Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AMW Reports: Roxy Let the Sea Set You Free

Last April, I posted on AMW the Roxy Contest called Let the Sea Set You Free inviting dear readers to join.  It was actually a global social media contest to celebrate happiness, excitement and adventure among girls all over the world!

Out of 71 entries, 5 deserving young ladies were picked to get the chance to be called a "Roxy Girl".

Last July 5, at Roxy Store in Robinsons Place Ermita, I was invited to be part of the Roxy Philippines milestone.  The unveiling of Roxy Girl who gets to win a trip to Bali, Indonesia for a 4-Day Roxy Adventure along with other winners of the Southeast Asian!

I have visited Roxy Store in Robinsons Place Ermita and I was wondering how in the world would they be able to fit a stage, press people and food?

Wonder no more!  Just right outside the store, I was greeted by a huge Roxy sign board and showing video entries from the finalists!

Food from Racks!

2 hosts wearing Roxy outfit
I'm in love with the Tribal Print top

Each of the 5 Finalists were called on stage 
and were awarded a huge Roxy check worth Php30,000!
5 finalists: Andrea Vega, Brei Cabreira, Patricia Mortel, 
Paula Felice Rosales and Zoe Lim

The winner was finally announced, I've seen all 5 videos and I'm sure the judges had a hard time!  The winner --- Bea Vega!  Watch her video and all other videos by Liking Roxy Philippines on Facebook! She really deserves to be called a Roxy Girl!

Meanwhile, an exceptional young Filipina who joined the global contest, Ms. Agatha Henry, was also awarded with a RT trip to Bali, Indonesia as she was able to qualify as one of the 75 global finalists of Let the Sea Set You Free contest.

After the event and some early dinner, Earth accompanied me back to the store (Thanks Earth!) and there I went "ga-ga" over Roxy products.  I used to go in there just to checkout their swimsuits!  I can't believe I missed out a lot!

Pants and slippers

Roxy backpacks

tops that were on sale that day!


More swimsuits

Beach wear

I had fun shopping at the Roxy store.  What did I get that night?  Self-proclaimed "his and her" watches!  Roxy for me and Quiksilver for Mr. AMW!  Yes guys, even when I'm shopping, I think about Mr. AMW!  All together now... "Aawwwww..."  *hahahaha*

Me and shopping buddy Earth
Thanks Roxy Philippines for the invite! I really had fun learning about the brand!
For more information about Roxy and the Let the Sea Set You Free contest, visit HERE
Follow Roxy Philippines on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

Do you own any Roxy product?
My first was a 3 year old Roxy swimsuit! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. All together now... "Aawwwww..."
    cuute! how much yung watches? hilig din namin bumili ng his and hers watches.. basta lang pareho ng brand. haha! :p

    1. there were more lovely watches pa! kaso naubusan na kasi tig iisa lang per design! Not sure if they stocked up though :)

      The Roxy girl watch is around Php2,400++ forgot the exact price , tapos the Quiksilver watch na for man is around Php2,700++ :) so keribels, swak sa budgetey! :))

  2. Roxy suits your taste Nikki! They have the daintiest sport outfits ive ever seen :) i'm quite surprised you went for the watches but yea, it's still so you --- super sweet Nikki thinking of hubby while shopping!

    1. You're good! hahahah well, you can ask Earth, I originally was holding a nice bag and a nice top but I let it go as I was set to get Mr. AMW his watch and I guess, it's nice to have at least a "his & her" watch from the same brand or sister brands :)

      And just a couple of months ago, I got myself a new Roxy swimsuit na super girly! hahahha

  3. ok ok, i'll join the others, Awwwwww! hehehe... you're so sweet sis! Nice watches you got there! :)


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