Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Aria Cucina Italiana

One tip I could share for a happy marriage... "Date your husband/wife".
Yes, please do!  Though we are almost together at all times, it feels nice to tell my husband: "Let's go out on a date, let's have dinner and I'll be in charge on where!" :P

*Mr. AMW kiligs* lol

So off to the pizza place known in Boracay who recently arrived in Manila...Aria!

The place isn't as big and I was getting a bit nervous when I asked for "table for 2" and the server gave me a worried look and asked me to wait for a couple of minutes. Thank God when he said we have a table!

I looked around and I find some tasteful paintings and a Kenneth Cobonpue's Divider wherein we can take a peek on what other people were eating on the nearby table!  *tee hee*  :P

Fettuccine Nere in Crema di Mare
Php490.00 (approx $11.40)
Homemade black Fettuccine with creamy seafood sauce
Single serving shown on photo  and you can add extra Php365.00 (approx $8.50) for double portion.  We didn't take the plunge as we were unsure if we'll like the dish or not!  But yeah, we made a mistake as we love this dish so much!

The homemade black Fettuccine is one of the most unique pasta that I've tried and the creamy sauce complemented the taste of mussels, clams, squid, fish meat and shrimps.  

Ravioli di Branzino
Php390.00 (approx $ 9.00)
Home made ravioli stuffed with seafood in a tomato based sauce
We originally ordered for Pansoti (spinach and ricotta in creamy sauce) but it was unavailable so we opted for this as we loved Ravioli dishes. 

The pasta was great and the extra tomato bits gave a nice "oomph".  Once we took a bite, I find the filling a bit dry, I played around the filling inside my mouth and personally speaking, it has a texture of "fish eggs".  I actually asked the server if we got the right order but I guess, this was their version!  

Filleti di Polo Alla Gorgonzola
Php490.00 (approx $11.00)
Chicken breast fillet escalope with Marsalawine and Gorgonzola Sauce
Another favorite dish for the night and Mr. AMW and myself can't stop bragging about how yummy and soft the chicken breast was!  It "almost" melts into our mouth.  Most people wouldn't appreciate chicken breasts for dry texture and bland taste...not with this order!  You get a surprise of flavors as you continue to chew them inside your mouth!

Though the potato wedges may just be an "added" siding on the dish, it actually tastes as equally 5-star worthy!  If only I could ask for more sauce!!!  *sigh* So in love!

Quattro Stagioni
Php540.00 (approx $12.55)
A selection of four different toppings ---
Aria, Boscaiola, Napoli and Frutti di Mare
If you are one indecisive person when it comes to food choices (like us), order this and you get the best of 4 pizza worlds!  Aria is hands down our favorite but the thin crusted pizza, wood-fire baked is really the reason why you would like to give this restaurant a visit!

They have a sign "Soft Opening" to it but I would say, service is quite good!  Though it was packed and super busy, our orders came on time!

Aria Cusina Italiana accepts cash and credit card payments.  Please add 10% service charge to your total bill.

Aria Cucina Italiana
Bonifacio High Street Central,
Bonifacio Global City
Phone: (63) 917-519-5368

Have you tried Aria either in Manila or Boracay?
What's the MUST try dish for you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I loved ARIA in Boracay!! Gotta try it in Manila soon :)

    1. good food and good ambiance! We do not have to fly to Boracay now :D

  2. Great weekend! I mean very yummy weekend :D

  3. I agree!!! Date your husband/wife! I've been with Kiko forever, and we love going out on dates.

    By the way, the food looks really delicious!

    1. Thanks for agreeing, you know what? it brings the kilig right? BTW, congratulations again!!! :D

  4. Looks good..haven't tried this resto but I think I've found my favorite italian resto here in the's Parmegiano, the one in New Port Resorts World. Super yummy pizza! You and your husband should definitely try it! :D


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