Saturday, January 28, 2012

AMW Reports: Manila Ocean Park

"Mom, dad!  I booked tickets to Ocean Park so let's spend the afternoon when we get the chance okay?"
My dad goes: "Ocean Hong Kong?" 

It's nice how my dad didn't know we have Ocean Park in Manila and it was my biggest pleasure to take them along with me to enjoy life in the ocean! 

The perfect timing?  When my brother came back for a vacation, we head off during the Chinese New Year's break and boy was the place packed!  Though the long queue made me almost regret for picking that specific day, I'm glad everything was organized!

Here are the activities we went for:
Sea Lion Show - Php150.00 (approx $3.50)
Oceanarium - Php400.00 (approx $9.30)
Musical Fountain Show - Php300.00 (approx $7.00)

Bought the Summer Package Oceanarium + Musical Fountain Show for Php500.00 saving Php200.00!  

To those who have old parents like I do, do not worry and I highly advise everyone to take their parents or grandparents with them for bonding!  You can borrow a wheelchair by surrendering your parents' or grandparents' Senior Citizen Card at the entrance of Manila Ocean Park.  The wheelchair is very comfortable to sit at!  :)
We watched the 4:30pm Sea Lion Show and get to learn more than a thing or two about Sea Lions! 

In Manila Ocean Park, they have a total of 5 Sea Lions!  4 of them are females and only 1 male!


These talented and smart Sea Lions who came all the way from South America made me realize how little I know about other creatures created by God!

Sea Lions are mammals because they have lungs, who have very flexible body and can do a lot of stunts and look so cute at the same time!

After approximately 20 minutes of show, off we went to enjoy the Oceanarium to experience marine life, as they say, without getting wet in Asia's largest underwater viewing tunnel!  

I am amazed as I see characters from the cartoon Finding Nemo came into life! :)

So many Nemos!!!

"Dory" is right beside this fish but we can't seem to take a good shot of her! :)

Shark friends of Dory :)

The "school bus" of Nemo and his classmates
right at the end part of the movie! :)

 Aside from Finding Nemo characters, I found a lot more creatures I haven't seen in my entire life!

Super tiny crablets :P

And some weird looking guy who smirked right through us! :P

Aawww, this one looks sweeter :P

I read that the Oceanarium here in Manila showcases 5,000 varieties of marine creatures endemic to the Philippines and the Southeast Asia!

As soon as we exited the Oceanarium, perfect timing as we got the perfect view of Sunset :)

And a perfect view of Mr. and Mrs. AMW :P

We didn't get the chance to roam the whole place as I am with my dad so we went for a quick snack at North Park to relax and wait for the 7:00pm Musical Fountain Show.

It was a little bit over 30 minutes of grand fountains coming to life with music and dancing laser lights!

It made the audience screamed when animated sea friends emerges from the water screen

 And the super bright lights accompanied with fireworks made the great ending!

It was a wonderful day and I'm glad to have spent it with my loved ones! :)

Have you been to Manila Ocean Park?  
What other must visit activities shall we head off to?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Love your family! :)


  1. you post made me miss my lolo.. :C nice bonding time with your parents nikki

    1. awww..well..hey! let's think of it as "spending more time with the people we have right now" :) I'm sure your lolo misses you too :D

  2. hahaha! i like that smirking weird looking guy! and nemo! i remember i saw this aquarium in one of the restaurants in Riyadh, i saw a couple of "Dory" fish and all other kinds of fish.. tapos may isang NEMO! hahanapin mo talaga! :p

    1. hahaha well, this time, there's a whole lot of NEMOs so hindi ako nahirapan :D

  3. first time that i went to the oceanarium with my pare was years ago na..haha
    that was the time that they still had the fish spa. i wonder if they added something to it.
    kamukhang kamukha mo nga ang bro mo!

    1. they still do have Fish Spa but not everyone is up for that :) hehehe

  4. thanks po for sharing! we're planning to go there this summer! :P perfect for family bonding!

    1. Ooohh, you have to bring umbrella or shades just in case you plan to watch the Sea Lion show in the middle of afternoon!

  5. hi nikki! Me and my sister with our son plus our mom) went there too last Jan. 23! Awww, mukhang muntik pa tayo magkasabay! Ang daming tao rin but we went in the morning because of the kids! We got the package for the Sea Lion Show, Oceanarium and Jellies! The jellyfish are very relaxing, I would want one in my room, LOL! We also went to see the Penguins and we even fed them! Ahhhh, ang saya saya ng mga son namin ng sis ko! Really worth it! Sayang we weren't able to see the Musical Fountain Show but there's always a next time.... :)

    1. oo nga ano! Sayang!!! well ang saya nga! I enjoyed seeing the expressions on my parents' faces :D

  6. Sobrang cute nung dalawang pugita! ��


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