Thursday, March 1, 2012

AMW Reviews: Ansley New York 3D Shimmer Powder and Blusher

You have probably heard about Glow and Glamour Store from THIS Contest which was sponsored by them.  Oh, the contest isn't over yet, feel free to join and win yourself a Love Package! :)

Okay, back to Glow and Glamour Store, the online store also sells various contact lenses and of course, cosmetics!  One of the brand you can find in store is the Ansley New York Cosmetics.  I originally thought this was a US brand but guess what?  It's Made in Korea! :)


I got 2 shades---
01 Rose Blossom

02 Fairy Pink

Ansley New York 3D Shimmer Powder and Blusher says ---
  • 2 in 1 The powder as soft as a velvet and pressed dots blusher are in a box.
  • The master of 3D make up The micro pearlcontained powder will structure 3D face line.
  • Unchangeable skin surface It will keep the moist and shiny skin all day long.
Weight: 120grams

AMW says ---
  • Packaging is really nice!  Comes with loose powder and blusher!
  • The loose powder portion is sealed pretty well upon purchase.
  • Has an extra blush brush.
  • The loose powder puff feels very smooth on skin and is made of good quality.
  • The 3D Shimmer Powder gives healthy glow with a nice oil control.
  • The blusher looks very natural.  01 Rose Blossom shows really well on most skin color.  
  • The 3d shimmer powder is finely milled and soft to feel and does not create white cast.
  • 3d shimmer powder can also be used on neck, arms and the rest of the body as it gives a nice healthy shimmer.
  • The blush and powder stays for almost 4-5 hours for normal or dry skin, approximately 3 hours for oily skin.
  • The company that sells this packs the product really well and I got them safe and sound.
  • The extra blush brush is nice but it has to be kept separately in a pouch or makeup bag to prevent the brush from getting dirty.
  • As a retouch powder, pressed powder is always better to prevent "mess".
  • Not locally available, have to pay extra for shipping plus wait for them to arrive.  
  • 02 Fairy Pink will not show well on darker skin tone.
  • As for the loose powder, it has obvious glitters which may not be advisable for people who prefer matte-looking skin!
The Ansley New York 3D Shimmer Powder works just like that of a Laura Mercier or Shu Uemura Loose powder, definitely highly recommended.  For the Ansley New York Blusher which is also part of the package, this gives a nice "super natural" flush no matter how much you apply.
  • If you have oily skin, blot excess oil with an oil blotter first prior to retouch to prevent powder build up or patches.
  • If you like retouching with a k-brush, leave the blush brush that comes with the product and use ONE brush to retouch both blush and powder!  
  • If you like using the "powder puff" that comes with the product, do not forget to wash it regularly to prevent bacteria build up.
  • If you like the "obvious" blush, apply your favorite blush shade of choice then top with Ansley Blusher as they give a nice, healthy, unexplainable glow.
  • For the blusher: Since both 01 and 02 shades will always appear natural, this is the perfect blusher/ setting powder on top of a cream blush or cheek tint!
  • Once allergic reactions occur, STOP usage immediately.
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I may not finish up the Blusher quickly but I like using the 3D Shimmer Powder on clients.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Ladies on the go who are happy with powder and blush then zoom!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Glow and Glamour website for $18.90 (approx Php832.00) + Shipping.  Check my code given by the company for 10% off. 

01 Rose Blossom

Combination of shimmer powder, peach, medium pink and gold specks
Best used by light, medium and dark skin tone
Though I do not own Guerlain Meteorites, this reminded me so much of it!

02 Fairy Pink

Combination of Shimmer powder, light pink and purple shades
Color comes off super  natural with a very natural pinkish glow
Perfect for people with light to light-medium skin

For personal use, I apply the 3d shimmer powder 
with the puff in quick, patting motion

I like using my Shu Uemura Powder Brush in blush application

I picked the shade 01 Rose Blossom
as it can show better on photos with flash

If you plan to order from Glow and Glamour website, feel free to use the code specially for AMW readers (AF280291458).  Less 10% on all products in store!

If you get to purchase either of the 2, which shade would you pick?
Have you found a 2 in 1 product just like Ansley that you can recommend?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

(Product sent for review.  Reviews 100% mine.  Code generated for the purpose of discount, I am not affiliated nor paid by the company.)


  1. Nice review, Nikki! I just got this in my February Bellabox but just haven't started using it yet. :)

    1. Yes, I saw it on some of the bloggers' post on bella Box, wow, full size of this ? This is really worth it! the powder if finely milled so enjoy!!!!

  2. ditto what Rinnah said, I got this in Rose Blossom with my Bellabox but still haven't gotten around to it yet! :p looks like a lovely colour though!

    1. Rose Blossom shows up way better, so it's a good choice you got that shade!!!

  3. bakit lahat ng blush bagay sayo.. haha! <3


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