Friday, June 22, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Pow! Bam! Boom!

Happy Friday and it's Nail Art Tutorial Day!  

How's everyone?  I'm sure we're all in high spirits because weekend is within our reach!  As for me, it'll be a very busy day of errands plus, I get to meet my past colleagues for catch up tonight!  

As for my nails, I've done The Avengers and DC characters and while I was looking at my nail polish collection, I've thought of creating another colorful nail art to brighten up the rainy season but I want to veer away from the usual Superheroes' Chibi faces!  

Yeah, I think a lot!  *laughs*

Anyways, back to the story, I've decided to re-create how Superheroes would react on a fight scene!  Yes, I know some of you weren't even born yet! :P

a photo of Nail Art Tutorial: Pow! Bam! Boom!

Here's the famous Crash! Kapow! Zlonk! from Batman and Robin circa 19-forgotten! :P

Step 1:
To start off, I've picked bright shades as base.  I've used random polishes from Revlon, Essie and Color Combo.

Don't forget to apply your choice of polish base to protect your nails and apply 2 coats of the shades you pick and let dry.

Step 2:
Using L.A. Art Deco in White or use any thin art brush, draw a "leaf-like" shape as shown on photo below! 

Step 3:
With L.A. Art Deco in Black, outline the drawn shape to highlight the "speech bubble".

a photo of Nail Art Tutorial: Pow! Bam! Boom!

Step 4:
Wait for a moment, make sure everything is dry before you start writing out the "words" with a black 2 Way Nail Art Pen.

Since my nails are small, I can't seem to write "ZOING!" or "Zlonk!".  So I've settled for shorter words!

Step 5:
This step is optional, but I've applied a tiny bit of glitter on the area outside the worlds.  

Step 6:
Once the nail art design is completely dry, apply your choice of top coat using wrapping method to prevent nails from chipping!  

a photo of Nail Art Tutorial: Pow! Bam! Boom!

I hope you enjoy my oldies but goodies comic strips on nails!
a photo of Nail Art Tutorial: Pow! Bam! Boom!

For added information ---
explosions: BUM! BAM!
punches: PAK! PAF! PAM!
breaking of bones: CRAK!

Obviously, those are useless information!  *hahahha* Oh well, I hope my colorful nails brightened up your day! 

What's the funniest comic-related sound for you?

My vote is: "PLOK!" :P

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!
Happy weekend!


  1. happy friday..sis nikki,sbi q na nga ba ganda na nman ng nail art na ipapakita m e,d best k tlga..ganda ng combination ng color..hope na magaya q cya..try q.he.he

  2. Bet it makes you feel EMPOWERED with all that powerful punches and kicks! Very interesting! =)

    1. Yes, you're right! I'm so empowered with it! LOL it's funny looking at it as I get strange glances from strangers! hahaha

  3. very nice and funny! :) my vote goes to PLOK too! :) Happy Friday!

    1. ay may naisip pa ako KABLAM! isa pa yan! hahaha

  4. wow i love this tutorial! thanks for the idea

  5. boom boom pow!!! love the bright colors!

    1. Xin, this week it's all toned down! i need to relax and not see colors for a change! hahahha

  6. such a fun one! i always remember the classic superheroes comics/ cartoon with all the fighting scenes replaced with "bam!","boom!","kaboom!" kind of words :P

    now... you can see all the action instead of words!

    1. I agree, I like seeing that once in awhile and laugh at it! it's just so cute!

  7. Love the idea and the bright colours! You did a great job!

  8. like!!! love pag iba ang gagawa tapos nakastare lang ako hahaha.

  9. ahahaha!so cute!
    oo nga!
    i remember those days.i love watching cartoons hanggang ngayon i still watch it pa din.

    i think models own came up with nail patches like this din lately it.have you seen it?


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