Monday, June 25, 2012

Something New: Azzaro Fragrance - Decibel (DB)

Someone sent the newest guy fragrance from Azzaro to Mr. AMW!  Was I a jealous freak?  Of course not!  :P  That someone is our lovely friend Emily Sia-Koa, Brand Manager of several fragrance brands under  Midas Brand Management. 

Emily is a family friend so it's such a shame for both Mr. AMW and myself for not being able to join her at the Azzaro Rockstart Party last June 5th as something important came up!  When I saw her photos on Azzaro Philippines Facebook Page, darn, I missed a lot!  Seems like a super fun party!

The gorgeous Emily being interviewed by media

 Decibel is a new masculine fragrance by Azzaro.  The campaign is definitely very "Rocker-inspired" and the packaging definitely screams "On Stage"!


 The handsome man behind the campaign?  Julian Casablancas!

 According to Wikipedia:
Julian Fernando Casablancas is an American musician, singer-songwriter and frontman of The Strokes.  He was born August 23, 1978.

Now let's stop from staring at Julian and focus on the fragrance *laughs*, the bottle is definitely very unique and eye catchy.  It's a microphone bottle!  

Mr. AMW exclaimed: "Ay! Ang Cute!" (Wow! So Cute)

What makes the scent unique aside from its masculine, energetic scent?  The unique code you get upon purchase of the DB fragrance, you get special backstage access at the Decibel Backstage website.

Fragrances are a matter of personal taste and choice, all I can share is that the Oriental + Masculine scent of DB passed both our "sniffing" test!  

The Decibel Range Eau De Toilette
50ml Php2,440.00 (approx $56.75)
100ml Php3,600.00 (approx $83.70)
Available in leading department stores, Fresh Fragrance Bar Boutiques and Art of Scent.

Do fragrance bottles catch your attention?
I have to admit that it's an added bonus to own and collect unique fragrance bottles!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. cute nman ng bottle nyan sis...puedng so unique


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