Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AMW Reviews: Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

Western brands creating they're version of BB creams.  How good are they?

Well, they aren't bad!  I actually liked my Estee Lauder's CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB Cream so much I get to alternate it with my favorite Skin 79 VIP Gold BB Cream because *gasp* I only have a bottle of it left!  Mr. AMW, if you're reading this, time to book a flight to Korea!  *I wish*

Clinique, one of my to-go-to skincare brand came up with their version of BB Cream called Age Defense BB Cream.  

SPF - Check!
Anti-Aging - Check!
Is it worth he purchase?  Let's leave it blank for now and read my review to know my thoughts on this BeBe cream *laughs

Clinique says ---
This instant morning routine gives skin just about everything it needs for a quick start. SPF protection, antioxidants for prevention, plus enough coverage to banish imperfections. The perfect primer, too.

Why is BB Cream an Asian cult favorite?
Clinique's clients in Asia know it means perfect-looking skin. It will take you a minute to realize it's true.

Size: 1.4 oz / 40 ml 
Skin Types: All

AMW says ---
  • Manfacturing date printed and can last for 24 months upon opening.

  • Sealed upon purchase.
  • Tube type packaging making it easy to control the amount of product you want to dispense.
  • Has SPF30
  • A tiny amount goes a long way.
  • Feels light on skin.
  • Blends into the skin easily and CAN reduce redness.
  • Texture is thicker as compared to other BB Cream brands, gives light to light medium coverage.
  • Less visible pores.
  • Works as a good base especially for people with oily skin, controls a bit of shine and oil.
  • Skin looks brighter and more radiant.
  • Matte finish (which I personally like)
  • Only 1 shade available for Asia.  (FYI: Other countries get 3 shades)
  • Can't tell if the age defense properties really work!
  • Price
Matte finish, has coverage, dries quickly.

  • BB Creams are best applied on clean face after your skin care regimen and sunblock application.
  • Start by squeezing a tiny amount of Clinique Age Defense BB Cream and blend it with clean fingers to "warm" the product. 
  • Apply starting at the center of your face (nose, forehead, chin, etc..) and blend outwards with fingers.
  • If you have combination skin, try to apply "less" product on drier areas.
  • Do not forget to moisturize if your skin tends to dry easily.
  • Since there's only 1 shade available, some would find this shade a bit too light for them, do not fret!  You can always apply bronzing powders or use a darker foundation.  (It's time to pull out those shopping mistakes in the past!)
Will I repurchase?
Since my skin is very dry, I prefer to use a BB cream that has more moisturizing properties!  So I won't repurchase for myself but wouldn't mind recommending this to others.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Normal, combination and oily skin!  I strongly recommend this for people who are a Clinique user and have sensitive skin!  If most Clinique products work for you, then there's a huge possibility this product won't cause you skin irritations or possible allergic reactions. 

Where to purchase and how much?
At Clinique counters locally for Php1,850.00 (approx $43.00).

Product photos and swatch 
Clinique Age Defense BB Cream on tube
For me, there's a reason why it was packaged in a tube with tiny hole, try to dispense a tiny amount of product first and add as you go on!  Applying too much may make your skin looks "paste-y".

A super tiny amount applied on hand
Clinique Age Defense BB Cream in Asia comes in one shade only and it has a slightly pink undertone. 

Once Blended
You can still see how light it turns out on my yellow skin.  Keep in mind you can always adjust the shade by using a darker foundation or dust bronzing powder on top of your BB Cream.

Appliation AMW way
I enjoy applying my BB cream using clean fingers!  This is a technique done to warm up the product making the texture creamier and easy to blend. The Clinique Age Defense BB cream is best applied in circular motion, it's your way of thanking your skin by giving it a mini massage!

Once blended
I usually leave my skin for a couple of minutes for the product to settle down.  At this stage, I like to do my brows or line my eyes.  I usually go straight to setting powder or powder foundation as this product  gives me the coverage I like --- subtle and natural.

With just Clinique Age Defense BB Cream, brow pencil and lip gloss, I actually look like human and I'm okay to leave home looking like this!  At times I feel like the BB cream looks a bit too light on me, I like to top it with my Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear Face Powder in Beige, the reason for choosing this over other powders I own is because the Physicians Formula in Beige has more yellow undertone which would counteract the "pinkish" look of my Clinique Age Defense BB Cream.

Have you tried Clinique BB Cream?
Do you have faith in Western branded BB Creams or are you sticking to Asian brands?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product received as gift.  Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. This looks good for my skin, too!
    BTW, your skin is so goood!

