Friday, December 9, 2011

AMW Reviews: 3s Pre-glued Lashes

"I can't apply false lashes on myself!  It's just too difficult!" --- that's one of the many few lines I read and hear from friends who are into makeup, who likes the idea of long and full lashes but hates the false lashes application!

I understand!  Even I, as a makeup artist, who knows how to apply false lashes gets really lazy to do it!  That's why when pre-glued lashes came out in the market, I am very happy to give it a try as I want to prettify myself in less effort as possible. 

The first pre-glued lashes I've tried is from Revlon, but they never made it to our country!  I find the pre-glued lashes are a great invention but there are times it just won't stick as much and it's embarrassing to walk around with weird looking lashes!  So I always end up applying a lash glue still just to make sure it sticks!

3S Pre-Glued False Eyelashes


3S Pre-Glued Lashes says ---
All our pre-glued eyelash products are made with latex-free adhesive strand and 100% sterilized human hair or synthetic fiber are carefully handmade by our artisans according to the diversity of our style designs.

These can be used over and over again, as the adhesive strip attached to the eyelash can be removed if the adhesive does not seem to stick anymore on perhaps the 3rd use. You can replace it with the extra adhesive strip inside the pack, and you're good to go! Once the adhesive strips don't work anymore, feel free to remove them and use regular glue. These lashes are very durable and they can last you a long, long time!

AMW says ---
  • Gorgeous packaging!  Can you believe the product comes with a mirror?
  • Instructions on box are easily to follow.
  • Once it stick it, it stays the whole day.
  • The lashes are soft and doesn't irritate my eyes.
  • Lightweight.
  • Has a spare pre-glued strand included.
  • These lashes are made of high quality so using it again and again with care is possible!  
  • I actually tested one pair by being super harsh on it (pulling and just leaving it elsewhere, the lashes are still ok and looking good!) --- Lash Police!  I'm just a tester! Not a murderer! *lol*
  • You save up more if you can use these lashes multiple times.
  • Changing the spare pre-glued strand is actually easy!
  • The dark pre-glued strand makes it look like you have eyeliner on.
  • A bit pricey at first glance, BUT, if you know how to take care of your lashes and you can re-use this again and again.
  • The pre-glued are not forever!  You will still use a regular lash glue once you finished up the extra pre-glued strand.
  • It takes a bit of time getting used to using this as the glue strip is a bit thicker.
These lashes are best for personal use.  The lashes are soft, durable and lightweight.  Easy to use for first-time false lashes wearers even experts would appreciate these!

  • Store the false lashes back to its packaging after every use.
  • Remove the sticky side of the lashes with a tweezer.
  • Pull the lashes downwards using your thumb as shown on photo below.  This is the best way to maintain the shape of the lashes.
  • Trim the lashes on the outer corner to fit your eyelid.
  • I prefer applying these false lashes first prior to makeup application.  I find the glue to adhere better.
  • Gently wipe the lashes with a damp cloth or cotton bud with makeup remover to clean the lashes from fall-outs.
  • To remove pre-glued strand, hold the lashes in the center and gently pull off.
  • Attach the eyelash only spare pre-glued strand on the stand and press with your fingertips, since I have long nails, I use the back of the tweezers to gently press.
  • Once you finished up both pre-glued strands, feel free to use the lashes with a regular glue, it'll look even more natural as the lash line will appear less thick. 
**photo of the lashes without the pre-glue

Will I repurchase?
Yes, but only for personal use.

To whom do I recommend this to?
First time false lashes wearer or lazy bums like myself who likes to wear lashes on special occasions minus the hard work!

Where to purchase and how much?
You can purchase them at Beauty & Minerals for Php250.00 per pair (approx $5.70).  If you want to see these in person, you can visit Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar on December 9, 10, 11, 2011.

A closer look on the 2 Pre-glued lashes styles I own ---


Delicate may look "vava-voom" on my eye photo below but it's because I do not have eye makeup on.  Once you completed your look with an eye makeup, it'll look nature and indeed...delicate!


Adorable has mixed thick and thin lashes.  Same as Delicate, the longest lashes are located at the center which tends to open up your eyes making it appear bigger and brighter!

Sample look with Delicate
Without eye makeup though
The glue made it look like I have eyeliner on!

Can you apply false lashes on yourself?
If not, would you give pre-glued lashes a try?

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  1. i have a pair! i think it's really convenient for travel use, without having to bring the glue. i can't help but i must say cute the reindeer!

  2. i need falsies like these haha! your nails look so cute din! :)

  3. @xin Agree! now you got me thinking, shall I bring a pair on my next travel? *winks*

  4. @sugar sugar Thanks dear, that's my next Nail Art Tutorial :D

  5. off topic~! haha! sorry! ang cute ng nails! si rudolph ba yun? :p

  6. @thebananniery TOMOH!!!! hehehehe posted my tutorial today :D

  7. hehehe i also bought delicate from Sophie's stall last week at the moonlit bazaar hopefully it doesn't give me a hard time using it. i'm such a clutzzzz putting these falsies on LOL

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