Monday, April 23, 2012

Avon Gives: Anti-Aging Miracle! --- CLOSED!!!

Anti-aging products, *sigh* how I love thee!  I used to think anti-aging products are for the "lolas" (Grandmoms) but yeah, call me a grandma as I'm a proud user of anti-aging products!  (If only I can slather them all over the rest of my body? lol)

You guys who read my blog do know I worked in China for a good 3 plus years, and one brand that got the Chinese girls crazy is Avon!  I've visited their stalls and shops in Shenzhen and I saw how women went "ga-ga" over Avon whitening products and of course, anti-aging products! 

It must be really good...

Some of my readers and friends say I look young for my age (why, thank you!) :P  I have to thank my grandparents and parents as they never look their age!  So it must be in the genes right?  What if it's not in your genes?

Well, I'm quite surprised to read the product information on the new Anew Genics --- Avon has discovered a breakthrough skincare technology that taps into the youth gene in every person to instantlyl unveil a younger-looking skin. 

"As the pioneer in transformative, anti-aging breakthroughs since 1992, we are excited to introduce Anew Genics --- another groundbreaking product that women will definitely be excited to try.  Finally, every woman's wish of getting their youthful looks back is no longer an impossibility," shared Xiaochun Luo, Chief Scientific Officer and Group Vice President for Avon's Global Research and Development.  "Out international team of researchers and product developers invested 10years in devloping this product to make younger and reenergized skin accessible to women."

And now, YOU can look 10 years younger yourself PLUS an extra cute gold watch with changeable straps to help you turn back time! :D (Aminin! Ang ganda ng watch no!!!) :P

  • Comment ONCE on this blog post together with your name and email address.
  • LIKE Avon on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@AvonPH)
  • Simply tell me your real age and tell me what most people think your age is.  (Example: "I'm 25 years old but most people think I'm on my early 30s!")
  • Contest is open to Philippine Residents. 
  • Contest starts today ends May 12, 2012 (11:59pm)
  • 1 Winner will be picked via random generator and will be emailed for notification.  Winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked!
**Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate will be available through Avon representatives nationwide for Php1,799.00 (approx $42.00).   

Thanks Avon Philippines for always supporting AMW!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi i am Rodora Bermudez. I am 31 but my family says I look 35+

    1. i forgot to include my email address:

  2. I like Avon products and Make-ups too! My mom used to be a reseller when she was still here in the Phils. You have a lot of giveaways! I joined in all of them :))

    Name: Gen-zel D. Habab

    I just turned 22 but some says I just look around 16 - 18 :D

    1. I'm glad you joined them all! More chances of winning di ba? goodluck

    2. yes! hehe. I hope I'll win ;) thank you!

  3. Hi AskMeWhats and Avon! For the past several years, people have been assuming that I am 2 years younger than I actually am. Now, I am 31 years old but most people assume I am only 29. The best comment that I got was from a new acquaintance, thinking that I am only 24! :D

    - Rossana V. Morales

  4. Wow!It's raining giveaway here!Ms.Nikki is so rich!Haha...Well,honestly I'm 26 but most people think I;m just 18..I have my baby and they always ask if kapatid ko daw ba,sabi ko no,it's my daughter..And they're like Ha????..And they say bat daw ako nagasawa ng maaga eh ang bata bata ko pa.Sabi ko nmn hindi na po ako bata,26 na po ako.And they're like talaga?!You look so young!!!I thought you were just 18!....I'm flattered of course!...

    Arra Morta

    1. LOL on the RICH comment! *I wish* Well, I'm blessed with people who trust me and my blog to share me these products! So yeah, thank Avon!!! :)

  5. Victoria M. BellenApril 23, 2012 at 4:03 PM

    Hi I'm Victoria M. Bellen. I'm 48 but my family and collegues thought that I'm in my late thirties. I don't wear so much make-up though. I just cleanse and moisturize at night before I go to sleep.

