Friday, March 9, 2012

Royal Effem Nude Color Lipgloss Review

Happy Friday!!! Are you smiling from ear to ear?  I definitely am!!!  I'll have a wonderful "beauty-filled Saturday" and I'll tell you more about it when I'm done with the day!  What's the point of counting the eggs before they hatch if I'm not even Count Dracula? (I have a feeling you want to punch me right this very moment.)


Okay, on to the review!  Remember my glowing review on Stage Wondergloss High Shine Lip Gloss?  Local readers probably forgot about it as it's not even available locally!  Well, the reason why I mentioned this particular gloss is because the new gloss I have is similar to the Stage one in a lot of ways!  At least, if you want to try the Stage Wondergloss High Shine Lip Gloss that I reviewed 2 years ago, now is the time as we have a locally available counterpart! :)

Royal Effem Lipgloss says ---
  • covering power: from light to medium and glossy
  • glide texture
  • transparent, lacquered, pearly, glitter and metallic effect
  • thin film
  • light touch
  • perfect adherence
  • extra brilliance
  • excellent glide
  • lanolin, paraffin and parabens free formula
  • flocked applicator
Size: 4.5ml 0.15 fl. oz.
Ingredients: (click photo to enlarge)

AMW says ---
  • Applicator is made of good quality.  Have been using this many times and it stays in its original form and shape.
  • Very slim packaging making it easy to carry anywhere!
  • Non-sticky!
  • Creamy texture, felt like a rich creamy lipstick.
  • Has a natural shine that make your lips look healthy yet not too glossy!
  • This product can be applied on its own, won't cause dryness or flaking.
  • Has a very nice scent, similar to Stage.
  • Nude the color: is a gorgeous shade close to my original lips with a hint of medium brown shade. 
  • The shine stays longer than regular lipgloss.
  • A bit difficult to purchase for now as it's not readily visible everywhere unlike other cosmetics brand.
  • Not everyone would be willing to shell out Php799.00 for a lipgloss.

Royal Effem Nude Color Lipgloss' shade would go well on anybody!  Texture wise is great as it's non-sticky and yet, it adheres to the lips making it longer lasting than regular lipgloss.  Let's not forget, the scent is really good and can be applied on its own even without lipstick or lip balm underneath.

from Royal Effem
  • Apply directly to the lips for a brilliant, transparent effect or
  • apply over totally lipstick or glamour effem for a glossy result.
from AMW
  • I always like wiping the "doe-foot sponge applicator" with a clean cloth or tissue before putting it back to the tube.
  • Never share the same applicator with other people, if you must use this for other people (especially for makeup artists out there), use a disposable lipstick applicator or lip brush.
  • Most lip glosses are used on top of a lip color, personally speaking, I enjoy using this on its own maximizing the quality and texture.
  • Prior to retouching, wipe your lips clean with a cotton pad or napkin.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
I love this for personal use!  Anyone who has dry lips like me, loves the right amount of color and shine.

Where to purchase and how much?
Costs Php799.00 (approx $18.00) at the Beauty Lounge Salon, Alabang Hills or you can drop by their office located at G/F L&F Bldg. Aguirre St. Legazpi Village, Makati City. 

Royal Effem Nude Color Lipgloss
applied on its own with single strokes


This is my favorite nude colored lipgloss for a month now!  I have this product inside my bag and I have been using this on a daily basis, I wouldn't mind purchasing this again for personal use!

What's your favorite lipgloss?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product received for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I like the gloss and shine it gives on your photo! I will definitely visit the Alabang branch because I live near there! thank you Nikki always looking forward for your product reviews.


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