Monday, March 19, 2012

Update: My Bath Essentials

Bath Essentials, I'm quite simple with my needs, I need a bath soap/wash that works for my sensitive skin at the same time, gives me the moisture I deserve! 

I've used up bars after bars after bars of different variants of Dove! 

From the regular Dove White Beauty Bars
 Dove Pink Beauty Bars

Dove Go Fresh Fresh Moisture Beauty Bar

then the Dove Extra Sensitive Beauty Cream Bar
**non watermarked photos were taken from Google images.

I guess I was using a lot of Dove Cream bars for the longest time that I haven't really thought of taking photos of them or even reviewing them!  I've liked all of the variants but I've realized the best out of the 4 I've used is the one for Extra Sensitive Skin!

That's when I realized it's time for me to switch back to what babies use as we all know, they have the most sensitive skin!  I'm not implying I have baby skin (how I wish!) but I do have sensitive skin for sure!

I have been using 2 star products from the Nivea Baby line.

Nivea Baby Nutri Sensitive 
Milk Wash


and the Nivea Baby
Tenderly Caring Cream Soap

I alternate one after the other and so far, I can get away without lotion on some days!  My skin doesn't itch, flake or dry up even when I'm inside an air-conditioned room for hours!  Both products are mildly scented and the scent won't linger for long, so great for sensitive noses!

What about you?
What are your current bath essentials?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hi ms. Nikki.. i looooove dove soaps.. i am also an avid dove user. for nivea, my 3-year old nephew use it, and loves it so much.. hmm, i wanna try the nivea, it's been in the bathroom for long, and i am intrigued to try it! yay! :) thanks ms.Nikki.

    1. Give it a try! :) I do alternate it with regular anti-bacterial soap just in case the Nivea baby is too delicate for "OLD" and "MATURE" skin ehehhe

  2. I am currently using Olay soap and it works for me! I'd like to try Nivea though if you can get away without using lotion. :)

    1. Ah I've used OLAY soaps too and they are nice!!!!

  3. i almost could never finish bar soaps because i have the tendency to leave them once they shrink to 30% ><

    the nivea bath looks really cute! we have so so so so limited choices here

    1. really? I guess that's the difference between us two! I do not open up a new box of soap unless I finished the one I'm using! :)

  4. I was just thinking yesterday if I should try it too. My baby is using Nivea Milk wash for 2 weeks. He used Cetaphil for the longest time and so I thought he should switch now to Nivea. I must say I love the baby smell and it keeps his skin soft all day. Maybe Mommy should try it too :).

    1. I guess you can use it but of course, do not forget to alternate with "adult" soap once or twice in a week! I sometimes use the regular soap then finish up with the NIVEA milk wash (just a tiny bit especially on drier areas) and it helps moisturize those dry patches :D


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