Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AMW Reports: Party the Benefit Way!

When Benefit says: "Laughter is the Best Cosmetic... so grin and wear it." They mean it!  

Look at how I was laughing so hard during the most recent Benefit event held at Sweet Bella Cafe, Burgos Circle, and there were more of that that wasn't caught on cam!  (thank God!)

 **photo from Benefit

There are so many reasons why we partied the Benefit way that night!  First, we were asked to share our darkest beauty confessions in a video!  I actually shared two!!!  Check out Benefit's Facebook Page for the video soon!

 **photo from Benefit

Next was the introduction of "Raising Eyebrows" book!  Ms. Aubrey Bautista, Benefit's Chief Fun Officer, told us about the presence of a book from Benefit that covers everything you need to know about maintaining a good set of brows!  I'd love to hold a copy of this!

The one and only book was raffled that night and lucky The Beauty Junkee Martha took it home! :)

A brow demonstration was done to show how a well-groomed, well-drawn brows can make a huge difference to anyone's overall image!  

Chief Makeup Diva Mica Fuentes shared to the bloggers how to create natural-looking brows that could WOW anyone!

First, it is very important to find the right area where the brows start and end!  The right placement of arch can also make or break the deal!  Gorgeous Benefit Intern Ines was our model for the night.

On this particular side of her brows, Mica used Brow Zings.  A wax was used to shape the brows in place and then, a natural-shaded powder was used to fill in sparse areas.

It helps to highlight the brows with either a High Brow Glow or High Brow.  Both would give your eyes an "uplift" effect.

This step, I cannot live without as I have a lighter colored hair!  A Speed Brow was used to tint, tame and set brows in no time!

On the other side, Mica used an Instant Brow Pencil which also gave good results!  At the end of the day, it is your preference to use whatever brow products that you're most comfortable with!

We were then introduced to the 2 star products for the night!  Benefit's They're Real mascara as modeled by  Spy Gal!  Check out Ines' gorgeous dress from Topshop!

Honest Lea on the other hand held the famous pore reducing product called Porefessional!  I myself have used this product on clients many times!  You can check out my review HERE.

Nina also wore an outfit by Topshop!

We had a mini game called "Pass the Porefessional" wherein we get to pass around the Benefit Porefessional and whenever the music stop, whoever's holding the Porefessional tube will dance and leave the group!  Martha won this challenge!  Isn't she a lucky girl that night? :)

And just when we thought the night was over!  We were wrong!  We had the surprise of the night when we were asked to play "Truth or Dare"!  

It was a night of truth and a whole lot of DARES! I got to do "DARE" on my turn and guess what?  I was asked to step out of the restaurant and shout this statement for 3 times!  With feelings, and on top of my lungs! *embarrassed thinking about it*

 **photo from Benefit

Well, well, well, once you dared me, I'll do it!  I am thanking God for the rain as there wasn't much people walking around Burgos Circle that night!  *lucky me!*

The event officially ended around 11:00pm, an hour later than the original plan but everyone was in high spirits!  

 Ever New Orange Top
Esprit Inner Blue Spaghetti Strap
Navy Blue Shorts from Japan
Ferretti Shoes

Photo Op with Benefit Team and Bloggers
Aubrey, Alyanna, Nina, Me, Rowena, Liz, Martha,
 Tara, Dior, Phoebe, Ines, Shen and Jheng

 **photo from Benefit
If I'm turning 18 and I have the funds, this is definitely the party I want to throw for me and my friends!  And it's possible!  Benefit can host your party and can offer party packages for a fun-filled event of gorgeousness!  For more details and reservation, call (632) 822-1876.

Like them on Facebook.  Thanks Benefit for the awesome night!

Would you be game for dares like calling your ex and tell him you miss him?
Or call your boss and tell him you hate him?
Or sing a song to a stranger?
Say I love you to a total stranger?  (Aubrey did it and was super successful!  She got an I love you too!!!) :P
I think I'll die but I'll do it! hahahah

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. IT looks like you had a lot fun there! Cool ^_^

    1. Sis, super fun talaga pero naloka ako sa mga pinangggawa sa amin! :))

  2. Looks like a really fun, fun, fun party!!! ^__^



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