    - korea women hospital (http://hansarangobgy.blogspot.kr/)

    1. thanks for the compliment :) I'm glad this works for you! :)

  2. well it's at least better than maybelline's so called bb cream hahaha
    this is one western brand that got it right ;-)
    and since it's clinique you'd know that it isn't just a tinted moisturizer a real blemish balm ^_^

    1. I know what you mean! hahaha I agree, this is definitely a BB Cream that has all the extra "pluses" we need on a real BB Cream. It has SPF, Anti-aging properties via sunscreen++ and of course the added bonus of coverage! :)

  3. Oh my, I'm want to try this out but the price will put a hole in my pocket :\

    1. Hi Gen-zel, give testers a try first at least you'll know if it's worth the "savings" :D

    2. Yes, when I go to Rustans this weekend :) savings -> investment :D

    3. Omg, I said "I'm" instead of "I" sorry for the grammar flaw haha, seen just now.

    4. Hi sis, I agree, as long as the product works for you it is indeed an investment! I used to really save up for my Clinique 3 step skincare system, I use to feel bad for spending a lot but hubby always say: "It's your skin, it's an investment" and true, when it comes to skin care, I do invest on it! We only have one face! Di ba? :)

      Re: Grammar, keri lang! No worries, I understood it pretty well ! :)

    5. Thanks for the enlightening me! I'll put that in mind always that I only have one face! ^^, para maencourage ako lalo. I'm sometimes "Kuripot" when it comes to buying skin care, I go for the cheaper that works but of course most of expensive products are better.

      I also want to try the Clinique 3 step skin care. Do you still use it until now? Does it brighten the face? I'm a sucker of brightening or lightening products kasi :D

      You're lucky to have a very good skin! :)

    6. Sis naku, if an inexpensive product works for you, go for it, expensive doesn't translate to BETTER it really boils down to "Kung bagay sayo".

      I still use Clinique 3 step system but I alternate it with other brands that I've been testing< I just finished Pond's Gold radiance (mousse version) and so far, it does give me the brightening effect. Pero keep in mind not everyone is ok with Pond's :) So test test ka na lang!

      P.S. I don't have great skin to start with, I just take care of it! My skin is very sensitive and it gets red a lot plus it gets irritated to facials, kaya ang hirap din! I just make sure to use products that works for me and steer clear from what I'm allergic to! I guess it takes time to really know your skin! :)

    7. Thank you for replying! :) I've tried a number of Ponds products but all of them just caused me breakouts :( Maybe I'll try that Gold Radiance if they have a sachet for it :D

      Also, I want to ask because I'm always opting to buy anti-aging products. Is it okay to use even if I'm 22? I really want to avoid wrinkles and dull skin to appear early.

  4. Thats a very good BB cream! And I think 1 shade is totally enough because after the application product start activating and matching any asian skin perfectly :)
    LOVE ur flawless skin Nikki!!

    1. I know what you mean, it does blend into the skin but after several minutes, it does look a bit light on me! So I'm not sure how it would blend on darker skin tone :) Thanks for your compliment..lol I wish I really have flawless skin :D

  5. Nikki im having trouble choosing a concealer that doesnt cost so much. any suggestions? And how can i test if the concealer is right for me? i really dont know how much is too much...

    1. hi there :) What's your budget? :D

    2. Meron bang around P500 lang?

    3. You can try NYX Concealer in a Jar. The Revlon Colorstay Concealer is nice too but a little bit above 500 kasi yon :)

  6. like most BB creams, this will probably be too light on me. :) but it looks good on you, nice skin sis! :) it shows that you really take good care of your skin!

    1. sis, effort talaga to take care of my skin, thanks for the compliment heheheh :)

  7. Thanks for the review Ms.AMW! I'm your loyal reader! :)


    1. Thanks Ness for being a reader and it's nice to know you here :D

  8. Achi

    Wow Clinique has joined the BB CREAM bandwagon ; p
    Try mixing it with a moisturizer and blend it. The ratio is 1:2 (1-moisturizer, 2 bb cream). It might do the trick.
    That's why I love Kanebo kasi made for asian skin eh.


    1. Hi sis, I like the creamy consistency naman so I prefer applying moisturizer first then apply BB Cream on top, more even kasi kung ganyan :)

      I agree, nice ang Kanebo!

  9. i havent tried this bb cream. I like western bb creams. I tried one from Dior Hydra Life and its such a blessing for super oily skin for me.

    Anyway, this is great review :)

    1. Dior Hydra Life sounds really nice, did you say it works for your super oily skin? That's amazing! For a product with HYDRA on its name, and it works for oily skin, it's a must try! thanks


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