Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Passion Restaurant, Resorts World Manila

Happy weekend everyone!  I had a very tiring Saturday!  I guess I got super tired because of the traffic!  Were you stuck in traffic just like we did?  

I had late morning makeup gig to 2 of my gorgeous clients and afterwards, we went straight to Gilmore (a super tiny version of Akihabara, Japan)  *laughs*  We needed to upgrade our 5-year old PC as it's starting to crash on me in between work!  About an hour plus later, we were able to get our newly-built PC (Mr. AMW style) and we drove straight to my mom's place as we're all meeting up for dinner at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.  Okay, here's the ordeal, the drive from my parent's place to Eastwood took us more than an hour and we were late with our reservations!  I think we arrived Eastwood Richmonde Hotel around 8:00pm and buffet ends at 9:00pm!  Imagine, just an hour of eating, I didn't get to take pictures anymore as I was very hungry!  *laughs*

The point of my story (finally!) *hihihi* is that, I can't report much about our buffet experience last night so I'm picking up old food files and I remembered Passion Restaurant at Resorts World Manila!  I can't believe I nearly forgot about this!

It was a treat from our family friend and we dined in here last month for Father's Day!  The restaurant is known for its expensive, yet authentic Chinese dish and it will be my first to try the restaurant that night!  

**Note from me: Prices are for Small, Medium and Large orders.

Crispy Fried Chicken 
with Red Bean Sauce
half: Php558.00
whole: Php1,005.00
Okay, fried chicken is fried chicken!  I find this order to be a bit too pricey!  It tastes like regular chicken and so far, the red bean sauce was nice but not something I would crave for in the future!

Hot Prawns Salad
Though pricey, this dish actually warms our taste buds, we enjoyed their hot prawn salad as the prawn were really huge and fresh!  Worth every single penny paid for this dish!  A definitely must-order!

 Wok Fried Beef 
in Black Pepper Sauce with Broccoli
The beef is very tender, tasty and super juicy!  It was sliced in cubes and it was a favorite of the night! 

 Deep Fried Spareribs 
with Salt and Pepper
Since most of the people around the table ate in this restaurant multiple times, they told us that the first few times they've tried this dish was fabulous!  The most recent order was a tiny bit of a let down as there wasn't much meat on it.  The flavor on the other hand is a "thumbs up"!

 Fukien Fried Rice
If you dine in Chinese restaurants, most of the time, you'll give Yang Chow Fried Rice a try!  For the more adventurous diners, I would strongly suggest to give "Fukien Fried Rice" a try as the rice itself can be eaten alone as it's topped with flavorful sauce with chopped goodies (mushrooms, shrimps, etc...).   I find Fukien Fried Rice at Passion restaurant to be really flavorful and the sauce is just right to make me eat the rice on its own! 

 "Ma Po To Fu"
Stewed Bean Curd with minced beef and hot chili sauce
 Okay, I'm an expert tofu-eater right?  I can't really  pinpoint on how I would explain this dish!  It's not as spicy as most "ma po to fu" I've tried, the dish doesn't taste anything like the usual stewed, spicy bean curd!  I was told by my mom-in-law who tried the same dish in the restaurant several months before and she told me it wasn't as good as the first one she tried! 

 Braised E-Fu Noodles 
with Assorted Seafood
Flavorful noodle dish that's loaded with various seafood!  I'm impressed, it's definitely "birthday style noodles" cooked the best way!

 Minced Pork in Muy Choi Sauce
with Steam Eggplant

Okay, this is one favorite dish of mine but at this stage, I was stuffed!  I wasn't able to really eat a lot of this as this dish came in last!  I wish it came in earlier as this is another one of my favorite! 

Overall, dining at Passion Restaurant is a bit pricey for a typical Chinese dish-craving day!  But who can complain?  It's located at Resorts World Manila and the place was always packed with people!  The servers were pretty helpful and knowledgeable with the dishes.

The total price of everything you see in this blog post ranges around Php10,000-11,000 (approx $232.00-255.00).  Okay, before you get jaw-locked *laughs*, 12 people were fed that night and everyone went home pretty full and satisfied! 

Passion Chinese Restaurant
2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(632) 908-8875

Have you tried this restaurant?
What's a must try restaurant at Resorts World Manila?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Stay full!


  1. Hi Lau Ee, super sulit dyan yun dimsum-all-you-can for P750 net kasi Mon-Sat lunch lang. My fave Passion dish ever is their Sweet and Sour Pork with Fruits. :D

    1. oo nga! I saw your post about it pero naman! Lunch lang? hahahaha :) Thanks for the info! will try kung wala akong work :)

  2. I want everything except the prawns. Hearty meals they seem to be. :)

    1. allergic? hehehehe I was a bad bad girl that night, I forgot all about my allergies and suffered hours after :D

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog. I do really love the food that you shared. It looks so delicious. Glad that you shared this one.Keep it up.

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