    Name: Victoria M. Bellen
    email address:

  6. Nadine Diamante

    I'm 22 years old and honestly, people think I'm still on my teens because of my height. But skin care-wise, I believe it's best to start using anti-aging products as early as your 20s, in order to completely avoid aging signs. Prevention is always better than cure :)

  7. I am 32 years old but most of the time, people mistaken me for an 18 year old lady, sometimes younger.

    Geraldine M. Manalo

  8. Aviva Domasian

    I am 22 but people who don't know me think I'm 18. It really pays to take care of your skin and not smoke at all. Thanks to both Avon and Nikki for this giveaway. :D

  9. Jannah Lopez

    I'm 21 and I think I still look like a teenager with my height. Anyway, I'm gonna give this to my mom if ever I'll win. I know she'll be happy. Thank you!

  10. Patricia Manasan

    I'm 30 and my friends and family say that I look my age. I would definitely love to look younger. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Katherine Rose Rivera

    I'll be turning 30 next year and the eldest among my siblings. Most of my friends and relatives says that I looked like the youngest among them.

  12. I am 34 years old but people think I am 2 years younger than my age. I would love to try this product!

    Norissa Chavez

  13. Hi Ms. Nikki, Im 24 years old turning 25 this november, sometimes people think i looked like 27 or 28.. maybe because of my stress at work! hay... really need to look younger! hehe
    thanks po for the giveaway! <3

    gerilen polon

  14. Hi Miss Nikki. I really love to win this giveaway. I would like to try this. It is such a promising product. At 44, I look my age. This one tells us..another groundbreaking product that women will definitely be excited to try. Finally, every woman's wish of getting their youthful looks back is no longer an impossibility. Thank you Avon!!!
    Baby Flores-Yap

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  16. hi ms. nikki. I am 29 but i look older, i look like 33. I hope I win

    Dulce dela Cruz

  17. Hi..I'm 19 years old but most people think I'm 21 already! :'(

    Krischia Saporsantos

  18. hi ms. nikki! I turned 43 yrs.old last March but people think I'm still in my 30s : )

    grace s.chua

  19. I'm 25 but sometimes they say that i looked 27 or 28 especially when i'm haggard or not in the mood. :(

    Kris Bernadette Sta. Maria

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Bagel Betorin

    I am 33 and people thinks that I am 30


  22. Name: Bagel Betorin
    Email: chinky.baguette(at)gmail(dot)com

    I am 33 and luckily people thinks I am 30 (and sometimes younger) :)

  23. Name: Marilet Aclan

    Sad to say that I'm 24 years old but some people would comment that I look older, like 26 or early 30s. Not sure, if its because of my built and height. :)

  24. I am sorry I am not a phillipine resident but coudn't resist commenting seeing your post. I am 25 but, I don't look my age people I am jst a college going kiddo.. its because of my height and physique and plus my baby looking round face. Lolzz... loved your blog and me too a fan of avon products. They work pretty good and inexpensive too. Good luck with your giveaways..!! :)

    1. aww thank you for the comment! i appreciate it and it's always welcome even if you're not a Philippine Resident!

      Hey, you are lucky for not looking like your age! And I'm sure you're envied by many on your baby looking face :D Thank you!!!!

  25. hi nikki! im turning 25 this october. people say i look 20. if ever i win this product i will give it to my mom. it's her 50th birthday today. thnx!

    lyn celestino

  26. I just turned 54 last April 21.. but they say I look like on my 40s... my daughter told me about this contest!

    Nelia Boado

  27. I'm 22 years old (going to be 23 this year) but most people think I am in my late 20's around 27 or something

    Marcquezza Rodriguez

  28. name: jen lapis

    I'm 25 years old but most people think and tell me I look like 29++! And the fact that they say I look like a mom already! Yikes!

  29. Kate Gienelyn Sinaon

    I've a boyfriend and we're both 25, turning 26 this year. Sometimes it's embarrassing to be compared as looking older than he is. He could sometimes look like a high school student while I look like an older sister!! Geez! But I don't let it get to me 'cause, cheesy as it may sounds, but love indeed is all that matters.

  30. I'm 33. there are days (my ngarag days) when i get the impression that people think i'm older and times when they think I'm younger than my sister who's 30.

  31. Name: Mae Pedregoza
    Email: maebeth01 at

    I'm turning 30 this june. But most of them think I'm younger because of how I look and my built. I don't use make ups when there's no occasion, and I guess it helped keep me younger looking.

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