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Your Very Own Sneak Peek at Benefit Cosmetics Philippines!

Remember the story about missing the Benefit Cosmetics Sneak Peek?
It's true... I missed it!!!  But thanks to the wonderful people from Benefit for giving AMW and AMW readers a chance to get "up close and personal" just in time before THE OPENING on the 15th of December!

Benefit Cosmetics, as makeup junkies would know, is one funky, frisky and unique makeup brand!  We wished and probably threw coins at Pasig River *lol* for them to arrive to our shores!

Aren't we all excited to learn that The Philippines will finally have a branch of Benefit Cosmetics before Christmas?  Just in time to spend our 13th month pay or, to the lucky ones, Christmas Bonuses!

After hours of driving, I'm finally HERE!  ....

The famous line to show how Benefit Girls should be --- Confident!

Benefit Girl, Simone greeted me with her sexy gown made for the Oscars! :)

Please note that this post is filled with photos!  Since it took me hours to get to the Benefit Room, I might as well take advantage of it and take all the shots I can get! :P  

I will also include the pricelist that I got so if you're eyeing for a certain product, you would at least have an idea how much you should save!  I was told the prices are lower than in Singapore.  I agree, I've visited Benefit Cosmetics Counter in Singapore and I ended up buying --- NOTHING!  *hahaha*

As "OC" as I am, and I know a lot of you already knew that by know *teehee* I will categorize the products I took shots off and I will include some of my thoughts as I played with a lot of them! :)

Their skincare line is quite straightforward.  Their packaging reminds me so much of those cute Korean skincare packaging!  I am intrigued with their makeup remover as I've read that it's really gentle and I'm also intrigued with the hydrating mist!  For someone who suffers from dry skin, as this promises not only re-hydration but it gives radiance to the skin.

Remove It Makeup Remover Php1,200 (approx $27.00)
Ultra Radiance Facial Re-hydrating Mist Php1,300 (approx $29.50)
Triple Performaing Facial Emulsion Php1,500 (approx $34.00)

Total Moisture Facial Cream Php2,000 (approx $45.45)
It's Potent! Eye Cream Php1,800 (approx $41.00)

Primers and Illuminators
Benefit is known to come up with good makeup base and illuninators!  I know illuminators are not for everyone but the girl who's writing this post is one "Illuminating Freak"!  If only I can illuminate my skin even more and stand at a dark corner and scare people!  That'll be fun!  *oops..out of topic!* lol

Stay Don't Stray Php1,400 (approx $21.80)
The POREfessional Php1,600 (approx $36.35)
That Gal Php1,600 (approx $36.35)
Girl Meets Pearl Php1,600 (approx $36.35)
Watt's Up!  Php1,600 (approx $36.35)

I own "that gal" and have loved it dearly as a face primer.  if you suffer from oily skin and probably would want to steer away from anything that "enhances" your pores, the POREfessional is your best bet as I've read reviews on how it "fills in pores" and reduces it.  Keep in mind that these are all makeup, they do not change your skin condition in any way!

Out of the bunch, another product that took my "full attention" was the Benefit Stay Don't Stray.  This works as a primer and concealer at the same time!  Does it work?  Well, I applied it on my lid and it does lighten up my eye area just like my Benefit Lemon Aid!   Benefit Lemon Aid has a cream texture while Stay Don't Stray is on the liquid side so it's easier to blend!

Benefit doesn't have a lot of foundation range.  I believe they offer cream and powder foundation and for those who doesn't like heavy makeup, they also have tinted moisturizers!  If you wonder why I did not mention liquid foundation, I was told they are coming up with liquid foundation around next year!

Some Kind-a Gorgeous Php1,400 (approx $21.80)
I completely forgot how many shades are available in this line but I like that they have shades for light, medium and dark skin!

Hello Flawless Php1,900 (approx $43.00)
This is a powder with cover up properties plus SPF15.  The packaging is super cool, reminded me a bit of those diners from the 60s.  Not that I've seen them... *laughs*  but you know what I mean!

Benefiit Hello Flawless have a lot of color range but Benefit Philippines will carry around 5 shades as handpicked by the Brand Manager of Benefit Philippines.

Aside from using this as your daily powder foundation, I find myself using the lightest shade as a "highlighting powder" and the darkest shade as the "contouring powder".  Because it comes off matte, it looks very natural on skin!

