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AMW Reports: AMW Judging Ms. Silka 2011

Last month, I was asked to be part of Miss Silka's history, not as a contestant (of course) but as a judge!  It was overwhelming on my part as Silka is a brand I'm not a stranger to.  I've been one of the many few who was lucky enough to see how the brand grew as big as today!

It was a very busy Saturday for me, one of the busiest I've had in a year.  I had an early call for a shoot at 4:30am and I only had an hour of sleep that day.  Adding up to the Christmas traffic...nothing can stop me from going to this event! 

December 3,2011 at the Activity Center of Market! Market!  My whole spirit lifted when I saw this gorgeous stage!  I suddenly had a full 8 hours of sleep!

I had a quick chat with Silka's Brand Manager, Bea Dacanay as she ushered me to my designated "judging area".

I'm the type of person who sees beauty in everyone.  I seriously had to take a moment to read and familiarize myself with the judging categories!  Hey, I may sound like all fun and game but when it comes to serious stuff like this?  You can definitely count on me! :P

A staff from STI briefed me on how to use the system.  I will be judging 30 contestants from different parts of the country.  The judging was divided into 3 categories --- Performance during the Program, Swimsuit Competition then Evening Gown.

Before the start of program, I went backstage with Bea and had a quick chat with one of the performers Mr. Christian Bautista, a photo-op is definitely in mind!

** My favorite "The Way You Look At Me" 
was seriously playing on top of my head when we took this shot! *laughs*

Back to the judging station, everyone was asked to sit at our designated area and the show started with a blast!  At this point, I took a mental note and trimmed down the girls that gave out the best performance!  

All the 30 girls obviously took their time and effort as they all did well!  Everything's in order and everyone danced their best!  

After the performance, the night's host Mr. Luis Manzano came out with his partner.  I personally like Luis Manzano as a host, he's funny and witty!

A welcoming remarks and a little introduction for the judges was in order.  I was introduced as a Makeup Artist and a Blogger of AskMeWhats.  Hmm..I was hoping the "Ms. Universe's Baby 1979" was also included in the introductory speech?  *laughs*  I'd rather not!!! 

Swimsuit competition was next.  I felt like a man scrutinizing all these gorgeous ladies but I took a moment to understand what Ms. Silka is --- someone who has the grace, beauty, talent, knowledge and of course, clear-looking skin!

Long Gown Competition was next!  The ladies strut their gorgeous gold and beige gowns which shoes up their beautifully flawless skin even more!  Christian Bautista serenaded the girls as the crowd were going wild with picture taking and screaming "I Love You Christian!" on top of their lungs!

Some judging points for this segment is the suitability of the gowns, their body structure, poise and beauty!

While the guys from STI are tabulating the scores for the top 15.  YouTube sensation Marie Digby wowed the audience with her song "Say It Again" as she flawlessly played the guitar. 

I love her dress and her makeup!!!

After 2 songs from Marie Digby....

Several corporate awards were given out to deserving candidates.  Online voters choice award, Ms. Juicy Cologne, Ms. Magnolia Ice Cream, Ms. Negros Navigation, Ms. Shoe Up, Ms. Revage and other Minor awards like Best in Talent, Best in Casual Interview, Best in Swimwear, Best in Production Number and Best in Gown.  

The girls turned out to be winners just being part of the top 30 and winning these awards!

Then, Luis Manzano came back on stage with his partner to call in the Top 15!

The list of candidates who made it to top 15 ---
Ms. Davao, Ms. Panay, Ms. Bicol, Ms. Cagayan de oro, Ms. Ilocandia, Ms. Tacloban, Ms. Cavite, Ms. Quezon, Ms. Bulacan, Ms. Zambales, Ms. Bukidnon, Ms. GMA, Ms. Cagayan Valley, Ms. Tarlac and Ms. Dumaguete!

As the scores are tabulated again for top 5, Marie Digby came back on stage to sing an OPM.

Top 5 were chosen and they were further judged by a Question and Answer portion. If I was serious on the first 3 categories on judging, I was even more spaced out as I listened intently to the answers of the contestants.  Q&A portion for me is a a make or break in any beauty pageant!  Beauty should always comes with brains!

Yours truly was called on stage to award the runner up!  I was praying I don't trip!  Thank God I didn't! :)


After months and months of preparation, the moment is here, the winners of Ms. Silka 2011 ---

3rd Runner up: Ms. Silka Bicol
2nd Runner up: Ms. Silka Tarlac
1st Runner up: Ms. Silka Tacloban
Ms. Silka Philippines 2011 Ms. Vianca Louise Marcelo
(3rd from left)

Ms. Silka 2011 shows her gorgeous smile!

And who said regular people can't take triumphant photos?  Bea and myself took a super happy and contented shot after a successful event!  

I want to congratulate all the lovely girls who were part of the Ms. Silka Pageant!  To the sponsors and organizer TMX Events and of course, Cosmetique Asia for entrusting me to judge such prestigious event!

I can't believe the product line have grown this big!  I used to take with me the Silka Papaya Soap and Lotion to China and use them during the summer as they never feel heavy on skin and it has sweet smelling papaya that lasts!

Thanks for this!

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Are you a Silka user?  
What's your favorite Silka product?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I like the orange soap and lotion

  2. Thank you AMW!!! :)

    -ghettoB (in ninja mode haha!)

  3. Wow, big time ka na talaga Nikki! I'm sure you did a thorough and great job filtering and selecting the winner. She looks stunning. :)

  4. All the ladies are beautiful! And it's so awesome that you were one of the judges. What a great experience :)

  5. @Madz hahahah hindi noh! I am just lucky! And you're right, I am super seriously in filtering the candidates!!!

  6. @EveryDay Makeup blog Thanks dear! True, this is one unforgettable experience!

  7. I like their orange lotion! Smells so good! :) Parang pumapayat ka Nikki? Super busy mo kasi noh?

  8. @Issa Papaya yung orange? Have you tried the green packaging? Mabango din!!! :)

    Pumapayat? I Wish! Pero hindi! hahah sa outfit lang yan! :)

  9. @Askmewhats ay talaga? cge, try ko next time yung green...

    wala ka ng ipapayat e! :)

  10. @Issa Let me know which one you like :) Both are good!

    Marami pa akong!

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