Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AMW Makeover: Prenup Shoot Inside the Yacht

Today's makeover is pretty special to me!  Rica, was one of the first few clients I got when I was just starting out on makeup!  After years, she still remembers me and asked me to do her makeup for their pre-nup pictorial!  Thanks Rica!

It was a lovely day and being part of their pre-nup shoot was fun! 

Setup by the Bay...
Her makeup was done inside a Yacht at RealShip Corp.
Fun yet challenging all at the same time!  It was really windy so a super steady hands and fast reflexes were needed! 

Rica's Before and After Photo
To be honest, she has this gorgeous smile that could lit any room!  It wasn't hard to prettify her as this lady is already gorgeous in and out!  Perfect example of what AskMeWhats -- the blog is striving for!

Rica left me in charge of her makeup looks!  She's very comfortable as we chatted while doing her makeup!  She told me I can do anything I want and I've decided to create a natural, fresh-looking makeup because I don't want to hide her beauty but enhance it instead!

Her skin is well moisturized prior to makeup application, all I need to do is to even out her skin color and apply foundation that matches her neck and body. 
A pink lipstick is a wonderful touch for that "playful" look!  Which, by the way, I changed it as the shoot goes on...

Oh!  I got the liberty to apply falsies for her!  It's going to be 2nd time for her in her entire lifetime!  I am quite confident with the lashes I've used!  The ES Lashes with band that's flexible and doesn't poke anyone's eye!  It doesn't feel heavy too so it's perfect even for first-time false lashes wearers!

For the hair:
She's got healthy locks and I want the newly "colored" hair to be enhanced by creating big curls!  This will create a very sexy look in an instant!

In Tagalog, it's definitely "TALIKO-GENIC" type of hairstyle. *lol*

AMW and the lovely couple
I also applied a bit of makeup to the groom-to-be!  
Both of them look gorgeous but I look like trash! 
Who cares, they are more important than anyone else in this makeover :D

I can't wait to do more makeovers and share to you my experiences!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. nice job nikki.. can you email me how much your services are? hehe hindi ako yung ikakasal yung bestfriend ko.. and this is my gift to her.. haha


  2. another nice makeover! galing galing mo talaga Nikki! you don't look like trash! ganda pa rin kahit walang makeup! you've got very nice skin noh! :)

  3. You did a great job on the look! I'm doing well. Thank you for asking and I hope you're well too. :)

  4. Wow! you did an amazing job! Love her hair!

  5. She look 10 years younger after make-up, ang galing mo naman :)

  6. Amazing transformation = you made her natural beauty shine!

  7. makeup gig on a yacht?! sosy!

    wow she's game to let you handle her look! and she's not disappointed, you're so galeng sis! (^_^)

    ayan ka naman ha, you don't look like trash! but you look a bit grungy sis lol ala trasher look lol but that is cool kaya!

  8. i love their looks very natural! :) You made a good job! :)

  9. you did an amazing job! She looks gorgeous! Love her smile :)

  10. Ang fresh naman ng bride! Ikaw rin Nikki, kahit gabi na, di pa rin ngarag! Hee.

  11. @donnarence Hi dear, sure I'll email you! But I'm sure you can do her makeup too! You do makeup so well!

  12. @Issa Hahahah SIP SIP!!! :P :P :P Thanks for saying so, I don't get tired reading it! hahahha

  13. @Ahleessa Glad to know you're doing well Aly :) Take care!

  14. @Glenn Encinares YAY! Sis , thank you for saying so ! I appreciate it

  15. @MereMakeupManiac LOL on ALA Trasher look, eh di trash pa din! hahahhaha

    Thanks for liking the makeover..sis sosy and mahirap at the same time! mahangin! LOL

  16. @Connie De Alwis I agree with you, her smile was infectious!

  17. @Jenn Hahaha siguro kaya hindi ngarag..well the couple isn't difficult to prettify and super easy to work with! :) Thanks!

  18. You certainly don't look like trash, dear! And I love your makeup table setup! So pro with the lights and multi-layer makeup case! Woohoo!

  19. Nikki dear! Thanks, thanks for making me pretty for a day. With you, I know I'm in good hands. Sa Saturday ulit! Thanks to Keith also. He is such a good sport!=) If I grab a photo here, will you sue me?=) Luvluv!

  20. @Rica De Guzman Yup, I'll see you again on Saturday! :) Keith is happy to take your shots! :) Super easy lang daw! :)

    It's okay you grab photos all you want, also, give me your email add! I'll send you more :D

  21. She looks gorgeous! Love her smile :) You did a great job on the look! I'm doing well.

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