Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "Plants vs. Zombies" Nails

Happy Tuesday girls and boys!  Nail art tutorial time!  I missed last week's nail art tutorial but to the rest who have seen me in person knew I didn't slack off!  I was able to do a romantic colorful butterfly nails because I wanted something a bit formal as I was attending parties here and there!  I do apologize I don't have any tutorial on that as I did my nails when the hubby wasn't around so no photos! :(  I'll probably redo it next time!

Since this week will be a bit slower, I've decided to finally do the "request of Mr. AMW" and from the rest of the gamers out there!  After my "Angry Birds" Nails, I've several "game related" requests and there's one that I can't seem to snob....it's my favorite game anyways and I finished this game so fast not because I'm good, but because I've got tips from Mr. AMW!

I was a bit lazy looking at the characters of PVZ game!  Looking at the colors needed, I was a bit sulky but because I have to do my end of the deal, the pouty lips and the complaints were all gone when I started to draw, I am actually having so much fun seeing my favorite PVZ characters come to life!
My Plants vs. Zombies Nails!
This will be a bit of hassle for nail art beginners because a lot of colors are needed!  You can start by doing just ONE character for all 10 nails!  On my part, I've decided to do 10 different characters because I have the colors and I love these characters!  These are the "most used" PVZ characters of AMW!  Are you ready?  Please be advised that this post is loaded with photos! :)

Character #1 "Cherry Bomb"

1st photo: Cherry isn't actually that much difficult as my first nail art ever was a cherry!  Instead of creating a perfect circle cherries, I didn't use any dotting tool, I just create a cherry directly using the polish brush.
2nd photo: Using Black 2 Way Nail Art Pen or a thin brush, draw the stems
3rd photo: Use a Green 2 Way Nail Art Pen to create leaves. 

Character #2 "Pea Shooter"
Pea shooter is quite difficult to do at first glance but the basic rule is to control the pressure of your hands to create "big dots" and "smaller dots".

1st photo: Using any light green polish, I create 2 dots close to each other.  One is bigger than the other as shown on photo.
2nd photo: Make sure the green polish are completely dry, use Black 2 Way Nail Art Pen or Dotting tool or any tool that has circle tip to create the eyes and mouth.  It is your choice to outline the "pea" or not.  I did!

3rd photo: Draw the stem with Green 2 Way Nail Art Pen or, again, a thin brush.
4th photo: You can leave the green that way, in my case, my green color is a bit opaque so I added "black" to create shadows.

Character #3 "Tall-Nut"

The "tall nut" is one of my favorite and I make sure to strategically place them right in front so it'll take time for the Zombies to destroy this while my dependable Pea shooters and Snow Peas do my favorite "spit"! :P  The thing is, no matter how much I love the tall nut, one mistake in drawing will make it look like "poop on a nail"  *laughs*  So I really took time in doing this and it surprised me that this came out to be a favorite of mine!

1st photo: Using a nail polish brush, gently dot polish little b little, do not worry about rough edges as it's supposed to be that way!  Nuts are meant to be imperfect!
2nd photo: Use a Black 2 Way Nail Art Pen to draw its outline.

3rd photo: I used a nail art dotting tool and create eyes with 2 white dots.
4th photo: Continue creating the "texture of the nut" by drawing tiny lines on the bottom part.
5th photo: When the white dots are completely dry, dot on a tiny black dot on top of it for eyes.

Character #4 "Fume Shroom"
There are a lot of "shrooms" in this game, I chose the fattest one so it's "cuter" and easier to draw!

1st photo: For the Fume Shroom's head, I dot an imperfect shape gently/
2nd photo: Do the same for the body of the Fume Shroom.

3rd photo: Outlining is very important as it gives the "real shape" of the character.  I used a Black 2 Way nail art pen and also form the "mouth" of the Fume Shroom.  Do not forget to draw the eyes and mouth.
4th photo: With darker purple polish, create dots for the Fume Shroom's spots :)

Character #5 "Jalapeno Chili"

The Jalapeno Chili is quite easy to draw if you have a Nail Art Pen.  If not, then it will take a bit of effort to maneuver the brush!

1st photo: Draw an outline of the shape of the chili before you start filling in the color as shown on photo.
2nd photo:Using green 2 Way Nail Art Pen, create the stem.

3rd photo: Use White 2 Way Nail Art Pen to create eyes and mouth.
4th photo: Use Black 2 Way Nail Art Pen for eyeballs and tongue.


