Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something New: Value Meal Pet Food

(Note from author: It took some time for me to write this post as I lost one of my pet mentioned here.)

Back when I was living and working (alone) in China, my Dutch colleague asked me a huge favor, he is planning a month-long vacation with his long-time girlfriend in Netherlands and propose!  


Of course, I said yes even though the first time I met "Di Di" (a Shih Tzu), he plan to reduce the number of my fingers from 10 to 9!  *laughs*

To keep the story short, I fell in love with "Di Di" and I had the best time of my life taking care of him!  We bonded like we were best friends and it was super difficult when the owners return and I had to give "Di Di" back! *sigh*

I gave my mom a long-distance call crying and she promised we'll adopt a dog once I get back.  And she kept her promise!  I got wonderful Pomeranians and have been a mom to them for years!  (Exactly 6 years) and I guess the pictures showed how gorgeous and healthy they are, 


and because of that, I was send Vitality Value Meal Dog Food!

I was shocked when a 20kg of ValueMeal dog food was delivered straight to our home! 

My Pomeranian dogs are very picky when it comes to dog food!  We stick to 1 brand for the past years!  Both mom and I tried to change the brand but they always ended up getting diarrhea or not touch the food at all!  So honestly speaking, I was a bit wary in giving this brand a try!

I checked on the ingredients right away and read the product information ---

"ValueMeal’s main ingredient is pure lamb and beef. As lamb is not as common as chicken, it is less likely to cause allergies. Moreover, ValueMeal contains whole grains, aiding for better digestion; and omega-6
that helps produce shiny coat."

 "In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, after feeding your pet ValueMeal, they will produce firm stool that does not smell that bad. This benefit is attributed to the right level of protein – as excessive protein and other undigested food nutrients cause smelly feces; and the fiber from whole grains.
I made sure my mom got the right feeding guide and immediately, a week after testing this out, my mom told me the dog's stool indeed does not smell that bad as before and they are enjoying the taste and so far, no negative reactions was seen but mostly positive!

On a side note, my lovely female Pomeranian Pudding passed away a couple of weeks ago due to bad pregnancy (the baby didn't make it as well) so we are grieving for the lost family member!  Writing this post is a bit emotional for me as my mom told me how much Pudding loved this food and how quickly she finishes her share in a flash!

"Pudding, wherever you are, 
you know how much we love you! 
 I missed you so much!"

Just in case, if you have dogs, feel free to try ValueMeal, I strongly recommend it considering how it passed my picky-eaters' taste buds.  ValueMeal is certified by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) a system that looks into food and pharmaceutical safety. 

The product is developed and manufactured in Australia.

Thanks Alvin for this!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent for PR purposes.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Aw Achi, I teared up when I read about Pudding! You have such beautiful furbabies. Thanks for sharing your review, even in your time of grief. *hugs*

    1. *hugs back* thanks sis! it was really difficult but nahihinayang ako coz mom told me how much Pudding loved the food!

  2. felt sad for your pudding..BTW your dogs are so cute and so fluffy!

    1. :( Looking at her photo puts tears on my eyes :( I hope she's in Dog Heaven enjoying!

  3. Hope my picky dogs will have the same reaction as well. On the other hand, the smiles of your babies are so endearing. :) I'm sure Pudding's running happily in doggy heaven.

    1. Sis, I'm not sure if they sell these in smaller size! Will update once I know so you can try it out on your picky dogs :)

  4. Nikki!

    Ang cute ng mga dogs niyo even DH said cute ni Charchar!I am saddened by what happened to Pudding. You know, something like that happened to Precious a few years back, we had to take the babies out.


    1. :( thanks Aunty Ach... :( Nakakasad until now, di ko pa ma get over, there are times I just remember her (especially if I visit Char Char) and super luha talaga ako :(

  5. Sorry to hear about your dog. I know how it feels to lose a loveable pet ( i have gone through it a lot of times lately coz my dogs die around their 12-16th years of age). She's definitely in heaven ^_^

    I also feed Vitality to my kids but the lamb and beef version. Vitality is good but it still contain corn which dogs can't really digest so it was given 2 stars by a rating body...I think.

    1. I know sis, I strongly remember about your post too about losing a family member. Sigh.....

      Thanks for the info!!!! I'll keep that in mind :)

  6. Awww, hugs to you sis.... felt sad about what happened to Pudding... she looks so healthy pa naman

    1. :( oo she's one of the healthiest tapos she's the most active pa! :(

  7. Hi!!! My dearest, my hugs go out to you.. I can't imagine losing one of our doggies. I am sure Pudding is in Doggy Heaven now. SHE IS SOOOO CUTE!!!! :) Thanks for your blog.. i was lazily browsing (while working) and trying to search for people who loves VITALITY VALUEMEAL (for their dogs i mean.. hehe). We have super less variety of premium dogfood here in the Philippines and i really can't find anything that's worth buying. The fact that it's HACCP certified and manufactured in Australia, it's good enough for me. Actually the first time my dogs tried this, their fur has become really, really shiny.. and yes, less smelly poop (smaller too)!! The reason i was tryin to look for good reviews was because of it's low rating in the i refuse to believe such websites. They keep telling consumers to go with something natural (meaning: more expensive food)..I think as long as our dogs love this dogfood, and it has magnificent results, then we should stick with VITALITY VALUEMEAL. I just wish the price isn't that high.. :/ My dogs by the way are: Black Lab, Beagle and mixed Pin-Tzu. Your review is very significant to "researchers" like me! so THANKS!!! :) P.S.: I tried to taste this dogfood, 1 kibble only, and it tastes like salty cardboard. Haha! - Love, DogLover

    1. hi DogLover, I smiled when I read that you tried tasting on the dogfood, I really can't! hahahaha the smell itself, puts me off! So kudos to you!

      Thanks for sharing your insights. I appreciate it and so far, we got a new Pom Puppy and mom is smashing the Valuemeal and add some milk to her diet, so far, she's having fun!

  8. Mare, i was actually enjoying your review for vitality. but when i heard about pudding, i felt sad. i'm sorry for her lost. keep smiling! :) miss you!


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