Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Aztec Print Inspired

I got inspired by the clothing piece I saw during the Roxy Let the Sea Set You Free event last week!  Both Earth and I were in love with the Aztec print top which, unfortunately, doesn't not have our sizes anymore!  

If I can't wear it, I'll draw it instead!  Not on my body you silly!  *winks*  It was my nail art inspiration for the week!  Hope you like it!

Relax!  It's not as difficult as it looks!  It's actually one of the easiest nail art to do since you don't need to do a lot of strokes but lines and dots!  The only hassle would probably be the changing of nail polish shades!

Step 1:
Protect your nails with your preferred base coat.  I used ZOYA Base coat (my favorite to date).  Once the base coat is dry, I applied 2 Coats of Orly Nail Lacquer in Dayglow.

Step 2:
It is super important that your nail polish base is completely dry before you proceed to step 2.  With L.A. Art Deco polish shade in black, create random lines.  Keep in mind that you can purchase a thin art brush on any bookstore and dip the brush direction on your polish.  You do not need to purchase L.A. Art Deco Polishes.

Step 3:
Continue your creativity by adding up various shades.  Create various patterns --- straight line, slanted lines, dots, etc..!

Horizontal line using red

 Horizontal line using yellow

Light Blue Horizontal Line


Be creative, you can create triangles too!
Step 4:
Once you're happy with your Aztec print inspired nail art, let dry and top your nail art with a good top coat for protection!  In this tutorial, I used The Face Shop Top Coat then another layer of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat for added protection and quick dry.
Voila!  You have colorful Aztec-print inspired nails that goes so well with any outfit shade!  Keep in mind you don't need to go for the same pattern on each nail!  Try to be creative, do some mixing and matching of shades!

Are you into Aztec Prints?
Would you go for Aztec-print inspired nails?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. very nice! and feel very tribal too!! hey sis how do you use the nail art pen without it smudging? hmmmm

    1. Xin the 2 way nail art pen? Well it really depends on the "quality" of your nail art pen, if its too watery, it gets to smudge easily, so I like it when it's a bit tacky!

  2. Love it! You have such wonderful nail art tutorials!

  3. I love your nails, but unfortunately I don't have the skill to recreate them! I do have many shades of L.A. Art Deco Polish though!

    1. wow..give it a try! If you have L.A. Art Deco Polish, drawing of lines will be easier! Maybe do just simple lines to start with, don't get overwhelmed with all those steps!

  4. Love the patterning for these nails!

  5. Ikaw na ang creative genius


    1. LOL sana ikaw ang teacher ko! I never get to be called a "genius" when I was a student! Hardworking lang lagi! :))))

  6. The nails look wonderful! You're so skilled and creative!

    1. Thanks Gio for the kind words! I hope I'm really creative but I just got inspiration from the top! LOL!

  7. I love the Aztec print top too! galing talaga nakakuha ka pa ng inspiration for your nail art from that top ... :)

    1. *sigh* ako din, I'm still dreaming about the top! Hahahahah well..alam mo naman ako, too lazy to invent nail art design so it's best to get inspiration from things I see :D

  8. Love it, Eonni!!! Galing galing!!! ^__^



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