Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something New: L'Oreal White Perfect Micro-Vibration Eye

Have you seen the new product from L'Oreal?
I am very intrigued as soon as I saw the poster!  Reminded me so much of the various eye roll-ons I've tried and my first, just in case you missed it, will always be close to my heart...

3 years after, technology really reared its' head and see what's in store from L'Oreal White Perfect?  Similar concept with Garnier but this one has higher IQ *lol* It VIBRATES!!!

"Around your eyes, the skin is so fine it easily shows any unevenness. The slowdown in blood circulating under your eyes can turn into dark shadowy circles and excessive melanin production can saturate cells with dark pigments leading to undesired spots. Aside from that, excess water around the eyes can also easily accumulate causing puffiness, making eye contour looking dull and uneven. To brighten the eye area, a complete solution is a must-have--Introducing, White Perfect Micro-vibration 3-in-1 eye brightener. It is a revolutionary all-in-one eye product that solves dark circles, spots, and puffiness." --- taken from L'Oreal

White Perfect Micro-vibration 3 in 1 eye brightener is available locally in leading stores nationwide for Php695.00 (approx $l6.00)

Beauty addicts out there, have you tried this particular product?
Kindly share to us if this is a hit or miss!
Once I've given this a good test, I'll definitely share to you my experiences!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I've tried the European version of this, and was left underwhelmed. Of course, I have REALLY BAD eye bags!

    1. really? I wonder how it'll work on me as I'm starting to have eyebags from too much sleep! hahahah

  2. hmmm... i wonder if this is any good. i wanted to pick up the midnight recovery eye from kiehl's but i will also try this haha! :)


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