Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AMW Reviews: K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liners

Hi everyone!  I'm back in Manila!  I'm dead tired, sleepy but I have a huge smile on my face!  Thank you again Nuffnang PH for the invite and the blog awards was a huge success!  I'll tell you more about it once I sorted out photos! :)

Today, I will continue my K-Palette brand review, this time on their 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow Liners.  

01 Natural Brown
The difference with the eyerliner and eyebrow packaging is the color
of the name printed, eyebrow liners have it in gold.

Same micro fibre brush as the eyeliner

Works in all angle

02 Greyish Brown
Black Packaging with Gold Letterings

Looking closely, you'll see a space
where product automatically comes out

Being perfectly sharp is not a requirement
but it doesn't hurt that it has fine tipped brush

K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner says ---
  • Liquid eyebrow liner that has the right amount of translucence such that the color is deep enough to conceal sparse areas but not too dark that it gives a severe looking one.
  • Smudge proof and water resistant.
  • Won Singapore Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys
  • 2011- Best Brow Filler
  • Can be easily washed off with soap and water. No eye make up remover needed!
  • Suitable for novices and professionals
  • Lasts upto 4 to 6 months of daily use
  • Horray to perfect eyebrows the whole day.
Colors: 01 Natural Brown and 02 Greyish Brown


AMW says ---
  • Wonderful packaging that includes clear, English instructions.
  • Manufactured date clearly printed.  Good job!
  • No clicking or twisting for product to come out.
  • Each time you brush, the color comes out very light and natural. 
  • Mimics the color of your brow color.
  • You can easily change the shape of your brows.
  • Can easily fill in gaps.
  • Lasts the whole day!
  • I tried wiping it off really hard but it didn't disappear.
  • Never look overly done.
  • Can be removed easily at the end of the day with regular makeup remover.
  • A bit tricky for first time users.
This is a perfect tool to fill in gaps and re-create the shape of your brows.

  • Please try to match the color of your hair with your brows.  Doesn't have to be perfectly the same shade but at least "thisclose". 
  • Black hair can go for 02 Greyish Brown.  Brown colored hair goes for 01 Natural Brown.
  • Practice strokes on your hand before you proceed to your real brows.
  • Always start by filling in gaps first before you start re-shaping your brows.
  • If you have dark brows with light brown hair --- tip: Use 01 Natural Brown shade, then tint the color of your brows with brow tint that matches your hair color.  
  • Do not forget to wipe the eyebrow liners at the end of the day with a cotton pad with makeup remover.
  • Shake before use.
  • Try to wipe off the brush with a makeup cleaning pad after use or when you use this on other people.
  • Practice drawing with the pointed tip pointing towards the brows and use short strokes to mimic natural hairs.
Will I repurchase?
Yes.  This goes straight for my clients.  My brows are quite full to begin with so I like using this to fill in a gap on my left eyebrow.

To whom do I recommend this to?

Anyone with thin, sparse brows.

Where to purchase and how much?
Retails for Php895.00 (approx $20.35) in Beauty Bar branches in Greenbelt 5, Rockwell, Mall Of Asia, Trinoma, Podium, Galleria, Shangri-La, Eastwood, Gateway, Alabang Town Center and Midtown.

A sample swatch on how light it looks
top: 01 Natural Brown - perfect for light colored hair
bottom: 02 Greyish Brown - perfect for dark colored hair

01 Natural Brown
It make look weird as my natural brow hair is greyish brown but this pen works well on my light brown hair.  I need to use a brow tint to lighten up the color of my brows.

02 Greyish Brown
This matches the natural color of my brows perfectly!  Checkout the gap that I have and see how it was filled in naturally.

Do you have gaps between your brows?
Would you give brow liners a try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent for review.  Reviews are 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. wow.. for the last photo, I almost didnt notice anything at all! I thought that was your natural eyebrow

  2. i'm a sucker for brow products. would love to give this a shot, but I'm head over heels with my benefit brow zings. :)

  3. i like their eyelines but i haven't tried this yet. :) i'm actually afraid to mess up LOL! i've only recently started filling in my brows. :D

  4. oh, this is a nice product!

  5. @Isabel I know! that's why the eyebrow liner won my heart!

  6. @THE BEAUTY JUNKEE I know what you mean, this is best for "filling" those gaps! super nice talaga! But you have full brows na girl! :) So keri ang brow zings

  7. @sugar sugar Nah, I dont' think you will even mess up! This is quite easy to use and it's not dark!

  8. Thank you for review., i like natural brow hair no.2


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