Monday, November 28, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Shoes on my Nails

Happy Monday everyone!  How was your weekend?  Mine was half super busy and half super relaxed!  I do know how to relax!  I was able to sleep really well,  eat and enjoy a very good cup of coffee!  This girl knows how to relax!  *winks*

I'm all ready and hyper to start this week!  Today, I will be sharing a nail art tutorial inspired by these....

Remember those original Converse Shoes that everyone seems to be wearing during *coughs* time? This is my super childish version, nevertheless, it brightened up my day and I  hope it did for you too! :)

*singing* "These shoes are made for walking..." (on the tune of These Boots are made for walking).

You can choose to do one color of shoes for all 10 nails!  I wanted my nail art to be colorful so I picked up my top 5 favorite Converse shoes color!

Step 1:
Apply your preferred coat of base coat.  Pick your favorite matte white polish and apply 2 coats of it and let dry.

Step 2:
With a thin brush, create the "outline" of the shoes.  I used LA Art Deco polish in black.

Step 3:
Create a tiny rectangular box inside the black outline as seen on photo below.  This will be the "color" of your Converse shoes.

Step 4:
With your choice of silver polish, use a nail art dotting tool and create 6 dots.  This will be the "eyelets" of the shoes.

Step 5:
With a thin brush or if you have a 2 way nail art pen in White, draw 2 "x" marks and play connect the dots!  This will come out as the shoe lace!

Step 6:
Once nail art design is COMPLETELY dry, apply a good amount of clear top coat to protect the nail art design.

Voila!  You've got shoes on your fingers!
Easy peasy nail art design I'm sure you can give it a try :)
Oh, I'm really curious, do you own a Converse shoes?
What color?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. so adorable! if only I can do this on my left hand too...LOL

  2. This is SO CUTE Nikki!!! Love it to bits!! :D

  3. @Hollie hahaha practice na lang and who knows? you can! For now, ask someone to do your right hand! hehehehe

  4. super cute!!!!!! i dont own any converse/canvas shoes right now. used to own some canvas shoes but just not comfortable for me :P

  5. super cute idea!!! I love these nails!!

  6. What a cute and original idea! You are so creative and your nails look adorable!

  7. OMG! Those are so pretty! Must try it! Hope i don't fail. :D

  8. very creative niks! kudos and keep it up!

  9. ang cute, I wish i had those beautiful nails like u huhuhu

  10. So cute! Your nail art tutorials look so easy... xP

  11. That's so cute! I never have patience to do anything other than dots haha

  12. ang cute naman! i had one way back! super tagal na non, hehehe...

  13. That's so adorable! I am not patient enough for nail art, lol

  14. Nikki! look! haha!

  15. @xin I was going to say, do a Canvass nail art, but it'll look weird? and boring? hahahaha

  16. @Anastacia Dear, when it comes to ideas, you are the queen of it! :D

  17. @Analyn Alonsagay Girl, I'm sure your nails would probably look better, mind has been covered with polish for years, so imagine how ugly it is? hehehe

  18. @Issa panahon natin sis!!! hahahahah may neon pa!!!

  19. @conniewxx Hahaaha you can have someone do it for you :) *winks*

  20. @thebananniery Yay! thanks for sharing, glad you've done yours! For someone who used a hair pin, you've done a wonderful job!!!!


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