Cheeks and Lip Tints
The first product made by Benefit since 1977 --- the Benetint!  Years after, the family grew!  Don't get me started with my love for High Beam and Posietint!  Would you believe I never own Benetint?  I guess at the back of my head, I just knew it'll be there forever!  *laughs*

Next target: Chachat Tint!  The shade, after swatching, reminded me of my favorite Mango Sago dessert in a Chinese restaurant with an added "orange juice" hahahah Ok, that recipe would probably make me run to the washroom but Chacha Tint won't!

Posietint Php1,800 (approx $40.00)
Chacha Tint Php1,800 (approx $40.00)
Benetint Php1,800 (approx $40.00)
High Beam Php1,400 (approx $31.80)

The concealer that won the hearts of many is called "Boi-ing" but I didn't get the chance to take a shot of it as it must be piled up somewhere.  Erase Paste on the other hand is a brightening camouflage for both eyes and face and it's housed in a plastic pink packaging that comes with a spatula I believe!

Boi-ing Php1,100 (approx $25.00)
Erase Paste Php1,100 (approx $25.00)

Aside from my love for highlighters, I do love anything for the brows as seen on my Korean haul!  I've been a brow pencil lover for life but when it comes to working the brows for a client, I like using brow powders as it's more convenient to mix and match to get the right shade.

Brow Zings 
Php1,600 (approx $36.35)


Right: Brows a-go-go  
Php2,000 (approx $45.45)
I personally like Brows a-go-go because you get an extra "brow lifting wax" and "highlighting" powder to enhance the look of your brows!

 Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners  
Php1,000 (approx $22.70)
I own only one Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Flatter Me that I bought online and I have been using it as my makeup base to enhance the color of my eyeshadow expecially if I'm using Japanese eyeshadow brands.

Benefit have matte brown and matte black cream shadows/liners that can double up as a base for smokey, dark eye makeup or as a plain gel liner! Just like regular gel liners housed in a glass packaging, you have to close the lid tightly after every use as it'll dry up easily!  (Happened to my new Stila Smudgepot *sad face*)

Big Beautiful Eyes
Php1,700 (approx $38.64)
Imagine owning a face contour kit and now, an eye contour kit?  I find this super original!  This is best used by working ladies who like the nice deep set of eyes look minus the going to the party look!  I can imagine myself using this palette on mature clients to give an instant "eye lift"!

  Velvet Eyeshadows
Php1,000 (approx $22.70)
Benefit is not that known for their eyeshadow shades as their color range is quite limited!  The shadows reminded me so much of Paul & Joe cosmetics.  The Velvet Eyeshadows live up to its'  name, it is indeed velvety and adheres to the lids with minimal fall outs.

Can I make a request Benefit?  Add matte shadows please!

Bad Gal Waterproof Eye Pencil 
Php1,100 (approx $25.00)
Instant Brow Pencil 
Php1,100 (approx $25.00)

I didn't get the chance to play with the Instant Brow Pencil as I have my brows filled before I left home.  I have tried the Bad Gal Liner Waterproof Eye Pencil  and I do not need to "pull" the lid just to create a dark line!  Texture is creamy and even works for tight-lining!  I can't tell if its' smudge-proof or long-wearing as I didn't test this on my own lids.  You'll see when you scroll further down :)

Magic Ink Php1,100 (approx $25.00)
Ooh La Lift Php1,200 (approx $27.00)
Bad Gal Lash/ Waterproof Php1,100 (approx $25.00)
 Bad Gal Plum Php1,100 (approx $25.00)
They're Real Beyond Mascara Php1,200 (approx $27.00)

The liner is quite different from the similarly packaged liquid liner I've tried.  The brush is softer and not as stiff.  Positive point is, it doesn't hurt the eye and you get precised line every time.  The bad point though, is that you need super steady hands to apply!

Out of all the mascaras from Benefit, I've only tried They're Real Beyond Mascara.  I heard Bad Gal is better in terms of volume.

