Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

There are 2 nakeup brands that are locally unavailable that got my attention big time --- Vichy and Amazing Cosmetics!

Both brands are known for their ultimate concealers, heavy coverage, highly pigmented concealers that can cover up tattoos and marks!  I'm still imagining ways to get my little hands on Vichy (minus the expensive shipping fee) and I'm glad to have found a local seller who sells Amazing Cosmetics!  *crosses one brand out*  There isn't a whole lot of products for now but I'm glad my ever coveted AmazingConcealer is available!

a photo of Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

Amazing Cosmetics says ---
Hollywood's hottest makeup artists depend on the AmazingConcealer to create the flawless complexions their celebrity clients have come to expect! From Television, Film and the glamorous red carpet to you... Looking flawless was never this easy! Called the "magic eraser" by beauty insiders, AmazingConcealer will transform your skin... into Amazing skin.

Size: 15ml/ .50 fl oz
Made in USA
a photo of Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer ingredients

AMW says ---
  • Tube packaging.  Hygienic and no product wastage.
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Medium to full coverage.
  • Thick consistency, easy to blend once you get the hang of it.
  • Never feels heavy on skin.
  • Stays for a day if set properly.
  • Can be used to cover dark undereye circles, broken capillaries, acne scars and pimples.
  • Limited shades availability (locally).
  • Price
  • If area isn't moisturized properly, may settle in fine lines.
  • Contains mineral oil which may cause breakouts.
Good coverage, a bit tricky to blend at first and it'll be easy once you get the "right amount" of product needed on each particular area.  Stays the whole day and gives good coverage on dark under eye circles, red spots etc..

  • If you prefer to apply this product on undereye circles, moisturize your eye area well prior to concealer application.
  • Best applied in 2 ways, with fingers and concealer brush.
  • Warm the product up with your fingers if you find it difficult to blend the concealer well.
  • Use sparingly as applying too much of the product may crease.
  • Always set your concealer with a powder!
Will I repurchase?
Yes, IF there are more shades available!  I'm actually thinking of including this on my makeup kit.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Serious concealer users!

Where to purchase and how much?
 Locally available at Stuff in Style for Php1,800.00 (approx $4.20)


AmazingConcealer in Light Golden
Applied straight from tube and blended

swatch photo of Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

AmazingConcealer application 
(Clockwise starting from upper left photo)

how to use photo of Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer
  • Moisturize the under eye area and use wrinkle-fillers if needed.
  • Dot a tiny amount of AmazingConcealer on the "visible line" were darkness starts to show.
  • With clean fingers, pat gently using downward strokes then pat the rest of the concealer on the area near the lower lash line.  At this point, you can continue blending or blurring out concealer "lines" with a concealer/foundation brush or your fingers.
  • Once you're happy with the result, set with your preferred powder.

Before and After photo
As seen on my photo below, if I did not apply good moisturizer underneath the eye area, AmazingConcealer may settle in lines. So keep in mind to always moisturize your under eye area properly!
before and after photo of Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

AmazingConcealer does not only lighten up my dark circles, it gives a nice highlight to my entire undereye area as seen on photo below!  The picture was taken without any other makeup except Amazing Cosmetics AmazingConcealer in Light Golden.

Note: Since a little goes a very long way, some of the product left on my fingers were used to apply on my brow bone area which gives an "instant lift".  I also applied some on the inner corner of my eye.Can you see how the "darkness" immediately disappeared? 
On another note: I look dumb in this photo because I tried not to smile or show any expressions as I want you to see the effect of the concealer!  *laughs*  Dumb or not, I hope this photo helps!

before and after photo of using Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

Have you heard about Amazing Cosmetics?
Are you intrigued with the AmazingConcealer?

I first heard about Amazing Cosmetics through Michelle Phan and so far, she got me interested with the concealer and I'm glad to give this product a try as I'm loving the results!  I just wish more shades will be available locally!

I'm afraid to ask, do I look really dumb on my last photo?  *shake bad thoughts away*  I can't get over it!  hahahaha  Just joking though, I don't mind looking dumb, I'm just trying to make you guys laugh!  It's Humpy Wednesday!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I think this is indeed an amazing concealer. Ganda ng coverage nia. It's just so expensive :( Need to save up to try this one :D

    1. Hi Gen-zel, I agree, the price is crazy pero alam mo, the thing with this concealer, is its pigmentation, super pigmented kaya konting konti lang ang kelangan which would make the product last a bit longer than others!

  2. oh come on, you don't look dumb at all... this concealer has amazing coverage! :) looks interesting....

    1. I knew it! Mahal mo na ako! :)))))

      Thanks dear, I do know I look dumb pero dahil mahal mo ako - Love is Blind! :P

  3. Sounds like a great concealer. The coverage is very impressive.

    1. Gio, one of my most pigmented concealer to date! :)

  4. So nice ang nagawa ng concealer ah! It really does the job! Galing!


    1. I agree, sana nga lang we have different shades pa down here! ang ganda niya!

  5. wow! awesome coverage! which vichy concealer are you referring to? never quite knew they did concealer too, except for the BB cream they released.

    1. Oh I should have said "VICHY DERMABLEND" that's the one that I want to try, the Dermablend Skin Concealer :)

  6. Looking good! Nice review. If it wasn't for the price, I would have bought this right away! :) Can you recommend a budget friendly concealer? :)


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