Friday, January 27, 2012

AMW Bulletin: Dove Website is Up!

Hi everyone, weekend is within reach!  I'm sure a lot of my readers here are also blog readers of various websites!  From beauty, fashion, food, travel and a whole lot more! 

I myself is a "blog-hopper" grasshopper (sorry I just need to say that) :P.  Today, I want to share a blog that I got to learn when I attended the Dove meeting last year!  Various articles were written by professionals on different topics and I find myself browsing the site and have been enjoying the articles posted! As you know, learning is FUN and we should never stop!

One of the many articles that caught my interest is the Breaking the Beauty Myth: How to Get Rid of Eye bags.

I have been asked so many times by my friends and blog readers on how to really get rid of eye bags and I think this phrase which I copied from the site is a start for us to learn the root cause before we can target on finding ways to lessen or if all else's fail, cover them!  Before we beat them, we have to join them and understand them! :)

**feel free to click to enlarge image

Err, after reading this article, I guess, I suffer from both dark circles and eye bags! :(  How about you? 
So yes, please head on to the article and you'll learn a thing or two about those unsightly eye bags we want to get rid off! :)  

Oh, can I just share that they also have articles written about HAIR too?  ---> the topic closest to my heart after Make up! Let's browse the site together shall we?  And don't forget to share your favorite article to me!

Happy Reading!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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