Saturday, December 3, 2011

Salon Report: FAB Salon Part 2 at Valero

Browsing through my "cute" organizer, I just realized that my last haircut was around August, for someone who's so into fixing the "layers" or "re-constructing" the hair, 4 months of no-haircut is like 3 days of no water!  (Okay, don't mind me, that's exaggeration!)

My life was a bit of a whirlwind running here and there but this girl ain't complaining!  I love being busy and you wouldn't believe it when I say, the more busy I am, the more energy I get!  --- That's probably an Energizer Bunny's Mantra too!

When I got an invite for a "salon pampering" session at FAB Salon,  I couldn't resist it and it was a perfect timing as it was on a holiday!  I said yes right away and this greeted me once I got in.....

Oh, of course, I saw this too! *discreetly* Shhhhh....

After saying my "hellos" to fellow bloggers whom I will be spending the wonderful afternoon with.  I checked out the hair wash area!  I don't know why but I am very particular with this area every time I visit a new salon!  I know most of the girls would check out the washroom, well, since I do not go to the washroom much (ooopps, too much information!), I'd rather check the washing area and I'm happy to report that  I'm impressed!  Oh, if I may have to add, seats are comfortable, thank goodness they recline!

It was great seeing Krissy the second time around!  Our paths do not cross as much but I'm glad it's always informal events like this that I get to see her!  It's easier to chat and talk without much noise.

For the service, Krissy went for a haircut and I swear, no matter how short the cut is, she can manage to look good! 

Liz was also there in her pretty classy ensemble!  She chopped a bit of her gorgeous curly locks and it enhances her gorgeous natural curls even more! 

I met Julia of Bless My Bag for the first time!  I complimented her gorgeous long hair and it wasn't hard to talk to her as we head on to the topic we both like ---- Nail Polishes! 

FAB Salon uses ORLY Polishes and she showed me the gorgeous matte bronze-y gold shade she had on and picked a shade that she thinks would look good on me since she knew I'm quite crazy when it comes to nail polish colors!  I actually followed her advise!  I will show you my nails...later!  Just keep on scrolling :P

I continued my quest for "gold"!  *laughs*  I actually went around just to catch up with fellow bloggers whom I haven't seen for quite some time!  Kira had a good hair wash and she had her hair curled too!  Super pretty!  Trust me when I say so!!!! Yeah...Kira paid me to say this!  (JUST JOKING!)

Shenny gave out a perfect camera-ready smile once she saw me trying to take a shot of her!  She went for foot spa and manicure.  I took a glimpse of a gorgeous baby pink colored polish shade!

The sexy Alex was also there enjoying her foot spa!  Look how cute she smiles here!  Is she giggling because her feet is ticklish or is she very happy to see me?  Wait!  Now I remember, she was giggling because I told her I'm just taking a shot of her feet, not her face!  Evil Nikki!  Yeah, I  know! *winks*

Martha also came looking fresh and I don't even know why she needs to go to a salon! (Sorry Martha, perfect ka na kasi!)   I was able to catch Martha having her Hot Oil treatment to care for her gorgeous long 'tresses.  

And finally, me time!  I had a haircut, shorter bangs and of course, better layers!  My hair feels softer and lighter!

Thanks to Elmer for the gorgeous cut 
and he also fixed my "messed up" brows!  Thank you so much!
Oh, shocking to some of you but I actually asked them to remove my Converse Nail Art and I chose the Orly Polish in Iron Butterfly.  In fairness to FAB Salon, the owner Gaby told me that these matte polishes get chipped easily!  They suggest I put on a top coat but I wanted to enjoy the "charcoal-like" color on my fingernails I said "no".

Thanks Julia for the recommendation!
(Note: True enough, the polish chipped within the day!  It didn't bother me as I was able to create my next nail art design using this as my base color!  Watch out for it!)

I am very happy I went out and enjoyed a couple of "Me" hours!  
Thanks Kira and ARC team for the invite!

 Group shot together with Ms. Gaby of FAB Salon

I want to thank FAB Salon owners and the wonderful staffs!  The service was great and most of them remembered us from the FAB Salon Event at Newport Mall!

 Okay, I asked them to do this!
Aren't they cute?

At this point, you might be wondering why this salon looks familiar!  My first visit at FAB Salon was at Newport mall!  I had a great time during my last visit but it was a bit too far from my place so I never got back!  It's wonderful news for office girls or anyone who lives close by Makati, they opened a new branch at Valero and the place is very comfortable and prices aren't bad!

 **photo from FAB Salon

Ex: Haircut is Php300.00 (approx $6.80), Manicure or Pedicure is around Php250.00 (approx $5.68), etc.. 

Oh!  I also saw a deal at Deal Grocer for FAB Salon!  If you plan to go for Digiperm + Collagen Treatment, I believe it's on 35% off! 

FAB Salon
G/F 139 Corporate Center
Valero Street, Salcedo Village Makati
Tel. no: (632) 478-4122/ (63917)-578-4122

No wonder I had a good pampering experience, I won't be breathing starting today until...hmm..end of the year?  hahahah

When's your last salon visit?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. What a WONDERFUL experience! You're so lucky! You all look fab!

  2. hahaha! ako na ang may-ari ng fab salon dahil i'm wearing their signature color! :D

  3. FAB Salon looks fab! :) I got a coupon from DealGrocer for Digiperm with collagen at this salon because I've been meaning to get curly hair again :D Thanks for the report!

  4. Ang lakas makaganda ng picture ko dyan, Nikki! Hehe thanks, it was great to see you again! :)

  5. @Jamilla Camel thank you Lord for moments like these, I can really relax :) thanks JC!

  6. @Denise Yay! Enjoy! let me know how your perm went ok?

  7. @krissy ♥ It's not the photo or camera no! Pretty girl ka naman talaga :D

  8. Ma'am, with all due respect, seats 'recline' not 'incline' :)

    1. thank you so much for the correction :) Changes made!


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