Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Wee Nam Kee

Happy Sunday!  Full December for me but that doesn't stop me from food-tripping!  That's the least I could do as eating is my form of relaxation!

Wee Nam Kee has been around for quite some time but I wasn't able to visit the restaurant during those "Lining up for your table" days. 

Thankfully, it was one quiet afternoon when we passed by Wee Nam Kee, Serendra and decided to finally have a taste of what everyone's been raving about!  Oh, I planned to dine at Wee Nam Kee Singapore but failed.

The interiors reminded me of modern version of Shanghai restaurants during the olden days.

Condiments on table - CHECK!

Fresh Barley Juice
Php55.00 (approx $1.25)
This drink reminded of something I've tasted in the past but up until present, I can't figure it out!  Must be those healthy soup that my mom used to make for us!  I would say this drink is sweet and okay, but it's not something I would go back for.

Wee Nam Kee Fried Rice
Php190.00 (approx $4.30)
I am actually in love with this fried rice!  It's not too dry and it's really flavorful not because of artificial flavorings!  It's really packed with vegetables and shrimps.  Love this so much we took home another order!

Personal Set Roasted Chicken
comes with Chicken Soup and rice
Php168.00 (approx $3.80)
You can choose Small, Medium or Large orders, I opted for the roasted version though Wee Nam Kee is famous for their Steamed Hainanese Chicken, I guess I had quite a good experience of Hainanese Chicken in Singapore, I went for the Roasted version and it was a great choice!

Honey Crispy Squid
Php350.00 (approx $7.95)
UNIQUE is the name of this dish.  Though I've had crispy squid dishes from different restaurants, this is the "honeyed" version and I love the sweetness of the sticky honey against the super crunchy squid!  Would you believe it stays crunchy after more than 4 hours as we took some home!

BBQ Pork (Asado)
Php220.00 (approx $5.00)
One order of BBQ Pork Asado is good for 2-3 people!  I can like or dislike a BBQ pork right away base on its appearance!  If it looks dry, expect it to taste as dry!  Though this came with a separate sauce, I did not use the BBQ sauce on the side as I find the BBQ Pork Asado of Wee Nam Kee juicy and flavorful!

Aside from Luk Foo's BBQ Pork Asado, this made to the list of good Asado!

Service is good!  The restaurant accepts cash and credit card payments and there's a service charge to be added on top of the bill!

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
Serendra, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila

(632) 822-7095

Have you tried Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice?  What's your favorite dish from the menu? Any other recommendations?  I will definitely go back!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Creal Prawns! Oddly, the haiananese chicken was my least favorite

  2. Hehehe dont worry, i have been staying here for 2 years but i have never even tried wee nam kee! next time you come here, you can try Boon tong kee! now you make me wanna try wee nam kee!:D

  3. My family and I eat there every week! Mom and I are huge fans of their barley juice, and my personal favorite dish from their menu is their beef with broccoli. You should try it! :)


  4. The asado looks juicy & yummy! Yeah, I like my hainanese chicken roasted too :D

  5. That squid! The asado!! The chicken!! Thanks for the post!

  6. @esquire Thanks! at least di na ako nahinayang na I didn't order the Hainanese Chicken!

  7. @Eve Wow! will keep that in mind!!!! What's a must order dish from Boon Tong Kee?

  8. @Anna WOW! Every week!!!! I must say the Barley juice is an acquired taste! hehehe

  9. @[pinkc00kies] Yay! the roasted one tastes and looks sooo good! The asado is a must try, very juicy!

  10. @Jamilla Camel I am still thinking about the crunchy squid..really good!!!!

  11. I liked the Roasted Chicken more than the Hainanese Chicken. It's more flavorful (for me).

    The first time I dined at Wee Nam Kee was when it opened its branch in Ayala Triangle. We waited more than an hour to get seats! Grabe, dami laging tao dun.

  12. @MariaKristela Yon nga eh! i heard about the long lines and I don't want to wait when I'm hungry! So I'd rather dine in there late na or I'm not "uso" pero at least I'm not hungry! heheheh

  13. We looove their Honey Crisp Squid as well!

  14. the barley juice (for me, at least) tasted like "am". that's the cloudy white water that you get from a pot of boiling rice.


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