Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ferretti Gives: Dress Me Up, Buttercup! --- CLOSED!!!

Ohhh would you believe I have been blogging since January of 2008?  Correct!  Happy Blog Anniversary to AMW and the rest of the readers who has been with me for the past years!  4 years and I'm still here *wipes forehead*

As always, giveaways will be one of the few ways to celebrate the blog anniversary PLUS, it feels so good to be the bearer of good news so watch out for more contests popping up every now and then.  Contests are here to stay and it's not only during anniversaries as life is just like that....UNPREDICTABLE :)

Today, I've got WONDERFUL news to shoe lovers out there!  But before I share the news, can I just brag about my new cutesy pair of shoes that I recently got?

Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge
Php1,299.00 (approx $30.20)

Please believe me when I say they look even prettier IN PERSON!

And here's the good news, they are kind enough to sponsor a giveaway to 1 LUCKY AMW Reader!   The lucky AMW reader will get the chance to take home a pair of shoes (of choice) from Ferretti!  Yes, you get to choose YOUR CHOICE of shoes/sandals!


 At this point on, I'm sure you want me to just zip my mouth and tell you the mechanics... Okay, fine! :P

  • Like Ferretti Shoes on Facebook.
  • Follow Ferretti Shoes on Twitter 
  • Comment ONCE together with your name and email address.
  • "How will you style me with my Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge in Blue?"
  • Comment together with a LINK of a photo of the outfit!  (Can be from any site!)
  • Contest starts today ends February 14, 2012!  
  • 1 winner will be handpicked by my very own panel of judges. (Mr. AMW and his family) :D
  • Who can join?  Philippine readers who can pick up their shoes at Glorietta 5, Makati.

I can't wait to see how you style me up! :)  You don't have to style me base on my personality, just be creative and show me how I can look gorgeous --- with the right outfit together with these pair of shoes!

On a side note, I look gorgeous even without clothing! Bwahahhahaha (This sentence is invisible by the way!)

Thank you so much Ferretti for the wonderful treat to AMW readers.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. those are cute! love the colors its bright but still workable! love it

  2. name: Wilhelmina C. Balondo
    Since summer is approaching, I suggest you pair your Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge in Blue with a floral dresses. It will somehow gives a fresh look under the sun! A cute sling/hand bag will also be a perfect match.
    Just like this one:

  3. Wow, four years is such a long time! Happy anniversary AMW!:)

  4. aww Happy Blogoversary Nikki, and those shoes are just too cute!! :D very you indeed!!

  5. Happy Anniversary Nikki! The shoe is really nice

  6. name: Jenica Bardos

    I'll get the inspiration from your shoes, it's very girly & dainty so the outfit will also be girly! Like this
    or this
    the bib necklace is super adorable plus it matches your shoes too! And then pair it with an orange sling/handbag for contrast.. :)
    btw, happy anniversary ms. nikki! i'm ur fan! i <3 ur blog! more years to come! :D

  7. Name: Rachel Canales
    i suggest you can pair your Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge in Blue with this blue skirt and white floral top . it will suit you and will look classy chic :)

  8. Name: Julie Soriaga
    I'm into a lot of Zooey lately! So this is the first outfit that came to my mind when I saw the wedge. I think this would look great on you! She sometimes reminds me of your cheery personality too!

    Click Here for the dress

    and the accessories to pair it with... bag, watch, etc.

    I bet, bagay din ang cupcake necklace mo with this dress and shoes! hahaha! kiddding! Happy Anniversary, Nikki! <3

    1. ako lang ba yun? o ayaw ma click ng link ko? haha! anyway, posting this again.. :p

  9. Interesting! gusto ko atang sumali hehhehe... try ko po mag answer in my free time :)

  10. Yay, happy 4th Anniversary Nikki love! Thanks for bringing us so much fun, learning & happiness through your blog (and in person lalo!) Love you to bits!

    And manalo, matalo, I still want to style you! :) So here it is, hope to see you in these one day!

    WHITE HOT DRESS ala Sookie of TrueBlood:




    Dang Villanueva

  11. Virginia Medina

    you can pair your wedge with this outfit.
    happy Aniiversary! :)

  12. name: Danica Ballais
    since summer is fast approaching i think that shoes would match perfectly with a summer-feel outfit just like this~
    oh and happy anniversary to your blog!~

  13. I will style this shoes with a white loose top and a black skinny pants and a simple brown satchel. Since the shoes is pretty you don't need too much colors. Simplicity is beauty .

  14. Angel Sagrado

    Summer is here so I will style the Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge in Blue with this:

    (oh my im uper excited to wear this! lol!!)

    will pair the shoes with romper (all 6)!!

    and with this bag: coz lapit na summer, yellow is in!!

    No need for accessories just smile! (pak! for its already summer!)..beautiful shoes like this is enough! ;)

  15. Name: Katrine Lao

    Here's the outfit that I came up with! I was going for a laid back outfit since that's how I see with your personality. And this is also perfect for the Ferreti wedge! This outfit is very versatile, you can go everywhere wearing this outfit. Hope you like it! :)


  16. Name: Norissa Chavez

    It would be nice to pair your wedge with this dress for you to be ready for summer.

    Or with this one for attending an event!

  17. Berylle hong

    I came up with this look for you to match your blue Ferretti shoes! :)

    I noticed that dresses suit you perfectly and so I chose an outfit that you can actually wear.

    This look is perfect with the upcoming summer season too :)

  18. Anna Lissa Ordaniel

    I love your Multicolored Slingback Wedge in Blue. For me this cute baby doll dress is perfect for your blue wedge. You can match it with white bag. The outfit is perfect for the summer.

    Happy anniversary, more to come!

  19. Anna Lissa Ordaniel

    I love your Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge in Blue. This cute babydoll dress is perfect for your blue wedge. You can match it with white bag. The outfit is perfect for the summer, this look strikes you as gorgeous and sophisticated.

    Happy anniversary and more to come!

  20. salmoncat
    I've posted my answer with the photo


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