Saturday, July 21, 2012

AMW Reports: Kerastase Chroma Captive Launch

I put this photo up on "Instagram" and said: "K for Keith!" 

Don't you just love this table centerpiece?  It's not the usual floral vases or pots but it's a huge K shaped and designed with red petals!  Obviously, "K" is not for Keith but Kerastase!

Kerastase has always been termed "The Best Luxury Hair Care".  When I visit the salon, most of the time, I was advised to undergo Kerastase treatment to liven up my dull, dry and super sensitized hair! 

To learn more about the most recent and successful hair care range for color-treated hair, we were invited last Tuesday at the 3rd floor of W Tower, Global City Taguig.

A wall history of the Kerastase Reflection range was showcased and it was just that night I get to understand the different product ranges from the line that's dedicated to the shine and care of color-treated hair!  All the way, I thought they all look the same!  *embarrassed*

2004 Reflection Launch
The first light reflecting treatments that reveals mirror-like radiance

2007 Pixelist
The first intra-luminescent treatment that reveals irradiating shine

 2008 Chroma Riche
 The first emollient light-reflecting hair care for color-treated hair

 I own a complete range of this and have used them all up except the serum (I still have halfway to go).  Thanks to Frances of Topaz Horizon as I was her first Facebook liker and I won this range from her!


2011 Chroma Sensitive
The first non-foaming cleansing balm for demanding colors.

I was told again and again that a sulfate-free product hair product is the best way to maintain the gorgeous color of your  hair! 


 2012 New Reflection Chroma Captive
This is the newest range under color care line with the promise for 40 days of color perfection.

As we all know that repeated brushing, heating, washing of hair plus the uncontrollable UV rays can demage your newly colored hair!  The Chroma Captive contains Linssed Oil (for shine), UV Filter + VItamin E (for reflect) and Zinc Gluconate, the Exlusive patented technology (for depth).

Capture, fix, magnify for 40 days of colour perfection --- Kerastase


  • Bain Chroma Captive Php1,483.00 (approx $35.00) - The hair is left clean, soft and smooth with an unprecedented shine and a silky touch.
  • Fondant Chroma Captive Php1,693.00 (approx $39.00) - The hair fibre is left smooth and shiny, hair is replenished and color is brilliant and protected.
  • Masque Chroma Captive Php2,708 (approx $63.00) - Hair is smooth and silky, color has a superior shine.
 Ms. Glowie Ramiro-Robillo, Business Unit Manager of Kerastase Philippines welcomed everyone and excitedly shared to us what to expect for the newest range!  Almost everyone who attended the event have color-treated hair so we're as excited as the brand!

Laura Charlton, Kerastase Media Advocate was also there to share to us her experience on using the Chroma Captive range.  For someone who owns a salon (David's Salon), they test various hair colors and Laura has personally tested the Chroma Captive range on several occasions and the results were always great!  Aside from the added shine and vitality, the hair color definitely lasts longer.

Since food will be from The Goose Station owned by Celebrity Chef Couple Rob and Sunshine Pengson.  Rob was there to thank the Kerastase group for having them serve our sumptuous dinner!

 Maita Gaerlan, Kerastase Jr. Product Manager introduced to the guest the menu!  It was definitely a gastronomic event!


 Eggs Benedict with Truffle Oil 
24-Hour Steak


The gorgeous bloggers who were also there ---

 Kim and Jen

Thanks Kerastase friends for the lovely event! 
I learned so much and I can't wait to take care of my color-treated hair!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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