Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Hossein's Persian Kebab

What have I done to deserve this....

Well, it was a full day makeup gig that left me famished!  Seldom can you find me around Trinoma area, oops!  Correction please, seldom will you find me roaming around mall area as I've always been up and busy doing something else and "going to a mall" will never be part of the plan!

Now I've come to realize, my life is boring!  *laughs*

On a lighter side of the note, I was seriously tired, sleepy and hungry and I would always go for comfort food!  Comfort food for me will always be something "soup-y".

You'll know it's love when I gave up the "comfort" food for Kebab!  I saw the sign of Hossein's Persian Kebab and I remember how Mr. AMW loves his kebabs that I even took him to a quaint local Indian restaurant in Little India, Singapore just because .... just because, love is give and take and I've been taking so much so it's time I give back! :: *cheesey* :P

Pita Bread
Php29.00 (approx $0.50)
Served warm!  We love this so much that we ordered 2 of these and I used this to wipe my curry sauce off the plate!  In hard times like these, let's not waste Curry Sauce!  *laughs*

 Roti Chanai
Php105.00 (approx $2.40)
Malaysian freshly baked sweet bread served with cashew curry sauce
Mr. AMW was craving for something he ate at Singapore and exclaimed to the waiter he wants something he had in "Malaysia"!  (.......)  Now you understand why we never have a dull moment?  We were laughing so hard when he took a bite and said: "This isn't what I had in Singapore", well of course dear, you asked for something from Malaysia!  hahaha

It was a (literally) sweet surprise!  Imagine the sweet taste of Churros!

Indian Beef Curry Solo
Php222.00 (approx $5.20)
Traditional South Asian curries cooked delicately with Indian herbs, 
Pakistani spices and hint of Persian essence
The Indian Beef Curry was a hit!  No joke, I finished everything down to the sauce using my Pita bread in wiping them all off!  The beef cubes were tender plus the potatoes and eggplant were cooked just right blended with the perfect curry sauce!  I went for mildly spicy version as my tummy wasn't that 100% well.  I'll definitely go back for this one and go for the spicier version!   

Chelo Chicken Kebab Solo
Php279.00 (approx $6.30)
Boned chicken breats cut into cubes and marinated in a special yoghurt sauce, 
delicately cooked in charcoal fire and sided with steamed saffron rice.

This is yet, another hit!  The chicken cubes were very tender and grilled just right!  The sauce served were perfect on both rice and pita bread!
The ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for couples, family, friends and even business meetings!  I've seen a group of professionals discussing something while enjoying the food.  The restaurant accepts both cash and credit card.

Hossein's Persian Kebab
Trinoma Mall
Tel. No: (632) 901-5613

We will definitely go back!
What's your weekend food trip?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. oh Shomal by Hossein. yeah, i've loved Hossein's even as a kid back in the early 90's and late 80's. asa tabi pa sya ng isang patay sindi sa makati ave. asa sidewalk lang yung parang shawarma place at monobloc lang mga upuan nya. wow, look at him now! with a big posh place at serendra hahaha. but at least there's something a tad more approachable like this one at trinoma ;-)

    1. Yes, that's the one! So funny, a funny story about that, my eyes was a bit tired and I went : "Tara! Kain na lang tayo diyan sa SIOMAI by Hossein!" lol!!!

  2. I've only eaten at Mr. Kabab and haven't tried any other Kabab place... Maybe I'll ask Dawn to go food trip with me there. :) -liz

    1. Oh give this a try!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it Liz :D

  3. Gosh, the food looks really good!

    1. It is! Super!!!! I can't explain but the curry was love!!!!

  4. Roti canai is malaysian but the SIngaporean equivalent would be called roti prata. They're both very similat but roti prata is thicker and is consists of many layers. I would never have expected a kebab restaurant to serve roti canai haha

    1. Thanks for the information! :) I agree with you, I didn't expect them to have one but I'm glad they have! There are so many restaurants down here that adjusts the tastes of the locals so they do bring in different dishes far from original :)

  5. waaahhh, i got hungry with your post! this looks really yummy! :) but i have to go on a diet! haaayyy.....

    1. hahaha why are you even on a diet??? NOOO!!! :D

  6. Mmmmm looks so yummy gutom tuloy ako.. Addtional list of must try fooodddsss!!!!

  7. Wow yummy!!! Kakagutom. Add in my must try list na hahahaha..


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