Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Ganso-Shabuway

Ganso-Shabuway is a Japanese-style Hotpot, according to their signage!  I'm glad it was clearly stated as it drawn me and Mr. AMW to go inside the restaurant because we want to know what's the difference of a Chinese-style hotpot to a Japanese-style!  

As I read on the menu to choose our order for the night, Ganso-Shabuway prides on using only authentic and premium Meyer Angus Beef and Kobe Beef cuts.  I'm excited to see if they live up to what they claim!

If you're on your own and you want to try Ganso-Shabuway, I love the fact that this restaurant has a counter-style hotpot table aside from the usual table style.

Mr. AMW and I have decided to sit on a table as we shopped a bit and it'll be easier for us to put our belongings under the table.

Each table has an electronic stove meant for a fun, fire-free hotpot experience!  Keep in mind that you have to order ONE MEAL PER CUSTOMER!  So there's 2 of us, we should order 2 meals!  Appetizers of course are not considered a meal!

Good thing Mr. AMW and myself were hungry that time so it wasn't hard to pick our orders!  As we wait for our orders to arrive, we familiarize ourselves with the condiments on the table!

You can choose between the Ponzu (Sweet and Sour Sauce) and Sesame Sauce (sweet and rich sauce), adding garlic, green onions or carrots into these sauces would enhance the flavors thus giving you a unique experience!  I guess this is ONE huge difference you can see between Japanese Hotpot and Chinese Hotpot.  I haven't tried putting on any "rich" sauces on my hotpot before!

We've decided to try both sauces and I like mixing the 2!  Just like how I eat my fishballs!  *laughs* Mix all the condiments together and you get nothing but a very unique contrasting YET perfect experience!

 Seafood Dumpling Shabu Shabu
Php375.00 (approx $8.70)
This set includes vegetables, tofu, 2 Kani Sticks, 2 Fish dumbells,
 2 Crab Eggs, 2 South Sea Scallops and 2 Stuffed Fish Cod and rice.
I found myself enjoying this so much as I love variety when it comes to food, I like that I get a mix of everything and enjoy the goodness of fresh vegetables.  My ultimate favorite is South Sea Scallops. 

Unfortunately, it was written on the menu that this is available on a limited time only, so I'm not sure until when you can enjoy this dish!

Shabuway Original Pork Kurobuta 
Shabu Shabu Set
Regular 150g for Php599.00 (approx $13.90)
Large 200g for Php670.00 (approx $15.60)
This set includes vegetables, one cup of rice, 2 dipping sauce and a choice of broth.
 We've decided to go for regular size as there's only 2 of us!  Look at the lovely surprise that greeted us once the plate was set on our table, I see fresh, thinly-cut pork slices!  I am very happy with the quality of the pork that was served right in front of us!

Keep in mind that these aren't meant to be thrown inside the soup and leave it there for life!  *laughs*  Thinly sliced beef or pork are best cooked for approximately 5-10 seconds then straight to your mouth! :)

They slice the meat at the time of customer's order, I commend the staffs for keeping their work station neat and clean!

Since we ordered 2 meal, we were able to enjoy 2 types of broth!  Spicy Miso (left) and Traditional Seaweed (right).  I personally love Spicy Miso as traditional seaweed tastes a bit too bland for me!  (side note: I'm Cantonese, so I love flavorful soups!  *lol*)

What I love about hotpot is the quality time of cooking your meal together at the same time eating them hot and fresh from the stove without any judgement!  *hahaha*  The sauces, the fresh ingredients made it a very enjoyable experience for both of us!

The restaurant accepts cash and credit card payments!  I strongly suggest to dine here IF you have the time and IF you are hungry as you cannot share your meals!  

Ganso- Shabuway
B1 Rockwell Power Plant Mall
2/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. nos: (632)903-6763 (63)917-541-8181

Have you tried Japanese-style Hotpot?
Have you tried Ganso-Shabuway?
How's your experience?

Happy weekend food tripping!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. I haven't had hot pot in forever. This place looks really good. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ah I enjoy hot pot especially when I'm craving for soup!!! :)


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