon chip design painted into someone's nail. :)

  3. Very cute for Halloween!
    Do U celebrate this holiday in the PH?

  4. Aww this one's adorable! I love how the mummies peep through the folds :D

  5. This is one of my fave nail arts from you, it is just so cute!

  6. this is cute! very halloween! :)

  7. Parang mahirap but you made it look so easy! :)

  8. @Jamilla Camel Thanks JC! You always appreciate my childish art ! hehehe

  9. @Anastacia We actually do! not as much as in the States but we do! especially for companies!

  10. @Paris B hehehe I call them the "maniac" mummies peeping through windows staring at naked ladies! LOL Okay! Too much information! hahahha

  11. @gio Gio, thank you! glad you like this!

  12. Sabi ko na panda and zebra ang mga yan e! :p

  13. you really make it looks easy sis! very pretty as usual!!! (^_^)

  14. @KIRA ♥ LOL kahit asarin mo ako love pa rin kita :P

  15. @MereMakeupManiac Sis, it is very easy and you can even give this a try!

  16. Wow amazing! you stripe so well!!! :D


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