Character #6 "Squash"

Another "oddly" shaped character.  This looks a bit challenging for me because it has lines in between plus the grumpy look which is a bit easy for me to do in on nail art and also in person! :P

1st photo: Same technique as the Tall Nut, use the closest color you can choose and gently dot the color forming a shape of a "snowman".
2nd photo: No matter how imperfect the shape done on 1st photo, everything will look much better with an outline.

3rd photo: Draw a sad/grumpy face.  Also draw a thinner lines to the tummy area.
4th photo: Apply white polish on top of the black.

5th photo: Draw the stem using green 2 Way Nail Art Pen.
6th photo: Draw eyebrows for a more detailed "grumpy look"

Character #7 "Snow Pea"
When I've done my "Pea Shooter", I knew I won't be having problems with the "Snow Pea" as they both look the same just different color!

1st photo: Draw big and small dots beside each other.
2nd photo: Draw a black outline.  Same technique in drawing stems and leaves.

3rd photo: Draw eyes and mouth.
4th photo: With a Nail Art Dotting tool, I dotted 3 dots for the "hair" and outlined the shape with black Nail Art Dotting Pen.

Character #8 "Potato Mine"

The potato mine is also an easy character to do without the need of any special nail art tools.

1st photo: Draw the "red" dot first so it will be a guide for you on where to put the potato.
2nd photo: Draw a half moon shape as shown on photo.  Again, no need to make the shape perfect.
3rd photo: Using a dark brown polish, gently dot the lower part as "soil".  Create eyes with 2 black dots.

Character#9 "The Zombie"

The "Zombie" is the most dreaded design that's why I put it last.  I actually decided to place the Zombie character on my left thumb as the space is bigger plus it's easier to draw with right hand.

1st photo: Draw the shape of the Zombie's Face.  The top part is bigger than the lower part as shown on photo.
2nd photo: Draw a black outline using the same black 2 Way Nail Art Pen.  Isn't it obvious Black Nail Art Pen is a great investment?

3rd photo: I used the nail polish brush to create eyes as the eyes of the zombies are bigger. 
4th photo:Draw wrinkles and outline the eyes creating a thicker outline for the "dark" look.

5th photo: Continue by drawing the nose and mouth.
6th photo:Making sure the polish are completely dry in EACH step, draw the teeth.

Character #10 "Sunflower"
I was a bit hesitant on drawing the Sunflower but what's Plants vs. Zombies without the cute sunflower character?  It didn't take me much time to finally decide what tool to use to create the petals of the gorgeous flower.

1st photo: Draw the face of the sunflower first.
2nd photo: I've decided to use a nail art dotting tool and dot with yellow polish all over to create petals!  It's the easiest way.

3rd photo: Create a 3 dimentional eyes and mouth with white nail art dotting pen.
4th photo: Draw the stems and leaves, same technique as the Pea Shooter and Snow Peas.  It's not shown on photo but I draw an outline on the yellow dots!

I applied gold glitters on the "white blank area" so the base won't look too bare! 

Important Tip:
Making sure the nail art designs are COMPLETELY DRY, apply your favorite top coat to protect the nail art you worked hard for!

Here's my colorful/childish/I-don't-care-but-I am-very-happy Nails! :)

Here's something for you when you finish the game! 
Hum along with me please? :D

*whew*  Seriously, how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not going back to 2nd childhood?:P
 Hope you like this and hope this nail art brightened up your day even for a couple of minutes!

Do you play Plants vs. Zombies?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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  35. Nikki, that's soooo.. cute!
    I'm not a gamer, but PVJ is one of my favourites, though I seem can't finished it, ever! LOL
    would you mind sharing your tips? ^^

    wish I can recreate your look, but I am so clumpsy, it will be so messy ^^
    can I share this with my readers in Indonesia?

  36. Of course Poo you can share :)

    Tips? Hmm, I always put at least 2 tall nuts right in front so it will take time for the zombies to get into the "house", at least 2 pea shooters and 1 or 2 Snow Pea. I usually leave a space for emergency "Chili" or "cherry bombs" :D

  37. Thank you for your permission Nikki, you're such a lovely person

    I know you've received many awards, even real awards, but I'd like to share this award because for me you're such an inspiration.
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    Thank you for just being you ^^

    I'd like to invite you to my blog, but since it's in bahasa Indonesia, I don't think you can understand it :D
    but thank you anyway. wish someday I can meet you in person ^^


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