Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AMW Reviews: V&M Mineral Makeup

I haven't touched my mineral makeup for years!  Oh my, am I one of those mineral makeup hoarders who purchased a lot of samples online and never looked back?

I hope not!  And I guess not!  As today, I will be rekindling my Mineral Makeup Romance!  And I created this look :)

All products used are from V&M Mineral Makeup
Except Eyebrow Pencils, Eyeliner and Lipstick

Here are the sample size I've tried
from V&M Mineral Makeup Line

All products are sealed well upon purchase

Ingredients list are clearly printed

V&M Minerals says ---
V&M MINERALS' mineral makeup formula is so pure and gentle that even those with sensitive skin, acne, rosacea can confidently wear makeup with grace and ease.

We offer formulas that give a poreless and perfectly dewy look with matchless coverage that can last the whole day. It is water and sweat resistant, thus making it a perfect choice for everyday use in any location and weather! Remember, a little goes a long way!

It is mineral makeup in its simplest form. NO irritating components such as BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE, BORON NITRIDE, PARABENS, Ethylene Gycol, Formaldehyde, Petroleum products, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Carmine and other Mineral Makeup fillers. Only what your skin needs. Fortified with Vitamin E, Pureglow is the best that your skin can ever experience. Finally, your skin can truly breathe.

V&M MINERALS uses all-imported, high-quality, cosmetic-grade and FDA-approved raw materials and our makeup has been processed in compliance with GMP.

AMW says ---
V&M Mineral Foundation
  • Soft and smooth against skin.
  • Build-able coverage.
  • Light to Medium Heavy coverage.
  • Has oil control and does not dry out my dry skin.
  • Gives a nice, natural glow.
  • V&M mineral foundation is divided into Olive, Warm and Cool Undertone which makes it easier for online buyers to choose their shades.
  • Difficult to choose your shade online.  
  • Messy as compared to pressed minerals.
Swatch (Warm Undertone Mocha Creme)
  • As seen on photo, with just an "indirect" camera flash, it gives an overall glow to my skin.
  • Coverage done is medium as you can still see the tiny mole on my cheek.  I did not apply more as Mocha Creme is the lightest on warm undertone, I think I would personally prefer Java Shake which is their medium shade! 

V&M Mineral Blush: Shimmer and Matte
  • Gives a very natural flush.
  • Build-able.
  • Messy application.
  • Re-application may be needed during the day especially if you have oily skin.
Swatch (Peach Spark)
  • Peach Spark is on the shimmery side and it does give a beautiful flush even when applied a bit more than the usual!  

V&M Eyeshadow: Allure
  • Very pigmented.
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Very smooth and easy to blend.
  • Difficult to control the amount of product needed especially for first time mineral eyeshadow users.
  • Fall outs during application.
  • Creases in the middle of the day so an eyeshadow primer is definitely needed.
Swatches (Starbright and Satin)
Starbright is applied on the inner thirds of my eyes concentrating more on the crease and applied Satin on the outer v blending inwards with a "round" shape to make my eyes appear larger.

Starbright was also applied on the inner corner of the eyes for brighter eyes.

V&M Finishing Powder: Subtle Sexiness
  • Super unique, one of the most unique mineral product I've ever tested.
  • Subtle sexiness is definitely the perfect name! 
  • Imagine a spotlight focused on your face ALL THE TIME!
  • If over applied or not blended well, a chunk of "SHINE" will be seen under lighting.
I like applying this with a brush then blend with fingers!
The warmth of the fingers will help blend the product well and remove excess

See the subtle shine and glow?

V&M Minerals applied on arm
Mocha Creme - Foundation
Peach Spark - Blush
Elusive - Highlighter

V&M Mineral Eyeshadows:
Starbright and Satin

The most unique product from them is their Subtle Sexiness - Elusive and the Starbright eyeshadow!

V&M Minerals are available online.
Add them up on FB for product details.

Are you a mineral makeup user still?
Have you tried V&M?
Any other recommendations?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!

(Products sent for review.  Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your discretion.)


  1. hi nikki! I tried Ellana before. it's ok for me kaya lang hassle to choose your right shade online talaga pero nung may store na sila ok na.

    1. I agree, I always tend to just go for the warm undertone and start from there! I agree with you ang hirap talaga

  2. What I like best is the eyeshadow. It looks vibrant and gorgeous!!

    1. I love the eyeshadow too! Don't get me wrong but really, an eye primer will always be needed in countries like OURS!

  3. wow! that foundation really suits you!

    i haven't touched my make-up for a while na..more on nails kasi ko ngayon lately..haha!

    1. hahahah ok lang yan! to be honest, since I'm working from home, I haven't touch much makeup too, buti na lang makeup artist ako so I was still able to use them!

  4. Good thing mineral makeup doesn't expire! :D

    1. *sigh* I know what you mean, they are love but for a small pot or amount of product, it takes a long time for me to finish them esp eyeshadows!

  5. I didn't know this brand but the products sound lovely. It's a shame the eyeshadows crease though as the colors are so pretty.

    1. It is a local brand GIO :) Thanks for liking the colors

  6. Very natural talaga pag mineral makeup! Ganda, messy lang talaga e... :)

  7. Achi Dahil sinabihan mo akong sexy sa blog ko, u made my day! Ito lang masasabi ko ikaw naman ay vavavoom! Bonga!

    1. hahahhaha katawa ka! Hey! Kelan tayo magkikita! Ikaw naman ang awol later! :(

  8. ako din guilty dito - may di pa ko bukas na foundie full jar! buti na lang forever ang MMU hehe!

    ganda ng shot mo sis, soft focused ang dating! iyon talaga ang love ko sa MMU eh!

    1. hahaah may SOFT FOCUS ka pang nalalaman! ang cute mo! hahahha

      Yeah, ako naman no more full jars, I finished up my full jars na and I'm left with a lot of blushers and eye shadows!!!


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