Monday, July 9, 2012

AMW Reports: Get Belofied --- Now!

Have you "Belofied" yourself?

My answer?  "No"!  I'm definitely a sissy in terms of cosmetic surgery or even facial treatments!  Don't get me wrong, I don't judge people who go through invasive or non-invasive treatments, for me, if you have the willpower, the means and the want, why not?  But of course, for someone who's scared to go under the knife, there will always be that single moment in your life where you would wonder how you would look like if you have sharper nose, more distinct cheekbones, fuller lips, etc...  I believe a lot of you are nodding right now, wouldn't it be fun to see how you would look like with better features?

Last Friday, I learned about the Belofied App for iPhone and iPad, it's a fun and free way to enhance your features without shelling out money and best of all, it's Painless!   

The event was held at Kasbah, The Fort.  It was a first for me to dine in this restaurant and so far, I'm very happy with the food I've tasted!  After dinner, we were greeted by the gorgeous Cristalle Henares, daughter of Vicki Belo.

On a side note, most of us on the table were just staring at her!  She's definitely very pretty and have a gorgeous body!  Oh, I also asked her what foundation she uses that night, it was Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow!  I love how the foundation looked on her, flawless, very natural and clean!

Let's get back to Belofied App!  The Belo Medical Group released in the MAC App Store last June 19th, the first and only FREE cosmetic surgery simulation mobile app for iPhone and iPad in the Philippines!  It became an instant hit base on the statistics shown during that night as the app banked the top 3 spot of the Free Apps Overall Category in the Philippines and placed 17th on the list of free iPhone apps under the Medical Category Worldwide!  Keep in mind that it all happened in less than a month!  

We were shown different before and after photos of Belo staffs, yes, real people were used to show how we can easily enhance our beauty!

Slimmer face, smaller nose, fuller lips

Slimmer face, smaller nose, fuller lips

Slimmer Waist
Don't we all wish to have one?

Bigger breasts

Even celebrities like Kris Aquino and Coco Martin have tried the app.  Seriously, Coco Martin, you don't need the app!  You look gorgeous even on your before photo! :)

The Fashion Pulis, Michael Sy Lim, wanted to try the app but lighting wasn't good!

With any Belo event, I was told that they usually have mini contests for attendees!  We were divided into groups and each of the group were given an iPad with a photo.  We were asked to play "doctor" and enhance the features of the woman.

Al Galang, taking a look at Jheng, Vern, Verniece and Aisa's work

 Our team!
Guess what?  We won the challenge!!!!

Aside from the app, the Cristalle also shared to us the latest Belo Essentials products!  The Belo Essentials Whitening, Anti-Perspirant Deodorant as endorsed by Toni Gonzaga

Price points:
25ml Php49.75
40ml Php84.75
Available at Watsons

Another product called Belo Underarm Whitening Cream was also unveiled that night!  This costs Php799.00 (approx $18.60) also available at Watsons.  

Cristalle Henares and AMW

 Shen, Al and Yours truly

 Pax, Al and Angela

 Jheng and Al

The app takes a bit of practice and we found using an iPad is easier!  Earth (our team mate) was an expert in terms of Belofied App navigation!   The app has move, drag, shape, zoom buttons making it easier to use.  Aside from "Belofy Me" feature, the Belofied app also offers list of all the Belo services and products as well as contact information and its Facebook and Twitter accounts.   

I downloaded and played with it over the weekend just for fun!  To download the Belofied app, simply type the world Belofied on the search bar in the Mac App Store.  The app is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch (4th generation), iPad2 wifi, iPad 2wifi +3g, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad wi-fi +4g.   

Again, this app is FREE so download it now and if you may, share to us your before and after photos!  It'll be fun!

Thanks Belo Medical Group for the lovely dinner and the fun game!
I had loads of fun sharing laughs with the rest of the bloggers!

Have you downloaded the app?  How do you like the app?  Was it easy or difficult to navigate?  Share your before and after photos!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hey Al is a yoga instructor lol Mukhang saya niyo dyan ah I miss you!


    1. Yup siya na din yung nag conceptualize nung Belofied App :) So bongga siya! :)

      I miss you too, when will I see you? :D

  2. at ang nakita ko ay ang roots ko! bwahahaha! :)

    still can't get over Cristalle! she's really so pretty! :)

    1. At bakit mong inamin ikaw?? wala naman sana nakakaalam! LOL

      Sorry naman, too busy with feedbacks on the makeover! hahah competitive ang peg! :))

  3. Toni G. endorsing a deodorant?
    I heard that she (and her sister) doesn't use any.. Hmmm...
    Anyway, can you please show a picture of you being Belo-fied?:)

    1. Ah yeah, I do remember, she did say she doesn't use deodorant nga!!!

      Jen, I will try to update the before and after photo here, but for now, I'm not satisfied pa with what I did! LOL I think I look weird pa! :)))))


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