We tried using They're Real Mascara first then applied Bad Gal Lash for second and third coat.  Check out Aubrey's lashes! *jealous*


All priced at Php1,600 (approx $36.35)
The blushers are boxed in a cute carton that comes with a cute wooden-handled natural haired blush brush that has been a Benefit Icon all over the world!  Everyone loves Coralista, then the most recent?  Bella Bamba now Hervana!  I actually scrutinized each of the shade and I'll probably share a thing or 2 regarding these blushes. Please note that these are just my "initial reactions".

L-R (first row) Dallas, Hervana, Bella Bamba, Hoola
L-R (second row) Coralista, Dandelion
Not on photo: Sugarbomb and 10

Dallas - imagine bronzer plus the extra gold, perfect for medium to dark skin.
Hervana - light, pale pink shade and you can build up color if you apply more.
Bella Bamba - it has a nice 3d look when applied on cheeks.  It glows at the same time, you don't see sparkles.
Hoola - a great bronzing and contouring powder for the lighter skin.
Coralista - been compared to Nars' Orgasm too many times but I find them to be 2 different blush!  Benefit Coralista has a deeper coral shade (more peachy)
Dandelion - it's quoted as a brightening face powder and expect not to see much once applied on skin!  It shows better when you take a shot with flash.

Php900.00 (approx $20.45)
Full-finish Lipstics
Silky-finish Lipsticks

Php2,000 (approx $45.45)
Perfect for gift giving this Christmas! The packaging is too cute! 


Benefit's "Chief Fun Officer" Aubrey Bautista, after a quick makeover done by yours truly using ALL Benefit products!  
Aubrey, thank you so much for letting me touch your face!  It was fun testing on makeup in a form of makeup application, I get to know the products easier that way!

Of course, we have to do another makeover for Nina Galang, who also works for Benefit right after her graduation! I've known Nina for quite some time as she's one of the attendees of the first AMW Makeup Workshop, The AMW Makeup Seminar for a Cause.

Aubrey did Nina's eye makeup and has done a great job!

The gorgeous girls of Benefit!  Thank you so much for opening the door for me to get to know more of the products to share to the readers!  

This is a super long post but I hope it helps a lot of you to at least "virtual shop" before you get into the shop itself!  Time to save up and purchase at least one item!  You deserve it!

Before I end this post, what's your first local purchase?
My list would be --- Hello Flawless!  Speed Brow!  Moon Beam! More Blushes!  Eye Bright!  Etc...Etc...!
Okay, can I just say the whole store?  *off to play the lottery* LOL
I can't wait to try more Benefit products since they're readily available locally!

Like Benefit Philippines on Facebook to get updated on events, contests and promos.

I won't be surprised if we'll bump into each other on the 15th!
The store is open to the public around 1pm onwards! :)
Enjoy shopping!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow!!! thanks Ms. Nikki for this post.. excited much! weeee
    i'll definitely get the pore professional primer, and the blushes~ bella bamba that i'm lemming for ages! bronzer and highlighter-the beam! weee thanks for the heads-up!

  2. The Benefit room looks so adorable!

  3. finally it has reached Philippines! have placed order for hervana, cant wait for it to come!!! :D

  4. @Diane Diane! I've tried the Porefessional, it does lessen the look of the pores! Oh my, it's one of their bestseller! The Bella Bamba, I tested it on my cheeks too and it shows so well on photos! :)

    Ang dami mong gusto! hahahahah *high five*!

  5. @Anastacia I wish I have this room when I was younger..well..even today! I wouldn't mine! :)

  6. @xin I know Xin! Didn't we just talk about this when we met in Singapore??? I can't wait to shop! Oh my! Hervana!!!! Everyone's lemming for this!

  7. OH MY GOSH, Hervana is up over there??? =((( Haven't seen it at our counters, and Temptalia says it will only reach SG 2012. T.T

  8. @Jyoan Hi there, what I know is that Hervana will be available here and I've seen the tester!!! yay! :) Will update you once I visit the store and see if it's really there or probably sold out in no time! LOL

  9. wow, more and more brands are coming our way! the fragrance has very cute packaging!

  10. What a great event! Lucky girl!

    BTW, I have shrunk, but it was due to cutting back on steroids I had to take for a medical condition - gives you moonface, unfortunately!

  11. @Issa Agree, si Urban Decay,kelangang bumalik dito! hehehhee

  12. @Jamilla Camel Wow, I hope things are well for you, you shrunk so much!!! But nevertheless, you still look good!


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