Thursday, June 21, 2012

Salon Report: Haircut at Salon Beauvoir

I love visiting different salons around the Metro.  Why?  Well, I get to feel the different vibe on each salon (even out of the country).  Going to salon is like going for a massage!  I love the feeling of having my hair pampered even for an hour, just like the rest of my body, I think our hair deserves the tender loving care!

Since my hair has been out of shape for the longest time, half a year without a trim!  Can't blame me, I've been very busy prettifying other people during my weekends and I tend to forget about myself!  So after a long and tiring week, I've finally booked myself a hair appointment with the help of Char!  (Thanks Char!)

Okay, I've seen a lot of posh looking salons in the past but this one topped the list for the moment ---  Salon Beauvoir!

Salon Beauvoir means "Beautiful View" in French and so far, as I stepped in the salon located at Somerset Olympia Building in Makati, I was indeed amazed by the luxurious interior that reminded me so much of a view inside a prestigious cruise line!  Imagine "Titanic" the modern version! :)

As I waited for my turn, I was offered a Raspberry Iced Tea drink as I plopped myself into this gorgeous velvet couch and there I see international and local magazines to choose from!  I was also busy updating my phone's email as the salon is equipped with Free WIFI!

As my eye gravitated towards the hair products, I like how hair products were displayed like how you would arrange them inside a room rather than putting them on a glass case!  Don't you want to take the table home?  I know I would!

As I was led to my seat by the friendly salon staff, I met Sam Santos.  International Stylist Sam who studied in London to perfect his craft and was part of the official hairdresser of the Queen and her guests (Steiner Group).  

I had a quick hair consultation with Sam and I explained to him how much I would love to retain the length of my hair but have him revamp the layers!  He agreed that my layers have long been outdated!

I was introduced to Sam's assistant John, who led me to the hair washing area. My hair was washed for a couple of minutes and he gently massaged my scalp with L'Oreal hair products!  (Yup!  I asked!  I can pass up as a reporter eh?)

 I had loads of magazines in front of me but I didn't get to read a single one as I enjoyed chatting with Sam!  For someone who traveled to several countries and worked magic on hundreds of clients, he's one down-to-earth man who enjoys sharing his knowledge to his team!  Where else?  Back home! Such a lovely man to give back to his countrymen!  For the love of beauty!  *woot*!

Some finishing touches where made as John blow dried my hair!  I immediately, and excitedly ran my fingers through my hair and immediately felt all the dry ends disappeared!  No wonder Sam was given a moniker "The Repair Man"!  He repaired my lifeless hair making it bouncier and softer!

Note: It was done even without hair treatment!  The magic of right cutting techniques!

Sam and John with the happy client! :)
I made new friends that day!

Haircut for women starts at Php600/800/1,000/1,200 (Jr. Stylist/Stylist/ Sr. Stylist/International Stylist)
Haircut for men starts at Php500/600/700/800 (Jr. Stylist/Stylist/ Sr. Stylist/International Stylist)

Before I left the salon, Sam toured me around the salon and I was told the salon has 3 VIP rooms

A male area
Check out the more modern and simpler interior

And several seats for walk-in clients! 

Salon Beauvoir is definitely a place I'd come back to!  I had loads of fun chatting with the friendly staffs at the same time, my hair went home super light and happy!

Salon Beauvoir
Upper G/F, Somerset Olympia
7912 Makati Ave. corner Sto. Tomas St., Makati City. 
Open from Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
To book an appointment, call 904-5154, 478-7670 or 0916-681-3722.
Like them on Facebook to check out their other services. 

Note from SAM:  The 50% off Brazilian Hair Blowout may be over at a deal site but they have extended the said promo due to popular demand!  Give the salon a call and book an appointment! 

When was your last haircut?
Do you like the current condition of your hair?
How do you like the interiors of Salon Beauvoir?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Great review of Makati`s hair salon! I would love to visit one day :)

    1. Thanks, give the salon a try! full pampering services available :)

  2. ganda nman ng salon,parang prinsesa hbang gnugupitan,nice hair cut ms.nikki bgay na bgay sau.

    1. oo sis! feeling ko ako ang "queen" kasi Sam have done haircut for the Queen na and her friends in the past! Bongga di ba?

      Thanks for the compliment! Great day to you Sherlyn :)

  3. The salon looks very calm and elegant. I wish to visit someday :)

    1. do give it a try someday :) and of course, tell me your experience ha?

  4. What a beautiful salon! And your hair looks great!

    1. thanks my hair feels great even at the moment! After several washes :)

  5. Hi Nikki! Thanks for posting this. I'm starting to get tired of the usual salons I go to. This one's perfectly located inside Makati. Love the posh interiors too. :) Will definitely visit one of these days. By the way, how much is their Brazilian Blowout? Thanks.

    1. Sis, I asked, let's say for my length of hair, it'll be 7,000 original price then slash it half! try calling them to check, last weekend, I was told by Sam that the promo was extended! so habang maaga pa! gorah! If I didn't go through Chroma Straight, I'll book right away as I like the "Volume" of a newly blowdried hair! I saw someone did that service while they cut my hair, her hair looks divine! kainggit :)

  6. cozy atmosphere...relaxing to the eyes....reasonable price for a salon like this.nice blog anyway.^_^

  7. I love the interiors! Very posh! The salon looks very clean and organized. That's an added point. :)

    I had my hair permed last December and it became dry after a few months so three weeks ago, I went to David's Revere and had 8 inches of my hair chopped off. Yes, 8 inches! My friends and officemates were shocked but I don't regret cutting it because (according to them hehe) I look younger and fresh. :)

    1. wow 8 inches chopped off? Did you take your hair back to donate it ? I hope you did :)

      I have a feeling you look great nevertheless with short hair! and as we say, hair grows, so its ok to experiment once in awhile :D


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