Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eureka Moment: Some Recent Discoveries

Happy Tuesday AMW friends!  How was your morning?  Are you energized?  Tired?  Sleepy? 

If you're not in a good mood today, well I hope my post will lift your mood at least a notch!  I will share to you some of my recent and not-so-recent discoveries that made a huge difference in my boring life! :P  These are some of the "AMW Secrets To Success"  *laughs*  Wow, that sounds like a book!  But on a serious note, I'll be sharing some of the products that probably meant nothing to you or to me (at first) but meant the world to me today!

1. Boob Bib
Last year, I have a makeup client who came all the way from Cebu to attend a wedding, she booked my services and we emailed each other a couple of times prior to that "gig" day.  On that day, I was surprised when she handed me a gift (such a sweetheart)!  She told me I "may" need this!

Well, "may need" is an understatement! 

Showing your cleavage maybe sexy but there are moments when boobs or cleavage aren't even required!  (Sorry guys!  It's true!) :P  Let's say, if you work as a school teacher, going for a job interview, attending a very important meeting etc...Smart dressing gives a good impression!  

I own gazillion of tubes but at times, these could get uncomfortable especially during summer! 

 The Boob Bib comes in 3 basic colors --- 
black, white and cream/beige

A super simple product!  With just a tiny piece of cloth, garter and buttons, you get yourself a Boob Bib!

All you need to do is to attach the adjustable garter to your bra straps!  

Voila!  You got "your world" under control!  *laughs*

Okay, I tried researching on the brand but can't seem to find the site!  I was told by the person who gave these to me that a set of 3 costs around Php140.00-150.00.  You can get them cheaper at Divisoria but the quality isn't as good (I was told).

2. Kerastase Specifique Bain Exfoliant Hydratant
Let's talk about my hair!  My hair seems to be getting some compliments lately! But, before you think how it gets to my head, well, I spend time and money on it!  *laughs*  I'm not born with it for sure!

Bad hair days AMW style means dandruff!!!  Don't be grossed out, but AMW readers would know by now how much I complain about my dry skin, dry lips and as expected --- dry scalp too!

I have always been a fan of Kerastase products but as seen on my reviews, using Kerastase on a daily basis will give me the itchy scalp!  So today, I'm happy to share that I've finally found a Kerastase product that doesn't give me the "flakes" even with continuous usage!  

Kerastase Specifique Bain Exfoliant Hydratant
A shampoo with triple action for dandruff-free hair in 42 days
Php1, 483.00 (approx $34.50)
 3. Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
I can instantly say "no" to a whitening product but I can't seem to resist brightening products!  I am addicted to faking soft, dewy skin that I even created a special post for it! (smile and click HERE)

One of my favorite face primer that gives the "oomph" is from Benefit called "That Gal" Face Primer.  I was able to try on a tiny sample of it first before purchasing a full sized version (review HERE) and I have to agree with my friend Xin, I am addicted to the "click click" sound!


As I was fixing my makeup stash a month ago, I saw the "I'm Glam...Therefore I am" palette which I picked during the opening of Benefit Boutique at Greenbelt 5.  I've tried and used this palette on random days and haven't written a full review on this as I find the set to be okay but NOT "you will lose your sanity if you didn't get this!" type of product!  

The product that I tested last was --- the Girl Meets Pearl.  It's not because I was saving the best for last, but I thought it was a product I'm okay to live without!

I was wrong!!!  One fateful "going to an event" day, I applied a good amount of Girl Meets Pearl after moisturizer and went on with my usual foundation routine!  I originally thought the product did NOTHING on my skin but when Angela texted me the night after Nuffnang's The Amazing Spiderman Premiere just  to ask about the foundation I used.  I immediately told her the foundation brand not thinking it was the huge help of Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl that made my skin "glowing" and "healthy"!  

On separate occasion, I used Girl Meets Pearl again prior to an application of another brand of foundation, Jheng (during Belofied App event) told me I look more healthy and blooming!  (Why, thank you Jheng! :P)  Another friend also asked if I had "airbrush foundation" on that night! 

These compliments shocked and intrigued me!  So when I got home, I took a closer look at my skin and immediately saw the radiance, the magic of Girl Meets Pearl tricking the mind of people to think I had 8 hours of sleep and spent most of my time inside a salon or spa!  Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is my "I feel like crap but doesn't look like one!" product! 

I guess, I have to go back to Benefit Boutique to purchase a full-sized version of this!  Jheng, Angela...it's not the foundation nor my skin, now both of you and the rest of the world know my secret!  :P

4. Nivea Baby Lovingly Caring Oil
My top body oil  as of the moment are both expensive and inexpensive!  The Neutrogena and Pevonia Botanica!  If I'm on a budget, I'll go for Neutrogena but on days that I have saved enough for "me" time, I'd go for the latter as it definitely feels lighter and absorbs into the skin faster!  

To the rest who have super sensitive skin and probably doesn't have the budget for Pevonia for now, well, guess what?  I've got another new discovery for you!  Nivea Baby Lovingly Caring Oil!  It's made for babies so definitely better for sensitive skin!  Of course, no one could surpass the "dry oil" feel of Pevonia but this is a good alternative for those on a budget!


5. 3M Filtrete Microparticle Aircon Filter
Technically, this doesn't sound or look like a beauty-related product but trust me when I tell you that this product saves me from looking like a witch due to skin allergies!  When I tweeted about my skin allergies, Jill's husband Gary messaged me telling me about our similar skin situation and strongly recommended a product  that helped lessen his allergies big time!  

Fast forward to more than a year, box after box, this made a huge difference and my skin is thanking Gary for the recommendation!

3M Filtrete
Php379.75 (approx $8.80)
Ace Hardware

 What's your most recent finds?
Any products you used that made people compliment your looks?
Click comment and share your secrets!

Sharing is beautiful!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. that boob bib is sooo cool! I am now intrigued with that girl meets pearl! looks like it is a great product!

    1. Issa, the girl meets pearl talaga! I'm surprised ang ganda pala niya! akala ko super sparkly /glittery yung effect, hindi talaga! very subtle! :)

  2. Replies
    1. it's really unique and I love how such simple item can make your clothing look better!

  3. i also have those boob bibs! but a bit different, i can't adjust the garter, so if I'm wearing a bra with thicker straps, it'll be a bit troublesome. Mine's also a smaller piece of cloth compared to yours.

    but i think if we are handy enough, we can sew them ourselves!

    1. I agree with you, it's just a very simple idea and easy to do if you're into sewing! I obviously doesn't have the talent on that! :)

  4. My sister owns that boob bib too! I don't personally need it coz I don't have a lot to show haha but my sis is gifted so she feels more comfortable wearing one of this ^_^

    I think she ordered from Natasha or Avon or other direct sales with brochures to choose from...Can't remember which one...

    1. hahaah Gale! I don't have anything to show din pero iba pa rin ang kita ang bra minsan sa outfit! hindi sexy ang dating at trashY! hahahahah :)

      Thanks for the reco! I'll have a look at those brands you mentioned :D

  5. Hi, meron din sa ensogo.com.ph but they called it cami secret it cost 259... 3 pcs na rin sia.

    1. Thanks! that's good to know especially for readers who are living in the provinces! At least they can purchase online :)

  6. Naku suki din si DH sa pagbili ng Filtrete Aircon Filter for our office.


    1. di ba? sobrang useful kasi at kita mo ang DUMI!!!


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