Monday, December 5, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Mr. Snowman says "Hi!"

Happy Monday!!!  Ok, I didn't feel the weekend as I've been very busy and I'm sure most of you are the same!  December is the month we're not allowed to breathe!  *laughs* But we're allowed to meet up with friends, dine and laugh our hearts out!

My weekend was super exciting and would you believe I finally got in Moonlit Bazaar?  You read that right!  I haven't been inside the bazaar EVER!  I was within Makati area when I've decided to visit my blogger friends Sophie, Shen, Jheng and of course, it will be the first for me to meet up with fellow nail polish lover Sol of Digital Traincase.  It was a fun night!  I should give myself more time and chances to go to bazaars....*checks wallet* ahmm, I guess it's better not to go to bazaars?  *hahaha*

Speaking about nail art, December is here so I started to do Christmas themed nails!  

Mr. Fashionable Snowman says "HI!"

Step 1:
Remember my FAB Salon Part 2 Experience and my gorgeous Matte nails?  You do know it chips easily so I've decided to create a nail art design and spice up the background to fit the holidays....

Thanks to Mhean for gifting me my first Deborah Lippmann polish!  The shade is in Ruby Red Slippers

The color and texture screams Christmas!

Step 2:
I finally took a plunge on Acrylic Paints, to readers who were asking me if it's okay to use Acrylics sold at local bookstore...the answer is...YES!  As long as you have a regular polish and protect your nails with a base coat underneath.

With a nail art dotting tool and a white Acrylic Paint, create 2 circles, one smaller on top and the other bigger.  This will be Mr. Snowman's main frame.

Step 3:
With any art brush, use a Green Acrylic Paint and draw Mr. Snowman's Hat.  Draw a thick line on top of the smaller white circle, then proceed by drawing a tiny box-like shape on top of the green line.

Step 4:
With a smaller tipped nail art dotting tool, dot black acrylic paint for eyes and buttons.

Step 5:
With the same dotting tool, use a yellow acrylic paint and draw a triangular shaped nose.

Step 6:
With an art brush, draw Mr. Snowman's scarf by using a bright red acrylic paint.  Draw a thick line between 2 circles and extend 2 lines going sidewards for "flowy" scarf effect.

Step 7:
Make sure the paints are completely dry.  Apply your choice of top coat to protect your design.

Mr. Snowman staring right at 'ya wishing you
Advance Merry Merry Christmas!

How do you show to the world you're celebrating Christmas?
Have a gorgeous start of the week!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Really cool design. Merry Christmas Ms. Nikki! :)

  2. awww so cuteeeee!!!!! yeay for the acrylic colors! it lasts forever and so easy to use :D and now i am really craving for deborah lippman polishes after seeing really nice ones

  3. how cute!!! i made one too but it's smaller...=)

  4. That is so cute and festive! :)

  5. Snooooowman! Always love your nailart tutorials pero hindi ko magawa lagi.. XD

  6. @cheassy heheh thanks for the advance Christmas Greet!

  7. @xin Well, I changed my nail art design! the matte polish really doesn't stay making it chip a bit earlier than expected!

  8. @Jess aawww, a small one would look so cute!

  9. @Gellie Abogado Then, for your eyes only na lang for now :) hehehehe


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