Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AMW Makeover: The Girls Who Walk before the Bride

Happy Tuesday!!!  I'm still alive and kicking!  I guess I will be that way until the end of the year?  

Since I am very busy to even do a tutorial on AMW Version, I've decided to post some of my works instead!  There are so many things to share and so many things that I learn as I continue the craft for beauty.  I want to thank all the clients who trusted me with their gorgeous faces and it has been a super good year for me!

I was tasked to do the makeup a couple of weeks ago for the lovely girls who plays a very important role in my friend's wedding.  The preparation was at the Marriott Hotel's Meeting room, the place was huge enough for the ladies to relax and chat while they wait for their turn, as Kim and I got enough space to work on our clients.  

I am very thankful for the lighted mirror (designed by Mr. AMW himself) as the area was surprisingly dark! 

Let us start shall we?

Client #1
She's one of the brides maid and she got in first so I was able to do her makeup first.  She advised me she wanted a very natural look and I can do whatever I want for her eyes.  

Her skin is well taken care off and I primed her face with an oil-control primer on areas that oil up and used a lovely mineral based foundation on her as not much coverage is needed for her lovely skin.  

I went for peach toned blush and lipstick as these colors work so well on "morena and not-so-morena" skin.

I was thinking about J.Lo's makeup when I did her face! :) She's no J.Lo 
but she definitely shone like no other!

Client #2
Client#2 came all the way from Japan to be part of her brother's wedding.  Her brother is the groom by the way and she immediately advised me she's not into makeup application and she wants everything to be light.  Actually, "VERY LIGHT" was her term.  
I applied a light cream foundation all over her face adding up on areas that needed coverage.  She doesn't have any breakouts but she has darkness under the eye.  After foundation application, I applied a salmon colored concealer to "counteract" darkness and applied the foundation again on top of it and set with a matte powder.

She particularly wants her brows to be thin and natural.  I just filled in her brows adding up light, hair-like strokes and continued with a super natural eye makeup brightening up the center to make it more "awake".

I went for a super light blush and lip color.  She loved the Clinique Nude lipstick.

Client #3
The sister of the bride.  The maid of honor. I didn't do much on her "already full and perfect" brows and proceeded with primer application as just by "touch test", makeup will slide on her without a primer.  Her skin gets to be oily at the T-zone.

After foundation application, I applied a taupe-y colored eyeshadow and enhanced the inner corner of her eyes to focus the "center" part of her face as she's got such lovely eyes, nose and lips.  

A pink blush was used and a pink lipstick.

Client #4
Client#4's skin is a bit tricky to work with.  The center of her face tends to oil up a lot and the sides are dry.  2 types of primers are used and choosing the right shade for her is very vital.  After foundation application, I went ahead and fixed her brows and for the eye makeup, I went for semi-smokey look using pinks, browns and black. 

I love her cheeks every time she smiles so I specifically applied more on the apples of her cheeks to "lift" the whole face. 

Lovely gown matched the lovely smile!

Client #5
Client #5 is very pale and she's acidic so it's one tricky part on choosing the right foundation shade for her.  I went for 2 shades lighter foundation (which was the lightest available inside my kit) and I applied a good amount of it all over her face leaving a very "white" mask-like effect immediately after application.  Thank goodness this girl's used to having her face done as she understood right away when I explained to her why her face looks pale and white.

To wait for the foundation to "settle", I primed her lids and filled in her brows.  I went for a darker smokey eye makeup using the Beauty Pro Cosmetics Sweet and Smokey Palette.

Went for matte peachy cheeks with peachy orange lip color, 
she loved the final look!

The girls all ready to leave for Church!

All their hair was wonderfully done by Kim
I had fun prettifying these ladies and you would understand why I'm so happy doing makeup gigs?  It's meeting these wonderful girls!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Great works twin!! they look flawless <3

    I love the mirror light idea! hehehe

  2. love their makeup!! and also the dresses! so so pretty :D

    p/s: did mr AMW design and build the lighting mirror?

  3. Gorgeous looks! They are timeless ^_^

    NIkki, what light bulbs did you use on the lighted mirror? hehe ^_^

  4. @Cinthia Truong Thanks twin :) Glad you liked their skin and the lighted mirror! LOL!

  5. @xin me too! I like the color of their gowns and they matches the skin of the client perfectly.

    YUP! Mr. AMW designed the mirror with on/off switch :)

  6. @Crystal Gale Thanks dear.
    Re: Light Bulbs, it the Philips one, tapos hindi siya regular shaped bulb, medyo round konti ang dating :)

  7. I love the mirror!!! :D can Mr AMW share the design?

  8. aaaayyyy, ganda nung lighted mirror mo! nice makeover nanaman! :)

  9. @beetrice Of course! I can even draw it for you (in an ugly way but understandable) when we meet!!! * I HOPE????*

  10. @Issa Thank you sweetie pie! :) Sent today ha, so sana by tomorrow you get it :)

  11. They all look so beautiful and flawless! Great job!

  12. Great makeup skills! I love their makeup.:D

  13. @Askmewhats

    sis anong watts po? papagawa na lang din ako sa bro ko haha ^_^

  14. @Crystal GaleCrystal, if you plan to ask your bro to make one, check with him what kind of bulb it will be compatible with! I'll check with Mr. AMW and get back at you!

  15. Tyempo I just saw this!

    Ok, first of all they all look gorgeous! Good job!

    And second, the mirror designed by Mr.AMW is very nice! Well done! *pat on his back*
    I just came to a realization that I guess that idea is a lot better? And since in most of my gigs I didn't have trouble with lights (lucky enough?)... as I mentioned in the chat box why. Hehe. Maybe I can have the mirror done separately nalang din, so just in case the venue doesn't have a good light source. At para di na ako makiusap to borrow lights. Haha!

    Ohhh thank you so much Nikki and Mr. AMW for this wonderful idea! Please keep those great ideas coming! *hugs*

    1. You are very much welcomed!!! :D Yay!!! Glad you found better ideas :D


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