Saturday, March 17, 2012

AMW Reports: My MAC Naturally Makeover

Today...marks my "Official Pampering Day", though I have an important schedule in the morning, I marked the afternoon for "ME" time!  

Speaking of "ME" time, I had a short "me" time when I visited MAC Cosmetics in Rockwell to get to know about the collection that's made for ME...the naturally........naturally.......Beau...beauti....okay, just Natural!  *laughs*

MAC Cosmetics are known for their colorful collections and I'm glad a collection was finally made for girls like me!  Girls, like me, who like the natural, fresh look!
 "Nature Girl...for a look that's understatedly sexy and gloriously "undone" - a new collection of nothing-to-hide hues. Soft shades, rich patinas and sheer loveliness. Just what you need to keep your look dreamily down to earth! "

MAC Naturally Collection includes ---
  • 4 x Lip glass (Naked Space, Hot Spell, Fresh Air, The Wee Coquette) Php950.00
  • 4 x Lipstick (Sweet Sunrise, Beach Sand, A Perfect Day, Pillow Talk) Php1,000.00
  • 3 x Mineralize Blushs (Fresh Honey, Early Morning, Subtle Breeze) Php1,500.00
  • 2 x Mineralize Skinfinish (Redhead, Blonde) Php1,750.00
  • 5 x Mineralize Eye Shadow (Cloudy Afternoon, Summer Haze, In the Sun, Twilight Falls, Daylight) Php1,200.00
  • 1 x Zoom Fast Black Lash Php800.00
  • 2 x Eye Pencils (Coffee and Ebony) Php800.00
  • 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush Php2,000.00
  • 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush Php2,450.00
I was able to swatch some of the products out of the collection!  I apologize I wasn't able to finish the rest as there were customers checking out the collection and I don't want to take up the space!

Mineralize Blush

Swatch without base

Mineralize Skinfinish in Redhead

Mineralize Eye Shadows

Swatch without base
My favorites are --- Twilight Falls and Summer Haze

I was given the chance to have a quick makeover for "MAC's Naturally" Look!  Pardon my look but I was transformed from "Stressed from Traffic" to "Fresh and in love" lol!


The Counter Store Manager and Makeup Artist, Odessa (thanks to readers who typed her name here) of MAC Rockwell set up the area for my makeover!  I will try my best to recall everything she used on my face! :)

  • MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Softening Lotion was applied all over my face.
  • MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Essence/Serum was patted all over my skin with a stippling brush.  
  • As soon as the MAC Lightful products were absorbed into my skin, a tiny amount of MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm with SPF35 was used!  I can see the redness and dryness around my face reduced at this stage.
  • MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation in NC25 was used, the same stippling brush that was used to "prep" my skin was also used in this foundation application.  I was told that MAC Pro Longwear is lighter in formulation and coverage as compared to the MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation.  This foundation can hold up until 10-13 hours!
  • MAC Select Cover Up concealer was used for my under eye circles and the areas on the sides of my nose.
  • A tiny amount of MAC's Mineralized SkinFinish Natural in Light was used to set some of the areas around my face.
  • To create dimension on my "almost flat features", my face was contoured by using a medium colored mineralized skinfinish natural.
  • A matte brown eyeshadow was used to fill in my brows and was set with the famous MAC Girl Boy Brow Gel.
  • MAC Paintpot in Painterly was used to even out my lids and for the purpose of the mineralize eye shadow to adhere to my lids easily.
  • 3 eyeshadows were used from the collection --- Daylight for the inner corner of my eyes, In the Sun for the crease area and Summer Haze on the middle portion of my lids.
  • Pencil eyeliner in Ebony was used instead of the usual gel liner or liquid liner that I love using to make the overall look softer and more natural.
  • And of course, a bit of mascara was applied.
  • For the cheeks:  MAC Mineralize Blush in Subtle Breeze was used to match my top! :P
  • I was told that I have full lips + they are naturally pigmented so it is best to tone down the original lip color by using a shade or 2 lighter lip pencil and apply it all over the lips and top with a lip glass to prevent dry lips!
Voila!  Makeover = Accomplished!
Thank you for the lovely makeover and tips

Kirsten, Brand Coordinator of MAC Cosmetics Philippines, was also there when I had the makeover!  Thanks Kirsten for inviting me and for setting this tiny "me" time that I think, I deserve!  I really love having my makeup done by other people because I always get extra tips on how to enhance my *ahem* beauty! :P  

Speaking of added knowledge...

MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter was used under my eye not only to create fake "10 hours of sleep" but it also helps clean out the mess or fall outs from  eyeshadow application!  

Mr. AMW is very particular with other people doing my makeup as he always go for the "natural Nikki" look, and so far, he's liking this!

What about you? Do you like my makeover?
What are you eyeing for in the MAC Naturally Collection?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You look so pretty and blooming! They did a good job (and nude lipstick looks good on you)

    1. thank you! usually nude lipstick doesn't look good on me! It must be the great eye makeup and everything blended quite good altogether :)

  2. omg super love your fresh face here nikki!

  3. Awe! Ur make-up is very pretty and looks natural! So fresh make-over!!

  4. Really make up do wonders in our face noh it accentuate our beauty. Like your make up

    1. hahahah I know what you mean, I have the most boring face and I do not need much effort to look like crap if I want to! hahaha but makeup really can make me look "awake" that's why I love natural makeup :)

  5. They did fabulous job! You look so fresh and blooming! :)

  6. This is the prettiest that I've seen you! you're glowing!:)

    By the way, what shade of MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter did they use on you, Nikki?:)

    1. Oh no, sorry I didn't really see the shade! :( But there are only 2 lang di ba? So i'm sure you can choose the one that matches you :)

      Thanks for liking this!

  7. I love the look! Very fresh looking and I do believe Keith would like this on you coz it's so natural looking :)

    1. hahaha oo sis! kilala mo siya, he wants to see the "natural looking me" :P

  8. I love it achie Nikki super fresh and beautiful ang dating!


    1. thanks Aunty Ache! You had a wonderful makeover din na super pretty ka! we need to PARTY after our respective makeovers!

  9. Odessa! :) She was my makeup classmate and very good friend. :) She topped our class with RB :)

    1. wow! she did told me she worked closely with RB :) Thanks for reminding me her name, I did remember it was Odessa but I'm scared to type it down as I may make a mistake! :)

  10. Great collection and post! Thanks for sharing this.

  11. I think that one that did your makeover is Odessa. She was my classmate during make-up school and she was on top of our class :)

    1. Thanks! Yup the name was confirmed and I did wrote her name on the post, thanks to you and Caby :) ehehhe I'm super bad with names, all I heard was DESSA, near pala ! hahahhaa

  12. omg neutral makeup really looks good on you! :)
    btw im pam! :)

  13. Hi Ms. Nikki, hope to win make-overs or anything! :) Love your make- ups.More power! God Bless..


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