Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NAPBAS 2011 Report: Marriott Putrajaya and Awards Night

Happy Humpy Wednesday!
Today, I think I regained a bit of my energy (it doesn't show that I lost some anyways) but in truth, I lack sleep for the past 3 days because we just don't want to miss the fun while we were in Kuala Lumpur!

Let me share to you what happened during my unforgettable trip in Malaysia for the Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011.  

This is the photo after the event, Team Philippines...REPRESENT!!!

I was told we won the most awards!  Four awards for our country, that's a huge accomplishment and I want to congratulate all the nominees for bringing pride to the country!

We met up at Nuffnang Office, Fort around 5:30am.  The ride going to Clark, Pampanga Airport took us around an hour and a half.  Once we arrived the Clark Airport, everyone get to know each other while waiting at the check-in counter.  I'm grateful my college friend was there, we had a Pre-Christmas Reunion party the night before she wasn't able to attend due to work, so it felt like a continuation of the Christmas get-together that morning.

*thanks Gail for helping me out with money changing! :) 

Once we arrived at the LCCT Terminal, a bus was waiting for us and we were also guided by a tour guide named "Handsome" --- he told us that okay?  *laughs* Well, I can't seem to remember his real name so I'll go for his nickname!

Time check --- 4:30pm.  It has been a very long travel time, and it took as around another hour to get into the Marriott, Putrajaya. 

We didn't have much time to really go around the hotel to take photos as we were told we need to be ready by 6:30pm.  Well 6:30pm is the start of the registration and the program proper will start at 8:30pm.  I went into my room, took a couple of shots!

It's a twin sharing room and I'm glad I know my room mate --- Kessa!

The room is quite spacious and we had our own space to pull out our night outfit and start getting ready!

I may have to add, the bathroom is quite spacious, I wasn't able to take a shot of it but there's a bath tub on the other side.  The mirror is huge so both Kessa and I can get ready here and we may even invite 5 more friends!  *laughs*

The comfortable bed and super soft pillows!  I regret I didn't sleep much in the bed as we've been going around the place and sleep isn't part of our itinerary!  *lol*

Kessa's bed on the left, mind on the right!  No point in telling you as they both look exactly the same!  *crazy*

The table were both Kessa and myself fix our hair!  Kessa did her makeup here and I did mine near the door!  Thank goodness for full length mirror!

After doing her own hair and makeup, here's my dear room mate Kessa, gorgeous right?  *whispers* I know the secret to her gorgeous looking hair! 
Funny thing, I was able to do both my hair and makeup in a flash and was able to help out 2 Nuffies with their makeup as well!  *waves to Trixie and Thei*  I hope the girls enjoyed the simple looks I've done for them.

Our same floor roomies Patty and Angela came to the room and we had this shot taken when we were finally done! 

We finally arrived the Grand Ballroom and we registered and took just a couple of shots and we were called in to sit at our designated table as the Blog Awards will start anything soon!

I'm on table 25 and we're sharing a bit with our fellow Nuffies from Singapore!  For team Philippines, I was seated next to ---


 and Angela

Right across, it was a first for me 
to meet Cebu based blogger Kaith!

Second time to meet Tracy

Also my second time to meet 
the Kikay Runner Noelle

And the girl with megawatts smile

Of course, yours truly!
If you wonder how I did my makeup, it was a smokey makeup using my Laura Mercier quad with hues of blue.  I also used the 3S Pre-glued lashes in Adorable (it stayed thewhole night til late partying at ZOUK)

For the cheeks, I used the Benefit Cha Cha Tint (in which I was able make Angela want it too!) *evil laugh*  Orange lips (but none left on photo after dinner) from Revlon.

I know most of you probably knew who were the winners for each categories by now as I posted this quite late!  For those who doesn't know ----

Best Lifestyle Blog - Jenni Epperson (Philippines)
Best Travel Blog - Nina Fuentes (Philippines)
Best Geek Blog - Geekout (Philippines)
Hidden Gem - Googley Gooeys (Philippines) 

Best Original Blog Design - Eat Show and Tell (Australia)
Best Parenting Blog - Childhood101 (Australia)

Best Photography Blog - Photoblog  (Hong Kong)

Best Entertainment Blog - Beautiful Nara (Malaysia)
Best Micro Blog - Kenny Sia (Malaysia) 
Best Fashion Blog - Cheesie (Malaysia)

Best Food Blog - Lady Iron Chef (Singapore)
Most Influential Blog and Region’s Best Blog - Xiaxue (Singapore)

I'll continue to talk about my mini adventure once in awhile for now, I hope you like my mini report!  I want to thank Nuffnang for the invite and to the Nuffnang PH team for inviting me as their guest!  I will definitely treasure this event and will talk about this to my grandchildren's children!  *lol*

Seriously, blogging is something I've been doing for the past 4 years and it helped me stay sane amidst the crazy challenges that goes along, when I walked down the red carpet that night, it gave me the feeling of pride..proud that bloggers are now recognized for their tiny voice in the cyber world!
Are you a reader of any of the readers above?
Can you let me know any blogs you think that should be "up" there? :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I am a read of the best beauty blog... AMW *waves*

    love the gorgeous hairdo sis! really wish i knew how to set up my own hair

  2. What a GLAM event! You all looked so gorgeous!! Go Philippines!

  3. Weee! Thanks for doing our makeup, Nikki! Trix & I loved it! *waves back* <3

  4. Congratulations to Team Philippines! I love your gown! You look gorgeous! :)

  5. You look gorgeous! Love the hair and the gown!

  6. woot! you're so pretty nikki! I wanna go next year! :D

  7. you were there too!???? I was really looking forward to meet with Philippines bloggers but I didn't meet any!! CONGRATULATIONS for grabbing 4 awards at that night! Tied up with Malaysian!

    I was there too last time, but I think u cant recognize me haha

  8. you look awesome! lol i think i saw Kring in the main pic...sya na ^_^

  9. @xin LOL! you made me laugh! thanks for meeting up over the weekend! love you!!!

  10. @Thei Naks? really? sensya na coz we're all in a rush, kundi mas bobongga pa sana :P

  11. @Issa Thanks Issa :D Went for simple long black dress!

  12. @stella lee Yes, I was there! too bad there were just so many people and I just can't believe how fast the day went and I went home not meeting much bloggers from different countries! :)

  13. @Marge Hahahah Kring was funny! :) thanks dear :D

  14. @christine Yes, saw her even up close but didn't get the chance to take photos with her as she's busy talking to a lot of people! :D

  15. your dress was stunning! And knowing how little time you had to do your makeup, you did a great job! :) It was so great catching up with you again! Miss u already!

  16. @Connie De Alwis Yes girl! You know the story by heart now! LOL!!! Miss you too! missed hugging you!

  17. Thank you for the picture dear! :) BUT I hate you for trying Cha Cha tint on me. It's haunting me!!! Wahahaha! :D

    Congratulations again team Philippines!!! :D


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