Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tech Reviews: Marshall Headphones Major and Minor

Major and Minor....
The 2 Techie products I will review because I believe some of you are into music as much as I do!  Keep in mind that these are test units and will be returned to manufacturer, I am doing this review to share to you guys who plan to purchase either of the two and probably can't decide.  Well, I hope I can help you out in deciding which one's for you!

Marshall Headphones Minor White

Marshall Headphones Minor White says ---
The Minor is an advanced and hard working in-ear model. In addition to its good looks it incorporates quite a few exciting features. EarClick is a patent that ingeniously secures the earphone into position in your ear. The Minor comes equipped with microphone and remote for use with your cell phone*. Combined with excellent audio and a tangle resistant fabric cord the Minor is in it for the long haul.

AMW says ---
  • It's white!  I like plain white colored headphones/earphones.
  • Comes with an adapter.
  • Have several ear pads to fit comfortably on your ear.(Small, Medium, Large, XL)
  • Probably and first and only earphones I've tried that doesn't hurt my ear after hours of listening due to it's EarClick Construction that locks the earbuds securely in place.
  • The Minor comes with a mic which is useful for voice control or when talking to people over the phone.
  • Sounds: clear and crisp.  
  • The tangle resistant cord!
  • The cord is covered with braided fabric which I find to be super smart!


  • It's white!  Some doesn't like this because it can easily get dirty. 
  • Since the earphones sit on your ear rather than tucked inside it, it may take some time to get used to listening without pushing the ear piece closer to the ear. 
  • Pricey! 
  • The Marshall tgold plated plug may be a bit too big to fit in some iPhone or iPad casing. 
Minor on my ear
 Marshall Headphones Major White

Marshall Headphones Major White says ---
The Major encloses vast amounts of the massive Marshall legacy. The exterior of the headband is made out of the same vinyl used in Marshall amplifiers and it bears the original Marshall texture. Besides being straight up dazzling.

The Major is a solid workhorse with great stamina, designed with non-stop, all-day listening in mind.

AMW says ---
  • Comes in white.
  • Has a gold  replica signature from Jim Marshall himself.
  • Coiled cord (just like a telephone) makes it tangle free when you use it or when stored inside the bag.
  • Has a very pleasing, surround sound and you can hear the bass quite clearly.
  • Music sounds way better with the Marshall Headphones Major.
  • Sits comfortably on my head and it doesn't hurt on your head or ears even after hours of listening.
  • It's white!  Can get too dirty.
  • Hard to store. Can foldable but only to a certain extent.  Bulky for travel.
  • Same as the Minor, the gold plated plug is a bit too bulky if you have tight casing.
  • Pricey.
Major on AMW's head

Both Major and Minor delivers when it comes to surround and good quality sounds.  I personally like the sound coming from Major as it can literally give me goosebumps from songs I've been hearing over and over again on a daily basis.  I find Major a bit too bulky for my taste because I'm not into using bulky headphones in public.

Minor on the other hand is my bet among the two.  I am willing to shell out a bit more than regular earphones for good sounds and comfort!  It takes a while for me to get used to the Minor as it felt like it's falling off anytime!  The EarClick system, I find to be the most amazing discovery for earphones!  (Personal preference)

To whom do I recommend this to?
Music lovers!!!  Only music lovers can spend this amount of money for good, quality music!  I would!

Where to purchase and how much?
Minor costs Php2,950.00 (approx $67.00) and Major costs Php4,650.00 (approx $106.00)
These 2 are available at: 8Telcom Davao, Astrovision, Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Hub CDO, Digital Walker, ECentral Cebu, Gadgets iN Style, HTC MOA, iStore (Cebu, Dumaguete, Manila), Listening Room, PC Hub, Power Hub - Davao, Power MAC Center, Switch, Technoholics, Urban Atheletics.

Which one would you go for if you have the budget?
The Marshall Headphones Major or Minor?

ME?  *slams palm on table*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Test units were sent for review and will be returned to supplier.  Opinions are 100% mine, please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. major! i love big headphones hahaha! :D

  2. I would go for the earphones because I can bring it along and it's good that there are sizes for the ear plugs! I have small ears and I find it very painful whenever I use the earphones that came with my ipod hehe...

    How do you compare these with the Sennheizer (i hope tama spelling ko haha) ones? ^_^

  3. Minor! Because I want to bring it wherever I go!

  4. @sugar sugar I can sense na bagay naman sayo :) hehehe

  5. @Crystal Gale Well, if you have sensitive ears, this works talaga coz you do not need to insert it! :)

    I do not own the Sennheizer but my relative who owns one swore by it and says it's the BEST in the Market! I believe him! hahahha

  6. @Issa Apir! No wonder we're friends, we agree on a lot of things!


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