Monday, December 5, 2011

AMW Reports: Gluta-C Pampering Session

I wanted to write this post together with my FAB Salon Part 2 experience because it was a wonderful pampering week for me before I head straight to crazy Saturday and Sunday!  

God is good, He gave me all these pampering sessions in time to energized me and give me strength to face the "prettifying the clients" sessions with a huge smile and positivity!

Irene, Platforms Manager of Omnicom Media Group, invited me to be part of Gluta-C Pampering Session Night!  

I'm glad the timing is perfect so I was able to be part of this relaxing event!

The event took place at Freyja's Spa.  Small world, the owners of Freyja's Spa used to live in the same area where I'm living now!  

Lovely Shirley who greeted me with a huge, 
gorgeous smile once I got in!
(Photo taken from Gluta-C FB page)

I'm glad to announce, I got here first!  So I was able to take shots of the gorgeous place!

Relaxing colorful couch and the ambiance spells RELAXING!  The place isn't super huge but I'm  happy to say, it's not crowded and they were able to maximize the space! 

I took a shot of this couch because
I mentally reserved this seat for....myself!  *selfish!*  :P

As we waited for the rest of the bloggers to arrive,light snacks were served from Cafe France.  I am thinking about the delicious croissant right this very moment.  *salivates*

What's up with Gluta-C Pampering Session?  It's a night of style and pampering.  Stylist guest, Alyanna Martinez was there to talk about Styling 101, tips and a whole lot more plus exposing us to what Gluta-C has to offer by giving us the hands-on experience too!

Irene Chua jumpstarted the event with welcoming remarks

Alyanna Martinez, dressed in gorgeous chiffon top layered with a floral blazer wearing her gorgeous platform shoes from Steve Madden gave such a wonderful Styling 101 session!  I learned so much from knowing your body shape down to how to dress for specific body types!

P.S. Don't you just love her gorgeous lip color?

Afterwards, we were then introduced to Gluta-C products.

Gluta-C is endorsed by ABS-CBN Star Magic's homegrown artist Jodi Sta. Maria.  I can remember her commercial on Gluta-C.  For someone who started at a young age as an actress, I can definitely see a total transformation on her skin tone.

Gluta-C is shortcut for Glutathione and Vitamin C.  Their product range are straightforward.

Step 1: Cleansing 
Soap 60g and 135g 
  • Evens skin tone
  • Anti-bacterial

Step 2: Cleansing
Toner Spritz 150ml 
  • Oil Controlling
  • Pore minimizing
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Alcohol free

Step 3: Sun Protection
Day Cream with SPF25 30ml
  • 25 times more sun protection
  • Deeply Moisturizing

Step 4: Moisturizing
Lotion with SPF25 125ml and 300ml
  • Deeply moisturizing with sun protection
  • Non-greasy

Step 5: Restoration
Night Facial Serum 30ml
  • Firms and tightens skin
  • Reduces appearance of scars
  • Water based for deeper absorption
Note: Gluta-C will also come up with underarm and thigh cream.  This product will launch January 2012.

I also took a shot of the price range.
As compared to international brands, these are way cheaper, but as compared to other local brands, these are a bit pricier.  As explained by the managing director, they go for quality and the company test these products comprehensively to make sure they offer the best in the market.  

We were also told they do a half face test just to see how "effective" the product is.  They do not promise immediate results nor do they promise total removal of spots.  I am very happy to say, the people in the company are quite honest in telling us that some may take time to see the "effect".  Reduced spots may be seen and I never heard them promise total removal of spots or scars!  

Overall, the effect would depend on each individual.  Even if you are fair, you can still use these product range as it won't whiten your skin and makes you look like a zombie!  The effect of Gluta-C to fair skinned individuals will be seen on "evening" of your skin.  There are individuals who sent messages to the company to show their support of the brand as it worked on them!

After the talk, we were all treated with a nice pampering session!  What a way to end the night!  I went for Foot Spa and Foot Reflexology!

I do not know how this thing is called 
but I'll call these"Massager Boots", so cute! 

I'm an official Mascot! :P
These boots vibrates and relaxes my legs and feet.

Earth enjoying her Gluta-C facial

Rowena taking a shot of the lady doing foot scrub!
It's ticklish but my feet was left soft and smooth!

Mrs. M going for pedicure and it was fun choosing shades with her!

It was great seeing beautiful Mar the second time around!

First time meeting Ms. Fashion Eggplant Sarah
It was great meeting you sexy momma! :)

Paxie also enjoyed her facial and manicure session!
It was great bumping into this girl on various events!

I wasn't able to take solo shots of Bianca (leftmost on photo below) and Tracy (third from left).  It was a wonderful, relaxing event that puts me back to "ME" time!  

Great news from Gluta-C, add them up on Facebook .....

And soon, they will unveil Gluta-C's Intense Beauty Model Search!  After going through the model search experience, the Gluta-C Beauty Winner will be unveiled and will win Php10,000 worth of Forever 21 shopping spree and gift packs from Gluta-C and this will definitely open doors for modelling dreams!

Again, keep your eyes open for more details about the model search, ANYONE can join and AMW readers, if you're joining, let me know!!! :)

Thanks to Freyja Day and Nail Spa for the lovely service.  Gluta-C for the experience and Irene for inviting me!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow, super relaxing day for you talaga! I love the salon's huge sofa chairs. Very inviting!

    I love Alyanna because although she is on the heavy side, she carries herself well. She is fashionable and confident. :)

  2. ang ganda ng couches nila! very relaxing! ay, sana lang I find the time na ma-pamper ko naman ang sarili ko! hahaha....

  3. @MariaKristela I agree, she exudes confidence no matter what her weight is and I would say we should all love our body!

  4. @Issa We seriously need it kahit once a month! :)

  5. Uy andyan na naman ako sa blog mo hahahaha Love mo talaga ako ha!


  6. @*MrsMartinez* OO naman, you don't need to ask me that coz it's true :P


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