Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ferretti Gives: Dress Me Up, Buttercup --- Winner!!!

Thanks to the joiners who styled me up for the Ferretti Gives contest!  I really enjoyed reading all your entries and I actually shared all the "outfit" that you guys styled me up with and had a good "jury" to help me pick up the winner!  They seriously had a difficult time and they argued a bit but at the end, they did pick one!

Whoever styled me with this....
You're the lucky winner!

Congratulations to ---
Berylle Hong!

I, of course did not follow everything that you asked me to wear but it was a great inspiration and this is what I wore on Pond's Event with my lovely Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge.
There's no right or wrong answer but I guess, the "judges" wanted me to wear something white and they told me they wanted to focus on the Ferretti Shoes and I agree with them!

I also wanted to send another "AMW GIFT" to the one who came in second!  I liked how she styled me in detail from head to toe and I like that she also foresee me wearing this pair of shoes with a cute, white dress too!

Congratulations to ---
Dang Villanueva!

You may not be a winner of Ferretti shoes but I'll be sending you something special! :)

Thanks everyone for joining!  Again, keep on joining AMW Contests as I will have more of them soon!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. congratulations to the winner! deserving! i also like how she styled you! :)

    1. Thank you for agreeing :) You are very sweet!


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