Friday, February 10, 2012

AMW Wears: Cocorose London Royal Ballet Flats

Happy "AMW Wears" Day!
I officially announce today a holiday, so, you may either call in sick or file a vacation leave! :P

I am one "errand girl"  as my friends would call me!  I would rather do as much as I can in a day then rest the next day rather than separating the tasks to one each day! (Who does that?) No wonder people call me THE "sucker for pain"!  

One very important tool on being an "errand girl" is a comfortable pair of shoes!  (Just like Batman needed Robin) BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Totally NOT connected!

I do not need to stress again and again how difficult it is to find good-looking shoes that are comfortable!  Thank you Shoe Gods for hearing my woes!  My shoe collection is growing which only mean one thing...there are more comfortable and cute looking shoes out there! *raise arms* YAY!

Newest Baby in my Shoesness-Cuteness Collection

A horse-drawn carriage passed by my humble abode and a handsome fellow handed me this....

I wish!!!
But it does feel that way just by the mere look of its packaging!  Once I opened the gorgeous black box,a luxurious travel purse (same as the shoe color) greeted me!

Though I love the travel purse, it feels a bit too bulky on my small to medium sized bags!

 I like the fact that this comes with a foldable satin shoulder bag that's located at the back pocket tied on a nice (detachable) silver chain.

You can use the shoulder bag to store your slippers, sandals or shoes during travel!  I actually like using this to store my shoes in dire times of feet emergencies and *sheepish* use the travel pouch to store my cellphone chargers and other "techie" stuff and what-nots!

Now on to the Princess of the Day!
The Messel is under the Diffusion Line
Php3,290 (approx $76.50)
The Royal Ballet, resident at the Royal Opera House in London, is one of the most acclaimed ballet companies in the world. In association with The Royal Ballet, Cocorose London created an exclusive collection together.

Fun read on the Anatomy of Cocorose London Ballet Flats ---

Materials: Sheepskin, Calfskin or Vegan Leather and Natural Materials
Sole: Special non-slip traction outer sole with 5mm heel that is standard in most European luxury flats.
Insoles: Orthopedic Double Cushioned Genuine Leather
Elastics: Discreet and Elongates legs

I've worn this pair so many times and used this on driving and "errand-full" days!  At first, it was a bit too tight for me as I got this in my real size 7.  My friends advised me to get at least a size bigger for foldable flats since they are garterized and can get a bit too tight.

Just when I was going "emo" on not picking a size bigger, I cut my toenails and the world was in PEACE!  *laughs*  Yeah yeah, hit me baby one more time! :P

I've always been very smart when picking my pair of shoes, I like the nude pink shade that goes so well on even my most colorful or printed outfits --- OR BOTH!  *laughs*

Available at Rustan's Shangri-la and Rustan's Alabang
Cocorose London is also on Facebook, feel free to add them up to see the rest of the Spring/Summer Collection.

So, what shoes/sandals are you wearing today?
Are you comfortable?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent as gift.  Opinions are 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Replies
    1. Just in time to fall in love on Valentine's day :) hehehe :)

  2. Yehey for Bev and Kim!!!

    Thanks Atchi Nikki!

    1. I know! I am proud of them for bringing in CocoRose, pwede na tayo maging mala HOLLYWOOD stars!

  3. LOVE IT! Looking really really sweet and princessy ;) i used to wear ballet flats a lot but they all cut into my feet =/ as i grew older, er hem, and wiser, i decided that, that's it! there is no ballet flat out there for my square and flat feet and shall not endure the pain anymore. So i usually just wear sandals now and anything open toes

    1. I know what you mean! I guess wearing ballet flats really depend on the "feet" of each individual, it feels just like searching for the right foundation :)

  4. your shoes looks so cute and by the looks of it, it really looks comfy! i'm wearing a wedge from Manel's today and it is the most comfortable wedge I've got :)

    1. I love wedge! Gives the extra height minus the pain!!!!

  5. hi nikki, which pair is more comfortable and has more value-for-money? your cocorose or yosi samra flats? thanks!

    1. I knew someone's going to ask that! hahaha that's the reason why I took both shoes and check on their soles and quality!

      To be honest, the difference between the 2 (on quality) is not much, it was only how the sole was sewn together on Yosi Samra and for Cocorose, it was glued super tight. Both quality wise are great so it boils down to the designs that are available.

      I do not think both of the ones I get are in any way the same because this one is super girly! I like using Yosi Samra flats for those regular, random days while the Cocorose Royal Ballet Flats are so pretty and dainty I like using this when I don't like to wear heels when I'm dressed up! :)

      Hope this helps (such a long response) lol

    2. haha, thank you! this is really helpful! i think i'll go with yosi samra since i want to use the flats for traveling abroad

  6. I prefer open-toed sandals since I get turned off by the thought of keeping my bare feet enclosed and getting my sweat directly inside the shoes since the norm seems not to wear them with socks or stockings at all. It feels a bit unhygienic? On dress down office days like today (I tried to tell my boss about your holiday announcement, but she didn't believe it) I like to wear boots. If there's a way to wear flats without insta-smelly feet which is my primary concern, I'd be interested to try those brands you mentioned.

    1. I know what you mean about sweating when you wear ballet flats, I'm one of the very few lucky people who doesn't sweat much (including feet), if you want to stay hygienic, or in my case, if I know I'll be wearing the flats for long period of time, I wear the "foot stockings" which I turn to even during my college days, local brands like burlington (I think) have them and they are in nude and can be hidden even on ballet flats.

      In my hubby's case, he uses foot powder before wearing socks but I find that messy, but there are choices to prevent sweat not only on ballet flats but shoes in general :)

      Hope this helps!

  7. Those shoes are so cute! Love them!

  8. it's so cute and adorable - like you!

    i've made a promise to myself i'll be wise in picking shoes too - no more high-heeled, ache-inducing shoes!

  9. These look amazing, but it's a bit too expensive for my tastes sadly. :(

  10. I love it!! I'm not much of a flats kind of girl, but I think this is worth it :) Thanks for sharing!

    The Pink Margarita


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