Wednesday, April 11, 2012

AMW Reports: Be Body Beautiful At Any Age

Rewind to a couple of weekends ago, I, together with other bloggers, was invited to the Wacoal office for an event called Be Body Beautiful At Any Age.

I originally thought this will just be a regular event that showcases undergarments but I actually went home with much more knowledge on how women can be proactive on finding the right undergarments that fits the body at any age!  From there, it is easier to build confidence from within.

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't we all go through the stage of having our moms buy our underwear and cringe on the thought of trying them out inside the mall?  I'd rather go to a saleslady, tell them my size, ask them for a new stock and leave as fast as I could!  (Are there any high five takers out there?)    

We were quite lucky to have Ms. Ann Christine Palisoc, Chief Operating Officer of Philippine Wacoal, available to give us a brief on how we can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age! 


Well, we can jump start this little project of ours by understanding our body!  It hurts to see this diagram but the diagram speaks the truth on how our body changes through the years!  We can always delay ageing but we can never stop it!  (Darn you gravity!) :P

 ** click photo to enlarge 

This is the part where advanced technology kicks in, Wacoal got its inspiration from women's body of all ages and created different underwear tailor-fitted to different age groups.

These are made to emphasize the shape of the breasts,
 waists and hips for the 20s

brassieries with underwire, pads and side panels 
with reinforced fabric/bone and girdles for 30s

Bras have wider straps and side panels 
to support breasts, shoulders and back for 40s

Of course, even if you are in your 20s and you think your body needs the support that is available for women in their 30s, you can always cross over to the other collection depending on the needs of your body!  It helps to understand the needs of your body and nobody knows it better than yourself! 

It was refreshing to see the differences of the underwear created for different age group!  For the 30s and 40s, the straps and side panels are definitely wider for supporting not only the breasts but also the shoulders and back.

Underwires that provides lift and support
which I strongly suggest any girl of any age should own at least 1!

Here's a visual from the presentation that I took a shot off worth checking.  This is how you can check if you get the right cup size for a bra.

On the other hand, here is a another visual, taken on the day of presentation, showing us how you can check if your bra is too tight or too loose.  (Arrows done by yours truly)

Of course, after choosing the right bra, we should always keep in mind to choose the right girdle!  I used to look at girdle as a tool to hide all my fats away!  I tend to buy the smallest size possible and ended up with either of the following ---
  • Fats showing on weird location.
  • Felt nauseous after a couple of hours.
  • Uncomfortable feeling making me grumpy and not enjoy the event!

I have to admit, ALL OF THE ABOVE happened to me and I would usually end up going to the ladies' room to remove the girdle and pig out!  *laughs*

Here's a question worth pondering....

If you say YES (like me), we all failed the girdle exam!  *hehehe*
  • Similar to how we choose our brassiere, the functional bottom should be chosen to match our body.  Wear something that does not only fits beautiful but fits comfortably and isn't painful!
  • Check your silhouette (should be like the photo above, on the right side) and practice wearing it correctly everyday after purchasing.
  • Choose a functional bottom to fit your lifestyle, the right product can help tone your legs and hip muscles and gives a good support to everyday activities.

Proper way to wear your bra

The Proper Way to Wear a Girdle

After the interesting presentation, we were all measured and we were told our right underwear sizes!  Would you believe that all these years?  I've always thought I was this certain size but I wasn't!  Let's just say, I've looked down on my body and never thought I can be a voluptuous babe!  *laughs*  

Are you confident enough to say you are wearing the right underwear?
I have definitely experienced the "fat showing" part!  *shudders*
Thanks Wacoal and Nuffnang for the invite.  It was indeed an enlightening afternoon!  Let's make it a project to start wearing the right underwear and stay beautiful and confident inside and out!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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  1. This is very helpful! Looking at the diagram above [Woman's Body Through Different Ages] scares me! hahaha!

    1. I know!! it scared me too! I told my friend why I never had the 20s body even when I was on my 20s! LOL

  2. hihihi! :) this post is really helpful! thanks for posting this nikki! :D

    1. No worries, my pleasure! I learned so much during the day of the event!

  3. Thanks for posting this. It's really helpful.

  4. How sad to see how our body will look as we age :(

    1. hahahahha I was laughing when I saw the part on 20's, I whispered to the girl beside me that I never had that body! :P


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