Monday, July 2, 2012

AMW Reviews: Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder

When I mention Benefit, what comes to your mind?

Most of you probably would say Benetint!  In my case, I've always been drawn to Benefit's Box O' Powders (blushes) and I've always wanted to include this inside my train case but what's stopping me?  The bulkiness of the box and I'm a pro-space saver when it comes to my makeup kit.  But the brand never escaped my thoughts in terms of my personal blush collection, I've always been lemming for Benefit blushes but whenever I get online, I can't seem to pick one product because I tend to want at least 3 of them! (which isn't good for my credit card!)

It was great news when we finally have Benefit locally and I was one of the few lucky bloggers who get to "play" with testers and I went straight to their Box o' Powders!  I have to be honest, after all the testing, I came into a final conclusion, I want them all! 

BUT!  That's not possible, so I trimmed down my choices and went for Bella Bamba instead  (review HERE as it showed up  best on my skin. 

With my strong willpower, I can let the rest go, but there's ONE box that did not escape my mind for the past months, it must be the marketing strategy or the name?  Whatever it is, it's working!

A "good karma" face powder, that's how they call the newest boxed powder from Benefit. 

It didn't help that their online commercial was such a cutie too!  I watched it again and again and at the end of the day, I was weak, I gave in!

Because I've been a good girl and I worked really hard for the past months, I was able to get my hands on Benefit's Hervana. *angels singing*

Benefit says ---
Swirl on this orchid-blossom blush for a heavenly flush of enlightenment! These four shades—lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight—blend together perfectly to lift your look to cloud 9.

Net wt. 0.28 oz.

AMW says ---
  • Very cute packaging.
  • Manufacturing date printed on box.
  • Angled brush that comes with the product is a "fool-proof" brush to create a nice "contour" on cheeks.
  • Has a tiny hint of scent which smells great!
  • Hervana can double up as an eyeshadow.
  • The swirl of 4 shades made the "blush" looking very unique!  Difficult to pinpoint if you have pink, peach, purple or red blush as it all came off looking very natural.
  • Though the shades are all light, pigmentation is quite good, shows up well on my skin.
  • Build-able shade.
  • Matte finish.  Making the blush looks pretty natural.
  • The color lasted 8 hours on my cheeks. (note: consider the fact that I have combination skin - normal/dry)
  • Price at initial look is a shocker (but this lasts a loooonggg time so I'm all good!)
  • May not show up much on darker skin.
  • Anyone looking for "dramatic blush" may not appreciate the subtle effect of Hervana.
My to-go-to blush on a daily basis!  I love how subtle it looks upon application but as the hours go by, the effect turn out to be very natural and looks like I have naturally pinkish-peach cheeks!

  • Do not throw the plastic divider away as it helps protect the product from the brush.
  • If you have fair to medium skin: Hervana comes off as a very light, cool toned pinkish blush.
  • If you have dark medium to dark skin: Hervana may look like a nice highlighter on cheeks giving it an extra "oomph" without seeing much of the color.
  • Best applied with the brush that comes with the product.  
  • Sweeping upwards starting from the apples of the cheeks up to the temple gives a very nice flush.
  • Wash the brush before usage!  I found the brush not as scratchy after wash.
  • Use Lucky Shell (the lightest shade) to highlight your brow bone!  It worked pretty well on me!
  • I can't stress this enough, try on testers!  If you're spending an "X" amount of your hard earned cash, make sure you won't regret it!
Will I repurchase?
This will last me forever but I wouldn't mind recommending.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who wants a matte, natural -looking blush. 

Where to purchase and how much?

International Benefit site costs $28.00 + tax, locally, you can purchase this at Benefit Boutique for Php1,600 (approx $37.00)

Product photos and swatch

Benefit Hervana 
Good Karma Powder

 4 complementary shades
Lucky Shell, Berry Delight, 
Heavenly Rose and Divine Peach

I like swirling the brush in a circular motion, if I'm aiming for an "obvious flush", I do not tap the brush, but on days I'm going for a very subtle finish, I swirl and tap before applying on my cheeks! (Imagine Mineral application technique!)

Application AMW way
I start from the apples of my cheeks going upward to the temple.  It helps to use the same brush, do not dip the brush to the product again and continue blending until you don't see any of the harsh lines.

The blush can last me the whole day 
(Note: I have Normal/Dry skin)

Do you own any of Benefit's Boxed Powders?
What's your favorite shade?
Have you tried Hervana?  Do you agree this is a "good karma" powder?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hervana can also be used as a "brightener" on darker skin tones, and it doesn't have that ashy look that other brightening products have!

    1. I agree, it works as a nice "highlighter" on darker skin tone! I agree with that! :) And it doesn't look like you have an obvious "shimmer" but just a nice, subtle glow!

  2. Ang cute naman! Kaso ang mahal ; p Come to think of it wala pa akong nabibiling blush ; p


    1. alam mo, blush person ako di ko alam bakit! hahah siguro kasi ang bilis lang i apply and it gives a huge difference na :)

  3. I love Benefit products! Their blushes are worth every penny!

    1. I agree, most of their blushes are worth it! Though a bit pricey, it is difficult to hit the pan as they are pigmented and huge!

  4. i leave this in my office as the touch up blusher to boost my karma for the day! :D it's quite sheer, and my favorite is still bella bamba actually ;)

    1. Yeah, I remember how excited you were with Hervana and all I have at that time was bella bamba! hey we really are sisters! I love Bella Bamba too! :)

  5. Replies
    1. I agree, it always comes off super natural looking so I don't mind applying more on some days!

  6. That's so beautiful and natural! the packaging is very pretty too.

  7. Hi! I know this is an old post but I'm hoping you would still reply :) I've been a long time reader of your blog and this is my first time commenting! Do you think this would show up on my NC30 skin tone? I'm looking for a natural looking blush for everyday and I want to try out a Benefit Boxed Powder for the first time. Thank youuu. -Dana

    1. Of course it's still alright to comment on an old post and I'll definitely reply :)

      Yup, it will show up on NC30 skin! :) I have NC20 sometimes 25 and it shows up so well! :) At times I like to use NC30 foundation too so yup, it'll work :) Enjoy Dana!


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